Former San Gabriel Mayor Huang gets a pass

Albert Y.M. Huang won’t be in criminal court anytime soon as prosecutors in the domestic violence unit declined to press battery and robbery charges

The main reason?
The alleged victim massage parlor owner Lu Chen is out of the country and won’t testify, officials said. 
I have some questions.
Can somebody explain why San Gabriel PD didn’t interview her when the whole thing went down? Or get a statement on videotape? 
Huang proclaimed his innocence in the case. One has to wonder what would have happened if he had not resigned as mayor?
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3 thoughts on “Former San Gabriel Mayor Huang gets a pass

  1. The victim in this case did provide a statement at the scene; although, she was reluctant to do so and cooperation was minimal. However, between her statement and that of independent witnesses there was more than enough probable cause to make an arrest.

    In these types of cases the victim is typically re-contacted by investigators the following day to reaffirm statements and clarify facts that arise after the initial investigation. However, immediately after the incident the victim moved (went into hiding) and refused to make her self available to law enforcement. Numerous and repeated efforts were made to contact her. The victim has now left the country, again reaffirming her lack of cooperation and unwillingness to speak with the police.

    In these types of cases the victim’s cooperation, initial/subsequent statements and willingness to appear in court is crucial for successful prosecution. Even with a taped interview the people would be unable to proceed with their case if the victim fails to cooperate and refuses to appear in court.

    I would like to commend the San Gabriel Police Department and their officers for taking the appropriate action at the scene and for not allowing a persons position within the community to affect their decisions.

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