CIF declares former St. Francis WR Dylan Crawford ineligible until Oct. 5 at new school Santa Margarita …


The decision to leave St. Francis for Santa Margarita will cost former St. Francis High School standout wide receiver Dylan Crawford half of the regular season next fall, according to a CIF-Southern Section ruling earlier this month.

Crawford won’t be eligible to play for Santa Margarita until Oct. 5. He is currently eligible to compete in track and field for the Eagles, though.

Crawford is one of the top receiver recruits on the West Coast. He was a two-time Pasadena Star-News All-Area performer while at St. Francis but shocked many people around these parts when he decided to transfer to Santa Margarita in what his father, Glenn Crawford, called an academic decision.

“Our family has nothing but great feelings for St. Francis and wish them the best in all things,” Glenn Crawford said in January. “The decision was made to accommodate academic options that would allow Dylan to graduate high school a semester early and allow him to start his life as a collegiate scholar-athlete.”

Crawford has college offers from Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA and UCLA, among others. He had 44 receptions for 1,006 yards and 13 touchdowns last season. Crawford plays for Body By Tra’s offseason 7-on-7 team, which is quarterbacked by Santa Margarita starter KJ Costello.

  • Valley Athletics

    The trinity league starts October 9th so he won’t miss any league games .

    • Jefe

      Yep…and that’s really all that matters to the Eagles.

  • Jastrab

    What I never understand about a senior transfer with BCS offers in hand ….what do you get out of moving to a higher profile program. I would imagine the folks who have not offered know where you are and have Costello or the SF QB throwing to you will not make that big of a change over the next 12 months. Why the risk? I could see if it he had Montana State, Sacramento State in hand, but wants to bump those offers up to BCS games, but now you senior stats will be affected Right? This type of move just does not seem to offer as much as it risks.

    • AramT

      Well, the real reason for the transfer was/is because Crawford wants to graduate early and get to his college destination next spring. Can’t do that at St. Francis. Nor can you do that Amat, for whatever that’s worth. But you CAN do that at Santa Margarita.

      It’s hard for me to think the Body By Tra/Costello connection had nothing to do with it either. But it’s not like he needed Costello to get offers. He got plenty without him.

      As you all know, I believe anybody should be able to transfer for any reason so long as it’s not during the season. So I side with Crawford here and feel bad he’s gonna miss half his senior year because of what I feel is a bad rule.

      • Jerry McGuire

        The real problem here is bad advise by this guy Body By Tra. This isn’t the first player that got BAD advise by this guy. Parents really don’t understand and put faith in the wrong person… Beware, he’s in it for the money

        • Fight ON #9

          I am would like to know the “bad advice” given by Body By Tra? Give parents some credit. I am sure the parents did some research and knew there was a chance this could happen. Logically chose their kid’s college future over the 5 games he would sit . He is not going to loose one offer, SM will probably still make the playoffs and he will have film for 10 plus games and will get more press upon his return. As far as BBT being in it for the money (he runs a business) duh! He is in it for the money but so are the coaches at all levels, so are the schools. When was the last time you went to a free varsity game? Bottom line is no one but parents come to see a loosing team, no fans no money! High school football generates revenue for the school and other sports programs within the school. The players pay for the camps, the spirt packs( some are $600 or more) and with their bodies on Friday night. What do they get in return? The opportunity to play a game they love and a lucky, talented, hard working few get a opportunity to play at the next level. The least CIF and these high schools can do is let them play where they want their senior year. It was shameful what West Covina did to Noodles and if St. Francis had a hand in this they should be ashamed too!

          • Valley Athletics

            Why would st Francis have a hand in it ? The rules state he would have to move to be eligible . 30 days if you don’t move . In noodles case they had evidence to prove it was arhetically motivated .

          • Mean Joe Green

            CIF has neither the resources or the reach to investigate every transfer application that it receives. It relies entirely on the self reporting of the schools involved in the transfer. The AD from one school will reach out to the AD from another to ask what the listed motivations were for transferring. If a school does not challenge the transfer then more times than not CIF will honor the move. However, I don’t think that applies here. It doesn’t sound like the kid ever attempted to call it anything other than what it was, academically motivated. Unfortunately, that is a 30 day wait. Rules are rules. They suck like all heck, but they are the rules.

