Ryan Maddox resigns as Monrovia football coach …

Ryan Maddox, who led Monrovia High School to three consecutive CIF championships between 2010-12, resigned as head coach of the Wildcats football program on Tuesday afternoon.

Maddox was 69-14 in six seasons at Monrovia and got Monrovia to the championship game in the Mid-Valley Division four consecutive seasons.

Maddox’s team won the Rio Hondo League championship in every season he was at the helm.

“It’s something I thought about for a long time and just thought it was the right time,” Maddox said. “It’s time for me to start looking at the next step. I’m going to start applying and looking toward getting into administration.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable applying for a job in summer and still being the head coach and then putting myself in a situation where I’d have to step away at that time.”

Arguably Monrovia’s finest season under Maddox came in 2012 when the Wildcats won the Mid-Valley Division for the third straight year and reached the CIF State bowl playoffs.

Prior to taking over for Steve Garrison at Monrovia, Maddox was an assistant coach under Mike Maggiore at West Covina. He was on staff when the Bulldogs won a CIF championship in 2004.

Aram’s take: I had heard during the season that Maddox would resign after this season to pursue coaching opportunities at either the college level or even a larger high school program. I dunno if there’s anything to that, but I thought I’d pass it along. Obviously, Maddox has built quite a resume for himself. He was/is clearly one of the best coaches around and hopefully he’ll land somewhere local … if he lands at all.

  • Valley Athletics

    In other news the Holmes brothers are expected to be leaving Oaks Christian . Can they be heading back to Muir .

  • Coach MBR01

    No there not!!!!! They’re not coming back to Muir. I would love for them to come back but thats a pipe dream. All 3 Holmes boys on 1 field smh!!!! Itll get ugly in the Southeast

    • Valley Athletics

      I heard they had left then later I read they where probably headed to newbery park .

      • Coach MBR01

        That’s probably more realistic bcuz Casey Claussen is probably out there.

  • Johnathan lockhart

    Any truth to Jason Martin leaving Duarte?

  • Valley Athletics

    Off the subject . Saw an announcement about a camp for seniors looking for scholarship opportunities in a division 2 , 3 and NAIA division . Camp is thrown by terry Donahue on feb 22 at stubhub center . Good opportunity for many of our valley seniors still looking . Saw the link on varsity times insider .