PREDICTION: Former Glendora football coach Mark Pasquarella will be the next principal at South Hills …

Disclaimer: This is merely a prediction. Not a rumor. Not something a source told me. Just a vibe.

I’m gonna take a shot and say that former Glendora football coach and current Covina High asst. principal will be the next principal at South Hills.

As most of you know, South Hills principal Steve James resigned a week ago. Hoops coach Paul Reed also resigned. Football coach Steve Bogan resigned. So, you almost have to bring in a sports/football guy like Pasqy to stop the bleeding, right?

He’s already in the district. He’s a sharp dude. The only knock is he would have only one year of experience at the administrative level. But if South Hills wants to save its athletics program from falling off the face of the earth, you gotta make a move like this.

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  • shfan

    It’s not like James had a bunch of experience either…

  • Coach Slayer

    We are officially living in a different era for high school athletics. Keeping sports programs flourishing on campus is no longer of great importance. Keeping your job is. While we bloggers see the value most do not. Our little fishbowl that we swim in called high school sports has shrunk to just a glass jar. I doubt Pasqy would be brought on just to save sports.

  • The past is the past

    Coach Slayer is right. I remember back in the day when Los Altos was the powerhouse of the valley when South Hills was in the same league. Back then when it came to football Despain runned the school and the principal took a back seat. Not anymore, it’s more important to get the test scores up then for little superstar Johnny to miss a class to get his sore ankle worked on by the trainer. Principals have District administrators looking over their shoulders all the time. The past is the past.

  • SGV fan

    I hear Sheehan is the next Principal at South Hills. She is a graduate of the school and has been in the district for a long time. She can save sports and keep academics moving foward.

  • Sh insider

    It is absolutely amazing the poison that blogs spew. Attacking character and integrity of coaches without knowing them. I have been at SHHS over the last 20 years as both a coach of many sports and a teacher. Steve James was hired with many years as an assistant principal who resigned because he drives 142 miles each day. Mark P. is a great person but has only 6 months of admin experience. The District will fly the position with many of us being part of both the paper screening process and the SHHS hiring panel. The process will be very selective by both the District office and our SHHS staff. Please don’t create any false rumors or spew anymore poison about SHHS. Many of our head coaches are retiring because of 30 years of service and the negative influence parents play using technology and blogs to air their discontent. We should be applauding those coaches give up countless hours for such little pay. A new principal should be in place by June 1.
    Thank you for your time

  • SH Insider,

    Please do not make baseless accusations toward my bloggers. There is nothing on this thread that anyone in his/her right mind would call poison.

    Also, please don’t insinuate that this blog or any other is the reason that any South Hills coach has resigned. I can’t believe anybody would be that petty.

    If you continue to create a FALSE IMAGE of the blog without ANYTHING to back it up, I will ban you faster than you can say Go Huskies!

  • SGV Prep Sports Fan


    You seem so overly enamored of Mark Pasquarela and his being such an “outstanding” coach. However, if one takes his entire win-loss record as a head coach he only scores approximately 61%. (My numbers may be not be 100% accurate, but not enough to make a significant difference.) In my 35 years in education a 61% is barely passing.

    Sure he won a few league championships but how hard is it to compete in a league with only five other teams.
    Your argument that he should be a principal predicated upon his coaching record falls apart.

    Additionally, Mark is not qualified to be a principal because he has less than one year of experience as an assistant principal.

    Please come back and join the rest of us here on planet Earth.

  • JMO


    Sheehan left Covina high because she was tired of the high school drama. She is not going to South Hills because her boys are attending there and she doesn’t want to put them through that. Hell, my mom was the head of my schools PTA and that was embarrassing enough for me.

  • SGV Fan

    I think Sheehan will apply and I going to ask her straight up tomorrow. She won’t lie about it. If you know her she will give you a straight answer. I think she will be the next principal at South Hills if they really want to make a come back there.

  • JMO


    She had a shot two years ago and didn’t take it, yes she would be great and yes I kind of know her. Pasqy is also a SH alum and former football player who would love nothing more than to get that school back on track.

  • JMO


    I take it back, I spoke with her and she is going for it. It’s a win win for SH if either one gets it.

  • SH2006

    Will this influence Bogan back to coach at SHHS? or is he going to shop around…no matter what?

  • Prez

    First of all, I believe Steve James was asked to resign because of his poor performance as an administrator, not because he drove too far as he said he had no complaints about that when I had talked to him. As for the principal position at South Hills, they desperately need someone who is fresh and unfettered by CVUSD politics and South Hills “good old boy” mentality. There are many good teachers at South Hills, but often times the admin. there cause more trouble than anything by sweeping problems under the rug and rewarding loyalty over job performance. Its a mess down there, lets hope a new admin. team can breath new life into the struggling school, I know the students deserve it!

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