          • Get a clue

            Almost every high school football program in America operates in the red. The charge for spirit packs, the fund raisers and the money collected at the gate is an effort made by the schools trying to get the program closer to a break-even proposition. As far as coaches at the high school level being “in it” for the money is laughable. Only a very few select coaches at the big-time private schools make a decent pay check from coaching.

          • Mean Joe Green


      • Jastrab

        I don’t know his home school, but don’t public schools allow for early graduation. Why not transfer to his home school – La Canada, Arcadia and graduate early? Like you said Aram – this kid probably could transfer to Workman senior year and pile on a few yards and still get more offers before it is all said and done.

    • Fight ON #9

      What I don’t understand is why CIF will not allow a senior to transfer to get an opportunity to graduate early at a different school which is clearly an academic reason. I think that high profile athlete are not treated the same as their less talented peers. If we were talking about a 2nd string kicker that wanted to graduate early I am not sure the rule would be applied the same. It appears( I could be wrong) that if a kid is an impact player and the school he is leaving makes a stink about him leaving and making their program weaker then the kid is penalized. I understand that it is in the spirt of fairness, however the private schools did not get competitive with the kids that could afford to go. They are at the pop warner and junior all american games telling parents ” don’t worry about the tuition” we can help, don’t worry about the drive, ” we have a shuttle “. A big van full of kids are not rolling out to Alameny from Pasadena because Maranatha doesn’t provide a quality education. Instead of beating up the kids. Let’s check the adults, this is really unfair to a great kid that wants to get an edge in his plans to attend college in the spring. Isn’t that the reason we place these young men at risk on Friday night in the hope they will be talented enough to make to college and have it paid for and eventually go pro and make a ton of money? Being on campus in the spring helps in that process. A kid should be a free agent their senior year. They should be able to choose where they graduate from and play the whole season. I the school they leave sucks that year because the left….OH WELL!!!!

  • AyalaParent

    Finally a reasonable reason for a transfer.
    Starting college in spring will help his chances of starting on the fall. That’s worth a lot.

  • Mean Joe Green

    Transfer penalties are about one thing and one thing only…..Money. There is no logical or academic reason to prevent a kid from going from one school to the next. The only reason to penalize a kid from transferring is because your actions are financially motivated. These schools scream about athletic motivation while they feebly try to disguise their financial motives. Your athletes would not transfer if you devoted more of your resources and time to their personal pursuits.

    People fear that if you remove the transfer penalties from schools that every lower division athlete would run to the higher divisions. This is the furthest thing from the truth. There are tons of high division schools that can’t seem to get their kids to the next level because they have no commitment to their players. Athletes run towards exposure, victories, scholarship chances, academics and low-cost education. Shame on your school if you are not providing that to your athletes. Don’t blame kids because you can’t retain talent. If a kid wants to leave my school, good riddance and good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for with another program.
    How about penalizing these coaches who jump ship? Oh yeah I forgot, their reasons for leaving are more important than the reasons why kids leave. They are concerned about their families. Whereas these athletes only care about themselves. Give me a break. CIF does not investigate the motivations of an athletes departure unless the school contests the transfer. St. Francis would have had to challenge the transfer. Now why would they do that? You guessed it……Money.

    • fast freddy

      I would be interested to know what money you speak of.

      • Mean Joe Green

        Money is involved with both public and private school athletics. For private schools the formula is simple. Revenue is based on tuition and the development efforts of its administration to raise dollars from its alumni. The less kids you have enrolled the less money you make. More importantly, if you have been to an Amat or a St. Francis game you will see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that is generated by its fans each year. Bishop Amat holds three of the top 10 records for high school football attendance. Multiply its biggest game (31,000) by ticket price and you can see the amount of money that football brings. Also, winning is a huge rally for alumni. Pockets open up when schools are winning. No alumni wants to support a losing team. The more wins, the more alumni, the more alumni the more money.

