Mikey El Primo crushing it on Coveritlive …

Mike The Cousin reports that Friday’s numbers were the most ever for a single game that he’s done.

It seems that the Valley got especially fired up for the playoffs. A record 1,775 concurrent readers tuned in for the Pomona-Monrovia Coveritlive session. There were also 1,404 comments during the game/evening, but that still ranks behind the 1,522 comments during last year’s Bonita-West Covina CIF championship game.

According to Mikey, the top three games this year have been: 1. Pomona-Monrovia, 2. Amat-Crespi and 3. San Dimas-Bonita.

Aram’s take: The Cousin’s Coveritlive have become the spot during Friday nights. Even if you’re at a game, you need to follow along on your phone. And if you’re out of town or stuck at home, there is nothing better. We are grateful to have Mikey El Primo navigating our Friday night experience. By the way, the numbers have also been sick for the postgame shows and our selection Sunday show last week was also off the charts. Less than 24 hours since the show had aired, it already had 708 views of its replay. Thank you to all the SGV fans for participating in the best coverage anywhere in SoCal.