Crime reporter heads to Pasadena comic convention

41267-Shelly Martinez-thumb-300x453-41266.jpgI spent the first part of my day off the crime beat to pay a visit to the Pasadena Rock’n Comic Con, where comic book lovers of all walks of life met to share their love of fantasy fiction.
It was my first time at such an event, and it was something to behold.
From homemade greeting cards to a publication called “Girls and Corpses” — yes, it’s exactly what you think — there was an ecclectic mix of comic books and other memorabilia.
One unique comic book published by artist/author Batton Lash is titled, “Supernatural Law,” and follows a group of attorney’s who represent creatures such as vampires and Frankenstein’s monster.
People such as world-famous artist Glenn Vippu, former pro wrestler Shelly Martinez (pictured left) and Oblongs cartoon creator Angus Oblong were on hand to meet with fans.
Fans were disapointed, however, when comic book Legend Stan Lee cancelled his Friday appearance. He is expected to attend the convention Saturday.
More enthustiastic visitors arrived in costume.
It seems the convention got off to a slow start. Both visitors and vendors commented that attendance seemed low Friday afternoon.

*Shelly Martinez talking with fans at the Pasadena Rock’n Comic Con on Friday, May 28, 2010. PHOTO by Walt Mancini, Staff Photographer.

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