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    Really you have Arcadia in division 11?
    Valley Christian and La Salle in 9?
    Dos Pueblos in 10
    Schurr and Arroyo in 12
    and somehow the lowest division 13 is populated by teams with long histories of winning programs?

    CIF giveth and CIF taketh away.. Some schools must have had a wink wink nod nod special deal where they got slotted. And I am sure every year from now on, there will be those that get updivisioned that will howl like stuck pigs.. those that stay in their divsions despite losing records the prior year to be first round fodder for the winners. And those whose fortunes smile upon them with a talent bubble and get slotted in a lower division than maybe they should be based on the talent on the field in any given year.

    And i think that may be the problem as it appears the system is not flexible enough to recognize and correct the errors in projections/divisions made a year in advance of the playoffs they hope to seed.

    And no matter what a good draw you get, you still have to come in the money in your league to take advantage. And your league may be populated by lots of schools with much higher division seedings .