RCJ Parry’s LAPD SWAT column making the rounds

Monrovia resident, blogger and commentator Robert CJ Parry wrote quite an interesting opinion piece Sunday on LAPD’s plans for the future of its SWAT team.

The column created enough buzz that the Times followed it an A-1 piece today.

Interestingly enough a group of former and current U.S. Marines that I know are keeping an eye on the situation. There is a chain mail with Parry’s entire column circulating in Armed Forces circles. I’ve always believed that if you write something powerful enough to make a chain mail, you are having an impact. Here’s the header:

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:12:51 -0700
Subject: Fw: LAPD SWAT

Another taste of ” Political Correctness” coming soon….
So much for Chiefs being hired from “out of state”
Lets all hold hands and sing koumbaya……B.S !!

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  • “Selected by Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton to assess SWAT operations, Mr. Melekian assisted in providing recommendations with respect to that unit. ” Just a little tidbit from my basket of research about Pasadena’s Commander in Chief.