• Royal Blue

    Notre Dame had a crappy record but they lost some pretty close games to some very good schools like Taft and 7-1 Dominguez. Everyone knows about Dominguez but how about Taft? Taft only lost to Alemany by 10 and Crespi by 6. Taft should definitely be in the LA Times top 25.

    I am quite surprised that Bishop Amat did what they did. They gave Notre Dame its worse loss since God knows when. Those poor boys at ND have to travel to Alemany next week too. This is life in the Serra.

    Can anyone give an update on Zachary Shay?

    Great job, Lancers!

  • Update

    Zachary Shay is hopeful to return for the Alemany game but will most likely return for the first round of the playoffs. Scary to think of how great Amat will be when he returns! Let’s go Lancers!!

  • Corona Centennial parent

    Where is that little B!TCH norco? After all that talk and hyping your team up to the sky you get blasted and punched in the fkn mouth. 45-0 who has scoreboard now!

  • Fred’s Blog is Broke?

    Is Fred’s blog broke? I see the latest entry stuck at 55 comments and there is no comment section to write. What gives?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Fred’s blog was broken. Fixed now, so comment away.

    Norco’s IP address is banned on my blog, so don’t look for him here.

    I like to have a semi-intelligent discussion here, but Norco’s posts tend to degenerate into stupid stuff.

  • BA Blues

    As good as Amat is, without Zachary Shay, they will be the underdogs against Alemany. Actually, Amat would probably be underdogs to Alemany with Shay anyways lol. Alemany will be, by far, the best team Amat will complete against. It’s going to be an epic contest!

    What’s going on w/ Fred’s latest blog? Can’t comment on it!

  • Colt74

    Covina played it safe against Pomona. Livingston slid and protected himself when ever possible. Was actually pretty impressed with the Pomona young men. They are better than their record shows. Truthfully I was more worried last night than during the Baldwin Park game. Those Pomona players have some talent. Any team that takes them lightly the rest of this season is in for a rude awakening…They burned us on some pass plays pretty bad.

  • lancer1775

    why does aram call amat a non elite team and comments that amat maybe can now play with the elite teams like servite and mater dei? did amat not beat mater dei 1st round last year and does he not know the history btween amat, servite and mater dei from the angelus and del rey leagues? all time record against servite 15-16 mater dei 19-15 st paul 26-14-2 alemany 14-2 total record of all teams 405-153-11

  • lancer1775

    oh yeah i forgot mission viejo 2-0 and long beach poly 6-5

  • DRanchhhh

    LOL….Who cares about all of their backs. You can only play 11 at a time.

    Roddy’s Ranchers….What a joke…So if we beat WC next week, your going to turn around and bet against us again. SMDH at you 2 guys…

  • Scholar, Athlete, Gentleman


    Its great that you mentioned La Mirada from the Lower (Lesser) SGV. I am sure they appreciate the bone. Did you forget that LA Serna beat La Mirada 32-28? I think WDN covered it.

    Come on ARAM. Why are you such a La Serna Hater? Did one of the girls from Friendly Hills refuse to go out with you or did they not let you play a round of golf at the club? Have you lost your objectivity because someone has pointed out (correctly)that you are wrong about La Serna and you are just too stubborn or proud to admit it? If you are going to have the huevos to put “All Encompassing SVG” on your rankings, then please fairly and responsibly cover the entire SGV. Otherwise, people will begin to believe that you have an agenda.

  • Dan

    Who cares? Maybe your line and linebackers, we’ll find out come Friday. Tell your boys to bring their best.

  • thepaw


    Shut your piehole. DR will remain quiet on the issue. Talk to you Saturday morning

  • Dan

    Just when I thought this thread was over with…
    I’ll be here on Saturday if DR wins giving them props, will you do the same for WC?
    As for shutting my piehole it’s got a mind of it’s own, sometimes it just wants to talk or write, it’s hard to stop, just like our Bulldogs this year. talk to you Saturday.