Questions, but no answers …yet

We know that Sheriff’s HQ people say 10 people were arrested in connection with the stabbing of West Covina resident Boo K. Lee in Rowland Heights on July 31.
What they haven’t detailed, and apparently won’t tell us, is the names of the 10 arrestees. Sheriff’s officials have consistently directed our reporter to their online inmate locator, which coincidentally only locates inmates with a name. The DAs office hasn’t been too helpful either; claiming they know nothing about the case.
Either some very dysfunctional byproduct of bureaucracy is at work here, or there is a reason for keeping the names of people who were arrested out of the press.
Is this right? Should we know the names of people arrested on suspicion of anything?
Or would releasing the names of suspected gang members somehow taint the investigation?
Do gang members even read the newspaper?
Even if they don’t read newspapers, wouldn’t they know if their friends and associates were arrested on murder charges?
These are the questions we been asking in the newsroom all day.

this is still the United States of America, and some of these guys are going to have to be arraigned in open court very soon … unless they are all parole violators….what’s the odds of that?

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