• guest

    SM V M. I dont know about “revenge”

    It was back to the past actually. Monrovia shooting themselves in the foot over and over again with penalty after penalty as in days gone by.

    But Elijah Hall was able to make enough plays to get M over its failures to execute.. He was the difference. .

    • CVS

      Totally agree with you… Penalties killed too many drives. 3TDs called back! But you also have to give credit to Monrovias team defense for bending but not breaking and to their QB (who looks to finally be healthy) for making some big throws to Hall.

    • fast freddy

      No Aram, no Fred, and no Steve? Whats going on?? No videos, no m-town comments. I guess its over for this blog.

      • guest

        or the mid valley sports where the 10s and commentary are the only things that are updated.

        I think the once the mid valley sports stopped, the Star News Trib group gave up too.

        or it could be that high school sports just doesnt generate the clicks that are needed to make a cash flow pay off.

        Too bad we got used to the good coverage in the past couple of years.

        Note the stands at M town were pretty sparse for the SM game. Maybe they confused and were too busy watching Cat videos (meow) at home on the internet.

        • fast freddy

          Thanks for the info–good reasons you gave–its just too bad cause I really had fun reading all the back and forth comments.

          • guest

            me too that is why the both of us are still hanging around here waiting for something to happen.

    • monroviacat

      I would agree with this but would also add that SM shot themselves in the foot as well. The first Monrovia TD was the result of some stupid SM penalties that more or less moved Monrovia down the field. SM also was driving down the field to score before the first fumble (early in the game) that Monrovia recovered. I was also baffled by SM’s lack of a hurry up offense in the last drive–they had a real shot to tie the game up and then they wasted so much time that (even without the game ending fumble) they would have run out of time short of the endzone. For most of the game, I thought SM looked like the better team but they let Monrovia stay in the game and then Monrovia took it once they finally figured out how to catch the ball (so many dropped passes in the first 3 quarters).