Dragging their feet: Still no word at Nogales, Bassett or Los Altos football

While we still wait for the head football coaching positions at Nogales, Bassett and Los Altos to eventually be filled, the successor to replace longtime coach Gil Ruedaflores at Alhambra has come down to three candidates, San Gabriel high offensive coordinator Jude Olivas, Temple City wide receivers coach Zeke Prado and athletic director Lou Torres.

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  • Hound

    Are there any names Fred? Can you do some digging? Who are the finalists/applicants for the LA, Nogales, and Bassett jobs? I have heard RUMORS, but don’t want to post names. Was hoping the SGVTribune could do some digging. Call up these guys and ask. Most people like to talk. Call up people you think might be applying.

  • HS Football Fan

    In regards to the Head football Coach at Los Altos, I have an inside on some candidates which are more han qualified but the AD is making it very difficult cause it sounds like he has his man already. This candidate coached with John Aguirre as his assiatant head coach and has been a very sucessfull Head coach at Garfield and Roosevelt which helps cause they know what tradition is all about. LA AD u need to open your eyes and read their resumes and that alone should say something. Good luck LA and hope u get a good candidate.

  • in the know

    We know Jim Arrenanlas from Northview has his name in the hat. He is a great coach and would do a great job at LA. He will also be reunited with one of his assisants over there. Also think about this Wison (Zavala) vs Los Altos (Arrenanlas) I’ll take Jim every day and twice on sunday!

  • Status

    in the know,

    Maybe you should be a little bit more in the know. As the other bloggers have stated your AD Garcia is really screwing up the little chance you had of getting a quality coach. The word is out all over the valley, no talent and conditions are bazaar to say the least. One top head coaches have already turned down the job, he said he was told at the time no teaching position and that Felipe has to be his Offense Coordinator. Now Arrenanlas isnt the coach I talked to, but I dont see Urrutia staying on as the quarterback coach. What maybe even more interesting if Felipe is the offense coordinator where will Urrutia end up? Since Garcia has chased off most of the quality coaches he is now calling coaches to see if they are interested in the job, talk about a messed up situation.

    Interesting note the LA football website has removed Felipe as the head coach and also removed Urrutia as the Offensive Coordinator, did Urrutia already quit?

    As we can see Fred wasnt too far off on this one, the Nogales job is the more popular position and will pull the quality head coach not the LA job. The coaches are aware of the lack of talent and the new league and the future at LA doesnt look very good. On the other hand with the league realignment and similar talent at Nogales there is a better opportunity to succeed at Nogales.

  • Anon

    Not sure how up to date the CIF coaches wanted section is. But it shows the lasted LA coaching position as a teaching position also. the prior posting in December had it as a walk on.

  • Wilson Parent

    in the know,

    “Also think about this Wison (Zavala) vs Los Altos (Arrenanlas) I’ll take Jim every day and twice on sunday!”

    Last I checked the kids play the game and I will take Wilson’s talent over LA’s talent every day and twice on sunday!.

    And we already have the talent and coaching you have neither.

  • Inside Man

    My sources say that John Strickland from SD will be named the Head Coach at Bassett early next week.

  • footballfan

    I heard Gil Jimenez former D-Coordinator from St. Paul and current baskeball coach at Rosemead HS was applying. Anyone know if this is a fact..

  • jcaz

    Insdie man,

    Thats welcome news for Basset High. I dont know anything about the man, but I hope that he brings a good and fundimental understanding of the game over to those kids.

    So often durring the season, when my son was himself at prctice, I would wander over to Basset to go catch a game or two.

    The sad Part is that eventhough Basset has one of the best football venues in the area, they nevertheless struggled to come up with a very comprtive football program.

    Hopefully this all changes now. Good luck Olympians !

  • most programs

    Most football programs have their kids in the weight room and conditioning if not participating in other sports, what is LA, Bassett, and Nogales doing. Every day is important for these programs! They need to fill those positions quickly or they may lose more kids to other activities or miss vital instruction time.

  • No Thanks

    For the record Jim Arrenanlas has not applied for the LA job and has no plans on applying for the LA job. I don’t understand why these LA bloggers are starting false rumors. He has made it very clear, no thanks.

  • SGV

    What Happen to TOny Zane at Bassett???. Wasn’t he helping out the head coach and it seem Bassett was already improving.

    By the way, why did the coach resigned from Bassett.

  • Mountainman

    Heard Nogales had interviews today, who were the perspective coaches? Anyone get a look at who was there? Dig boys, dig?

  • nogalesnoble

    Hear the new coach at Nogales will be Scott Morrison.

  • Donofanewday

    Its Jim Arellanes, get it right!

  • LMAO

    Wilson Parent…according to you we have no coach and no talent and whiped the sh!!t out of you! LMAO!

  • Wilson Parent

    That was last year, this is this year. Lots of chances last year, the program is stable with HEAD COACH Zavala incharge. The kids are excited, working hard and looking forward to next year.

    And yes we will take Zavala over your head coach every day and twice on sunday!

    O forgot you don’t have one!!!!!

  • FallenVike

    I don’t believe Coach Arellanes applied anywhere…

    Morrison…interesting possibility…. not a good fit in public school.

    Heard Escamilla was there too. That is funny, every team in the Valley Vista will kick his butt.

