Spring Football: Bishop Amat’s Brock Booth joins elite company, could push Ruiz for starting spot

By Aram Tolegian, staff writer
Bishop Amat quarterback Brock Booth has advanced to the next round of Steve Clarkson’s Dreamaker quarterback competition. Booth pulled it off with a strong showing at Clarkson’s camp held at the Rose Bowl in late February. Booth was among those chosen out of the group to head to Santa Barbara for the next round where he’ll compete against what Clarkson calls “an even stronger group of athletes”.

In Santa Barbara, Booth will be competing for a spot in the elite Super 7 event in Maui. Obviously, this would make him one of the top QB prospects in the country if he advances.
Booth, a senior-to-be, transferred to Bishop Amat from South Hills this offseason in hopes of competing for the open quarterback position. Lancers coach Steve Hagerty confirmed last month that Booth is in the mix for the job along with five others, including Rio Ruiz, who Hagerty reluctantly labeled the front runner.

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  • Fan

    If Rio wants to play QB then Good Luck to him and I’m behind him all the way! He has proven to be a fine youngman and very good (putting it mildly) athlete. He does the SGV good and I wish him the best in securing the starting QB position. Go Amat!

  • lancer4 life

    Booth is a summer league QB, get a rush on him and watch him shrivle up. Kid couldn’t beat out a soph DB last year @ SH

  • USC 4 LIFE

    Nobody has mentioned that the best QB’s in the area, state and country were at the invitation only USC Jr. day. It was the same day that Clarkson had his Dreamaker tryouts at the Rose Bowl.
    Best of luck to Booth but I think he got a free pass on that one.

  • justaquote

    Recruiter said:
    This is exactly why Fred posts so many AMAT themes…..This story was put up at 6:29AM and it STILL has ZERO HITS!!! You want to see the board go crazy w/100+ hits? POST AN AMAT THEME!!!! HEY FRED, give me an AMAT FOOTBALL THREAD!

    Just waiting for the 100+hits!!! Been up all day, let’s not get stuck on ourselves.

  • just sayin’

    go to Arams blog for todays 24 hits on the same topic. kind redundant to have the converstion on two blogs. But nice try though

  • Who’s laughing at who

    Stupid check out the Bishop Amat girls softball thread with the one hit, mine making fun of the big numbers.

  • Hey dummy

    Let me enlighten you on something, HITS are the number of page views a blog gets, NOT the number of comments on a page. If HITS are up, that means the blog gets a log of page views, regardless of how many comments it gets.

  • Lancer Alumni

    I am hoping Brock does well and is the next Amat QB. As far as Rio he should not even step on the football field anymore. He is a projected MLB draft choice and a USC baseball player. He does not need a career ending injury before he even gets started. Dad if you read this blog, HS greatness is one thing, being the Big man on campus goes for something in HS, but Rio is a special talent and I would hope you do not risk him out there on the gridiron. As much as folks including myself would love to see him play football (because he is a awesome football player) thats from a shelfish point. I really would like to see Rio become the Amat player that follows Michael Young as the next great one to come out of Bishop Amat to play MLB. My vote is for Rio to concentrate on baseball and leave the injuries to come from the football behind. I know leaving a sport you also love (football) is tough to ask from a great athlete but, Dad a decision has to be made based on where you want to see your son in the future and not for todays HS accolades. Fred please put out a poll and ask the question Should Rio be a two way sports player or just concentrate on Baseball and the brass ring of the Major Leagues. The topic will blow up like no other. This is a special Talent that really needs to consider his options now. I am sure Dad has pondered this already.

  • Frank

    To Lancer Alumni
    yes you are right! From what I’ve heard there are alot of rumors that Rio will not be playing football next year. As he has a guaranteed scholoarship from USC and he is expected to be drafted to the pro’s out of HS. It would not be wise to continue to play football, but like you, for my own and everyones selfish reasons we would love to see him play.

  • Joe Amat

    Lancer Alumni,

    Joe Mauer, American League MVP, was pretty “special” too. He was USA Today AND Gatorade High School Player of the Year in football AND baseball!!! He was National HS Quarterback of the year and had a scholarship to Florida State. He was drafted and that opened the door at FSU for Chris Rix.

    Mauer bridged that gap between the sports by “only” being All-State in basketball as a 20 ppg point guard his junior AND senior year. I’d bet his HS coaches didn’t hassle him about being in the weight room or playing in some meaningless summer game. We NEED to work together guys!

