Bogan v. Gano … the Valley’s first showdown is just five days away!

Who do ya like?

check out the good article about the game in Sunday’s Tribune …

Scary thought: What if Los Altos lost?

Scary thought, the sequel: South Hills as an underdog.

Aram’s favorite Gano moment: LA has the ball deep in the shadow of its own endzone last year against Damien. It’s before halftime and the Conqs are losing. Gano wants no piece of sitting on the ball. He has Castaneda go for the casa on a bomb to Chapelle Brown. The ball is overthrown. Very next play, same thing. This time, the ball is on the money, BOOM, 90-yard touchdown. Why the heck not?

Aram’s favorite Bogan moment: I asked Coach Bogan after last year’s CIF title if that was the best SH team he’d had. He thought about it, and then started verbally running down the list. It was like a rich man having to choose which of his 30 sports cars he likes best. “The 2002 team was pretty good, but then 2003 may have been better. Then you’ve got 2000, which was special … and this year’s team was so impressive.” … “The Ferrari is nice, but the Lamborghini handles better. And then there’s the Aston Martin.” … Those aren’t direct quotes, but you get the point. How can you pick? One of many dumb questions I’ve asked in my career, but at least Bogan tried.

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