Great Dane attacks infant

This just in from reporter Jessica Donnelly: 

MONROVIA – A 6-month-old infant was taken from the arms of her mother Monday afternoon by a Great Dane and carried 200 feet before the dog let go, authorities said.

The child was flown to the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center to be treated for bite injuries to the chest, police said.

The child was was reportedly experiencing possible complications Tuesday, but had been in stable condition Monday, officials said.

The mother was visiting her neighbor in the 600 block of Laurel Lane at 2:24 p.m. when the 3-year-old, 170-pound, Great Dane took the child, police said.

Adults chased the dog which carried the infant for 200 feet, Monrovia police Lt. Michael Lee said.
The dog dropped the child and ran home, police said.

Monrovia paramedics treated the child before the infant was flown to the hospital, Lee said.

The dog has been quarantined, where it will remain for ten days during an investigation, the lieutenant said.

Monrovia police say there is no record of aggressive behavior from the dog prior to the attack.

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  • Anonymous

    Sad. I wonder if the people that own the dog ever give it toys by letting it jump up or dangle toys up high over it. we used to do that with our cane corso but stopped because he was jumping up at the kids. Once we retrained him to take the toys below his mouth, he stopped the jumping altogether.

    Whatever the case, its so sad. I hope the baby recovers fully!