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This was pretty much an experiment to see how much information I could blog from the courtroom where a hearing was held this morning in the Manling Williams case using my Palm.
The Treo’s browser doesn’t like the blog interface, so I posted into the comments, which you can read below.
As soon as court opened, the bailiff advised that all cellphones and pagers must be turned completely off — not just silenced. So, I guess you could say the experiment didn’t work completely.
In any event, the hearing, which was a prelim to the real prelim, was fairly uneventful….

As you might know Man-ling (or manling, or Man-Ling) is accused of killing her husband Neal and suffocating their two children, Ian and Devon in August at the couple’s Rowland Heights apartment.
Neal’s mother, his godmother and sister attended the hearing as did Man-ling’s mother, father and a woman who appeared to be her sister.
Additionally, Nicole Lei, a reporter with the Sing Tao Newspapers attended the hearing.
I’ll have more on the hearing later. Ultimately Judge Robert Martinez set a Jan. 28 prelim date, which could last about a day.

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12 thoughts on “live blogging

  1. 8:15 am outside courtroom waiting for hearing in manling williams case. family members have arrived. courtroom is locked.

  2. we are on the sixth floor. there’ s a nice view of the pomona valley looking east toward san bernardino.

  3. william is accused of killing her husband and two young boys at their Rowland Heights apartment in august. today’s hearing is to schedule a preliminary hearing. members of both families are now gathered outside the courtroom.

  4. the bailiff has come out. he announced that we would all have to wait. Also the chinese media has arrived to cover what will likely be a brief hearing.

  5. the public defender has just arrived and entered the courtroom. family members continue to wait outside.

  6. now the da has arrived and entered the courtroom. …8:50 more attorneys are arriving including the deputy da who has refused to discuss the case. my guess is that court will be open in about ten minutes.

  7. Did you have any problems getting the wifi to work? Will it work in the gallery and will the judge allow laptops?

    I love reading stuff done like this, Frank!

  8. I didn’t use the wifi, just my treo, which worked fine for posting to the comments section here. THe bailiff in this courtroom was very insistent about the cell phones. So I wasn’t even going to chance it in the courtroom. Once I get a better feel for how this case is going to go, I will probably try it again.

  9. I am curious as to whether Miss Havisham is enjoying the technology or the courtroom drama. Because if it is the drama, I would be more than happy to trade away my front row seat. JW, Mother and grandmother of the victims

  10. Miss Havisham, I am truly sorry that you find such amusement in a situation that has brought so much pain and suffering to people. I feel that to say that you “Love reading stuff done like this”, is cold and insensitive, under the circumstances. If this is what amuses you honey, step away from your computer, have a seat on the couch, and watch an episode of CSI. People are GRIEVING. Please, show some respect.

  11. JW – You seem to follow Frank’s coverage here. I just wanted to say to you that I cannot fathom being in your position. I won’t say, “I know how you must feel” because there is absolutely NO way I could. Devon my was Oldest Girl’s first friend. Neal used to bring him over to play when they were babies, before we moved away. I’m keeping you, Neal, and the boys in my heart every day, and I never stop thinking about them. If you need anything, and I can provide it from my remote locale here in Oregon, let me know. I speak to A**** regularly, and wouldn’t have known Neal and Devon if not for her. You’re in our Hearts, always. philosopher mom at g mail dot com. No spaces.

  12. I am sickend by the joy something stupid as being able to bring a electronical device in a courtroom and defy the law for shits and giggles for “ratings” and “readers.” Jan said it best when she said watch CSI …. Their family and friends are still grieving over their loss and all ppl can do is try to make a joke of it…. Out of respect for the Famlies I will say no more but this if something horrific like this happend to you would you want everyone making a big circus act out of it I think not.

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