Florida man arrested by Feds for pimping teen in Pomona

Here’s a press release from the US Department of Justice:

A Florida man was arrested last night by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department on federal charges that he prostituted a 17-year-old girl he solicited through her page on the MySpace website and then offered her services on Craigslist.

Christopher Tyrone Young, also known as “Staydown,” 28, of Orlando, Florida, was arrested last night in San Diego after being named in a criminal complaint filed Monday in United States District Court in Santa Ana. The complaint charges Young with one count of sex trafficking of children.

The investigation into Young began on March 24 after investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department arrested a 17-year-old girl on prostitution charges. After it was learned that the girl was a runaway minor from Florida, investigators determined that she was working for a pimp that the girl later identified as Young, according to the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint.

Young allegedly contacted the girl last October and, after promising to make her a “star,” gave her a bus ticket from Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada. Following a three-day bus trip from Florida to Las Vegas, Young brought the girl to Orange County, where he had her work as a prostitute. Using sexually explicit photos he took of the girl, Young placed an ad on the Craigslist website for Orange County that offered sexual services, the affidavit alleges. Young later had the girl working as a prostitute by walking streets in the California cities of Anaheim, Pomona and Montclair, as well as in Las Vegas. The affidavit also alleges that Young had sex with the girl and provided her with the drug ecstasy.

Young is expected to make his initial court appearance this afternoon in federal court in Santa Ana.

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  • Digusted

    This perv deserves the death penalty, as does anyone else that does this to a minor.

  • Adam

    People commit a crime every time they cross the borders into the United States illegally. They don’t respect our laws so why should we give them any type of aide or citizenship? They don’t respect America. That’s all there is to it. They get American taxpayers money put in their pockets every month. Our taxes that go toward public schools and our welfare system our going to any illigal person in the United States that signs up for the program. Our hours at work are being cut, wages are being cut, jobs are being lost and some are losing their homes/apt’s, but the people on welfare don’t have to worry about it. They have a roof over their head and the heads of the people that they’re renting space out of they’re homes to. They’re getting WIC, food stamps, sections 8 housing any type of aide that they request. Guess who pays their heating, electric, gas telephone, rent, clothing and their kid’s schooling? Every American tax payer. Do you think they’re worried about getting they’re taxes paid today? I don’t think so. I think that they are relaxing at home patting themselves on the back because they now how to work the system

  • Angel Bec

    “Stay Down” needs to be put down.

  • frank


    I think you may have drifted off topic just a bit.

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    Pimps are worse than slave owners
    where is jesse jackson and the Pimp in chief obama
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