  • LMAO


    Last year you made the same predictions about Wilson and their new coach and what happened? Oh yeah…they won one game! I’m sorry…I forgot they have the best Quarterback in the valley weighing in at a solid 115 pounds! LMAO!

  • Schreiman

    Heard I was brought into another LA football conversation. Let me set the record straight, I don’t think my son is the best quarterback in the Valley, I don’t even think he is the best quarterback in Hacienda Heights. We all know that Zamano is the best quarterback in the area. I also didn’t decide to transfer my son from LA to Wilson last year, he decided to transfer. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was the right move, now I am sure he made the right decision. I will say I am very proud of his accomplishment, not stats but yes at 122 pounds he went out with the big boys took his hits and got back up.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    The reason LA is taking so long to get a new coach is that the good coaches aren’t beating down the door to coach at a school where the talent year in an year out will not be on par with the rest of their league. People were so quick to blame Felipe for the decay of LA football. To quote a former LA coach. “We are Los Altos, we don’t need to recruit. They will come to us”. Well LA, those days are long over. Here are a couple reasons why #1 Non Football frendly Admin. #2 Non Football AD #3 Newer schools in the areas LA “didn’t recruit”. With all that, I don’t know if LA’s problems are close to being over. It will take at least 3 years go get this program up and running again. The bottom line is that of all the open jobs in the area LA is among the least attractive.

    SGV430 Ouuuuut!!!

  • come’on

    LA needs to open their eyes! there is a hell of a coach that applied for the job actually 2 of them, very competitive and have the resumes to back them up. if the AD will do his homework he would have hired this coach already! and trust me if this guy gets hired traditon will come back to LA, including a hell of a coaching staff! best of luck to LA football

  • MIke

    I guess we know the answer to Coach Arellanes’ position on this…Check out his Facebook page…


  • Status

    This is Jim Arellance’s quote off of facebook;

    “Jim Arellanes is NOT going to be the next coach at Los Altos! Stop the rumors people…”

    He also is asking AD Garcia to stop calling him, he isn’t interested.

  • LA School

    What happen to Godinez?

  • LA Status

    Godinez is probably the best fit for LA, on the field. Major issue when it comes to school administration conflicts. Don’t forget LA just kicked his father out of the football program after coaching at LA for what 25 plus years. Trust me there would be major changes in the football program if Bobby took over, that is the reason why he wont. Bobbys mother and father both graduated from LA in the 70s. I believe Rick still has a few LA records in football. Bobby like other coaches realizes it is going to take five years to turn this program around (league realignment in 5 years). Think about it, you coach this team up real good; they will make the playoffs, out in the first round (league realignment in 5 years, no change). If you get an average coach, sub .500 ball the next five years. League realignment puts them where they can compete, VVL. Get the Nogales job five years ahead of schedule compared to the LA job. Dont get me wrong Bobby isnt going to take the Nogales job?

  • Maverick

    There is an old school alumni that would want to take on the challenge of the head coach at Bassett, but his biggest concern is not how much $$$ but how much power will he have over the coaches and players

  • SGV For 30 Years

    I would find it very difficult to beleive that LA would hire Godinez. He doesn’t have enough experience running a program. LA wants get back to being the LA of old. They would be in the same boat they were in with Felipe. Good coach needs more experience. They have to hire someone who will understand that they aren’t going to win right away.

    SGV430 Ouut!!!!

  • Football Fan


    I hope its not the coach that coached Pop Warner he could barely coach that team let alone Bassett and if your talking about how much power he would have…..It sounds like him.

  • Conqs are Done

    Los Altos needs to pluck a Pac 5 Assistant or head coach to come in and restore the program. Even with that or a retired college or pro coach, Los Altos will not make it due to lack of resources and talent. Got to hand it to Gano he split at the right time. He saw the writing on the wall. Felipe was a band aid and now that the band aid has been removed the bleeding continues. Los Altos is up Shyt creek without a paddle. Talent has bailed to other schools and what is left there is a comparison to Mark Keppel HS. No one wants that job and the guy who takes it is a village Idiot.

  • Trouble at LA

    Word out of LA is school administration isn’t happy with Garcia, looks like the principal is getting involved.

    “Going from Bad to Worse”

  • Jay Jay

    None of you have any idea what magic will be displayed with the upcoming football season! It will be an exciting one to say the least. Yes, of course it will take some talent—LA has that!!! If it’s one thang that Garcia has, it’s the element of surprise. Yeah, sure no CIF rings in his jewelry box, maybe never or just not yet but he will produce an awsome head coach, keep your head up Garcia and keep pushing on….

  • football jones

    LA fools rush in..

    LA admin muscles Felipe out of HC jobyou knowtake one for the team.

    Fine, hes out.

    Now what?

    Its obvious NO ONE wants the job.

    IF its true that LA does not have a teaching slot open THEN this is a blunder of epic proportions

    ATTENTION FELIPE HATERS: is LA in better shape now, with no head coachof any kind? I guess the kids will coach themselves in 2010.

    Yeah, this is going well.

    LA fans, if were lucky maybe we convince Felipe to come back.

    LA Admin has successfully jumped out of the frying pan STRAIGHT INTO THE FIRE!!!