        Public schools benefit from ADA (average daily attendance) grants from the state. High schools make anywhere from $6,800 to $12,000 a year per student. As students begin to flee the area for other schools (particularly private schools) the district loses a tremendous amount of money. Pasadena is a prime example. As private schools began to offer free education to athletes, the district started to suffer. Alemany, La Salle, Maranatha and St. Francis have become the benefactors of the flight of athletes from Pasadena Unified School District. PUSD has closed down at least 5 schools in the last 10 years due to poor enrollment. As schools begin to win, enrollment increases. Athletes begin to pour in looking for exposure and a chance for an athletic scholarship. The whole thing is rigged so that colleges, high schools, trainers and 7v7 teams fatten their pockets while they ride the backs of our children. I am for any rule that helps children gain easier access to opportunities and education. Unfortunately, those who claim to be looking out for the best interests of our children don’t feel the same way.

        • Fight ON #9

          Well said. Pasadena is the best example. If all of the players that had Pasadena DNA stayed in Pasadena John Muir or Pasadena High would be one of the best in the nation and parents would move their kids to be a part of it. Private schools have grabbed that talent and it may kill sports for the high school athletes that are not 6’2 , weigh 200 lbs and can run a 4.5 forty. Those athletes matter too .

        • fast freddy

          What do you feel is the main reason that the Pasadena schools have lost kids besides just athletics?

          • Mean Joe Green

            Unfortunately, poor test scores, gang activity, poor leadership at the district level, and minority flight to surrounding areas have created low enrollment in Pasadena schools. As corporations began to flock to Pasadena in the 80s and develop historically undeveloped commercial areas of the city, thousands of corporate executives and employees came with them. However, on the heels of the crack epidemic and gang violence, no one wanted to enroll their kids into Pasadena schools. As a result, new residents of Pasadena began to enroll their children in the surrounding private schools. This drastically decreased enrollment and standardized test scores amongst the public schools in the area. PUSD was forced to close several of its schools. A relevant statistic that drives home this point is that Caucasian children are the majority of school aged children in the district, but are not the majority in the district. The reason is because a large segment of school aged Caucasian children in the district attend private schools. Lastly, the high cost of real estate in the city has made it difficult for middle class families to secure housing in Pasadena. Not to mention the rise in recent gang activity has encouraged families to move to surrounding cities. Pasadena is no longer the ideal location for middle class families.

          • fast freddy

            Thank you MJG. Very well said. You might also have mentioned forced busing in the seventies. Like you said before, the Pasadena high schools had a great tradition of academics and athletics.

    • Pete


  • Dbls 92

    Fight #9… BBT sucks!!! it is about money and recruiting kids for this guy. He’s a snake and every high school coach knows it!! He’s in it with the Upland DC slap Martinez…Most of these kids transfer to Upland. Too bad Upland coaches suck, 10 D1 guys and you can’t compete for CIF Championship!!!! CIF knows it too, but they have no balls as well.

    • Fight ON #9

      I agree. All off season 7 on 7 coaches are in it for the money. However, BBT has a relationship with the media outlets, combines, and college coaches that may not exsist with some high school coaches. I doubt that going to BA or SF alone would have got these talented kids exposure. Parents pay for BBT , Under The Radar , NUC because these services yield results. ( D1 offers). But if he’s a snake because he’s in it for the money and he just wants to recruit kids to play for him. What is the difference between him and a private school coach that recruits the best players he can so he can keep his job, demand a raise when his teams are winning and will leave those kids in a hot minute if a better offer hits the table. Sounds like some “hater aid” on behalf of the high school coaches. If Upland or any other program has D1 talent and can’t compete for a CIF championship that falls squarely on the staff. You can blame Tray for 7 of the players. Last I checked varsity football is played with 11. Who’s taking the blame for the other 4?

      • Valley Athletics

        Those elite teams like BBT , B2G , team 19 get kids offers . Everybody is always saying that certain schools get kids offers . Most of the kids nowadays get all the exposure from 7 on 7 and services like under the radar . A Servite QB just got an offer from Miami and he has not played a varsity game . He is a back up QB on team 19 . tomorrow is the passing downs best of the west and you will see many other kids get offers after this tournament .