    High school is a time for kids to experience what they love and it is up to parents, coaches, and fans (including alumni) to help them go where THEY want to go… not where we’d like them to go

  • Lancer Alumni

    Joe I agree with you as we should work together and we totally do at Amat. My point is Rio is that special of a player that putting him in a football game in the PAC5 D1 I am sure he can handle, but the risk of losing him to injury at this kids baseball talent is just not worth it. As with the Lakewood game where he played safety and came up for a tackle only to get a concussion. This is no walk in the park where he can dominate a opponent in football with his god given talent, this as I repeat is the PAC5. I do not know who Mauer played against in football as a HS star but Rio is in with the big boys out here in L.A. and that my firnd runs a risk. Dont get me wrong Joe I would love to see Rio play football especially QB but that is too much money to be leaving on the table should he get a major injury. Outstanding football player only to get bigger and better at it, but his calling is baseball and all things considered he should get ready for his sports life long career already, yes he is that special of a talent that will become a professional someday. Why end that accomplishment he will eventually get for a HS football game. Yes Mauer what a player, what a HS career and happy ending, but JOE how many reverse situations have happened to CANT MISS talent like Rios that ended in a career ending injury. There are true stories like that as well. True or False? The pecentages of a football injury are higher then the percentages of a baseball injury. Rio quit while you are ahead.

  • Just Asking

    Well, What if, What IF…RIO, the kid, the player and only person that really matters when talking about their future….has decided that HE really likes football MORE than baseball????? What if…The person in charge of his own dreams and future has decided that HE would like to play football for Florida, Tennessee, Penn State or maybe even USC???? Then what? I have never personally met the kid or had the opportunity to ask the kid what he plans to do in the future, let alone which sport he prefers? Let the kid be an athlete, the time for life decisions will come soon enough. If I remember correctly, Rio is a Sophamore in HS and still has two years of the best years of his life (until college) to enjoy. Which ever choice he makes I wish him well and good luck!

  • Joe Amat

    Lancer Alumni ,

    So am I. If you haven’t been playing the home addition of this game for a while – but I’m pretty familiar with the Pac5, and Division 1, Big 5, AAAA before that… well, you get the picture. So no need to remind me, “this as I repeat is the PAC5” or we “play with the big boys”

    For what it’s worth, Mauer played at one of oldest, most historic parochial schools in Minnesota, has a similar enrollment, and plays at the highest level and competes for state championships there too. The real deal.

    If you look a few threads above this one – Azusa High School lost Anthony Miller, a two-time first-team all-Mission Valley League choice, dislocated his shoulder playing BASEBALL and will have surgery.

    You could get hurt anywhere. Maybe we should make sure kids don’t cross the street or eat chicken because of how many people choke on chicken bones. Could he get hurt playing football? Absolutely. At a higher rate than other sports. Sure. Could football help him develop more toughness, tenacity and competitiveness that will help him later regardless of what sport he plays. Probably so.

    Let the kids decide.

  • Lancer Alumni

    You make a strong point accross the board there Joe. I could see him possibly playing this next football season but as a senior I could see him being pulled out of football as his greatness continues to flourish on the Diamond. They may chance it this football season but beyond that they would be foolish to play Rio in football his senior year. Let the kids decide…I dont think so. Daddy will decide this one.

  • SGV coach

    SGV coach said,
    Rio Ruiz appears to be a nice young man that works hard at being a great athlete. To Rio and the Ruiz family, whatever you decide, go with God!

  • call it as I see it 2

    OK what we KNOW is Steve Clarkson loves money more than kids, he will take his 300 hr fee and doesn’t care if there is no milk for the baby. In essence pretty much everyone who hauled there butt to Vegas made the cut, I understand there wasn’t much talent, mostly underclassman. Continue to pay your entry fee and you get to keep playing. I have been watching practices and noticed something very obvious, Booth, though bigger than most is not very athletic, his foot work is terrible, yes he can throw a decent ball and I’m sure going through drills he looks decent, but what we don’t know and what Los Altos, Walnut and Bogan DO know is once the pads come on and the rush comes at him he is a much different guy, he is never going to be a guy on the field and Daddy Booth has been told this many times by all, I also understand the kid has had issue’s with other kids at all previous schools. Booth is looking for a soft landing and a friendly home for Brock, someone to give his heavy footed son one last chance, but if your a D4 QB and cant be a starter on those teams, how in the world can you make the transition to D1 and Pac 5, reality is your not, regardless if Rio plays or not, TP the senior is the obvious choice.

  • Kevin

    Its no big secret…Rio is the best baseball player in the state.He has always been above the rest sense his LL days.I see him doing what A ROD did..dont be surprise if hes the number 1 pick in 2 yrs.

  • someone must see something

    I totally agree with call what I see. TP has been invited to 3 combines at no cost 0. Somebody must see something in this kid. He,s attended including, coach Luci, and Frank Clarksons combines, all for free as I said. All three have said that he could start for his team. Tp has a rifle arm and in my opinion was more mobile and accurate than either of the two QBs last year. The thing last year is that he is a very quiet kid and it was the senior’s job to lose. I’ll tell another thing, if Coach Nieto was smart he would recruit him for his BB team. This kid has an arm..Just my opinion.

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