“SOM” attacks in Pasadena draw attention

They are called “Sock on Mexican” attacks, and Pasadena has seen a huge rise in them over the past several months, officials are saying.
So what’s gong on? Pasadena police say it’s part of a gang initiation rite. The most recent reported attack occurred Tuesday near the AM/PM on Los Robles, Pasadena police Lt. Keith Jones said.
Several area bloggers, MALDEF and KNX have their own takes:
Aaron Proctor here.
Pasadena Pundit here. (scroll down several feet)
Urban Onramps here.
MALDEF here.
KNX (with a surprising lack of any attribution) here.
I think …

…PPD should consider some sort of decoy plan much like they would to catch johns in a prostitution sting. There might be some danger involved, but it could be an effective tactic. The problem, afterall, is spinning out of control rapidly.

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