Playoff positions settled in Major League Soccer

The regular season concluded Sunday around Major League Soccer. The knockout-round, single elimination playoff matches are set for Wednesday and Thursday.

Toronto FC, New York City FC have first-round byes in the Eastern Conference. Seattle and Portland have byes in the Western Conference.


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  • Miami Carngo

    I’d like to see the Quakes move to a 3-5-2, personally. It would allow hypothetical DP #9, hypothetical DP #10, and Wondo to all get on the pitch at the same time (hopefully making the most of Wondo’s final years), and allow Kinnear to have two of his precious d-mids, as well. Will take some wheeling and dealing, but frankly there’s not much worth keeping on the roster to begin with.

  • Wayrma Serg

    One thing MLS does well here (and I believe the CCL does as well) is NOT extending the away goal rule into extra time. I find it to be stupid and gives an advantage to the road team in the 2nd leg, which usually is the “inferior” team by record. PSG beat Chelsea last year (not that I’m trying a tear for those clowns) because of that stupid rule.

  • Galena Howe

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