Prelim in Monrovia shooting underway

The shooting of 17-year-old Davien “Day Day” Graham got underway in Alhambra Tuesday with some chilling testimony from “Day Day,” who recalled hearing someone holler a gang slogan before opening fire.

As a result of the shooting, Graham was paralyzed. The attack was part of a string of shootings that plagued Monrovia in December and January.

This from Fred Ortega, who attended the hearing for 19-year-old Jimmy Santana of Duarte, a suspected member of the Monrovia Nuevo Varrio 13 gang. Graham is black, Santana is Latino. Much of the violence has stemmed from an apparent race war, officials say.

He described how he was riding his bike back home from the dairy on Jan. 12 in unincorporated Monrovia when a burgundy compact rolled up slowly behind him.
I heard someone say Hey fool, (expletive) Dirt Rock, and then he started shooting, said Graham, whose 17th birthday was on Monday. Dirt Rock in a derogatory term for the Du-Rock Crips, a Duarte-based black gang.

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  • Monrovia

    that boy deserved what happended to him. After they get attack they act all good but he was one of those fake clamiers. always throwing up dirtroc at everyone and banging it well thats what you get for doing things your not supposed to

  • Straight B.S.

    This is to Monrovia’s comment. Day-Day is a nerd. If anything you guys should go after the real gangsters why target someone you call fake? He is and always will be a good kid. So if someone is claiming MNV and are fake it is ok for someone from Duarte to shot them in the back? Cowards shot someone in the back. Real OG’s face thier target head-on. How many times did you see him with his pants below his ass? Not once. He goes to church and he cleans it up. How may gangsters do you see cleaning up the church or even going to one? None that I know of. I hope they give that guy life with out visitation. Lets see how hard he is without a gun behind the prison walls. County jail ain’t shit what will he do in the pen? Be someones punk.

  • monrovia

    u sound dumb and ignorant saying that someone deserves to get shot….. your parents should be ashamed of you… you are a disgrace to your race and you just show how ignorant people cane be sometimes……

  • regarding

    to the coward who posted the comment saying dayday got what he deserved you are a sick person if you knew this kid you wouldnt be saying the things your saying.. seems to me you need some education also. you should learn how to spell you are a coward posting something like that

  • Anonymous

    coward saying things like that you must be a gangbanger too its obvious from your comment but i tell you what you have to answer for your comments also you need to go to school and learn how to spell day day is and was innocent unfortunately the world is full of idiots like you but your day will come too…peace

  • Anonymous

    to the punk that said dayyday got what he deserved this is his father ..i guarantee you will never say who you are i will spank your ass saying some shit like that about my son .he isnt involved in any of this shit you claiming i guarantee you will stay anonymous you coward !!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Little Punk Ass. You can’t even spell and you have the nerve to talk about somebody. Go to class fool!

  • monrovian

    why is it black folks always cryng wolf ?? for example brandon lee was he also innocent ?? black people were sayng he was a football star and supposably had no gang affiliation yeah rite .im not here to talk shit about dey dey but rumor has it he was hanging with the wrong crowd at school so i dont know how innopcent he really is but remember what you all said about brandon ” hes a innocent victim hes a good kid “”” yeah fuken rite