Really Bishop Amat? Nice photoshop job …


Bishop Amat has released its 2016 hype video. The underlying theme is pretty much that the Lancers are undermanned but it doesn’t matter because heart will overcome all. Oh yeah, and that veryone is doubting them. And that’s exactly what happens when you lose a bunch of guys who are now playing on Saturday. But the capper comes late in the video when a pic (see above) of an old PrepXtra Live show has some crappy editing above our sign saying “Bishop Amat can’t”. I’m kinda surprised by this because. What’s that mean? “Bishop Amat can’t?” Can’t what, show some class and let media stand on the sideline without some guy in a safari hat calling himself the football manager trying to throw them out? Can’t what, figure out that a CIF pass means access anywhere and they need to abide by that or until or unless CIF sees fit to revoke the pass? And why is Fred in that segment of the video? Do you really think he was hating on Amat? Was he hating on Amat at any point in the last 5 years when he constantly the program the benefit of the doubt? Were any of us hating on the program when it was basically made the subject of last year’s preview magazine, much to the chagrin of every other program in the area? Just another ridiculous maneuver from the Lancers’ head brass.


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