Booth cleared to go at Bishop Amat

Quarterback Brock Booth, who transferred from South Hills to Bishop Amat for his senior year, has been granted a change of residence transfer by the CIF-Southern Section.

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  • AmatRocks!

    GO LANCERS 2010!!!!



    If I am not mistaken didn’t Booth transfer to Amat late in his junior year . He will become a senior in September .

  • BigDog

    This kids father has messed up his High School days.To bad…

  • notafanofcif

    So let me get this straight. Booth’s move to amat, his third school in 4 years is not athletically motivated. I’ll tell you what, cox and canada got screwed by cif if they let booth play at amat.

  • jesusjr23


  • Justrab

    I had a chance to catch the passing games at Amat today. Pasadena, Monrovia Amat and Los Altos. I really liked Cook’s effort as he caught some difficult balls and while he will add some weight in future years, I think he will contribute next year. I heard WGIII is in Florida as I wanted to see him in action too.

  • who cares?

    who really cares? he isnt even gunna play because he sucks!

  • Good Move Mark….

    Now you guys say the father messed things up for his son. He started off at LA, if he had stayed there look where he would be now. Then he transferred him to South Hills actually fairly close to where he actually lives. The start of his junior year he started at South Hills. Now according to South Hills bloggers he was their third string QB coming into this season. So he transfers to Bishop Amat is competing for the starting job their. Sounds to me like his dad have made a few pretty good moves.

  • anonymous

    Was at Amat for the 4way (Amat, Pasadena, Los Altos and Monrovia) today. Rio looked pretty good. I think he’ll get the nod for the season. I know it’s only passing, but I think we’ll be fine. Cook looks to be a big weapon this year. Pas and Los Altos didn’t show me much, but Monrovia looked pretty darn good. Tons of playmakers and their qb(Bueno?)was impressive.

  • The truth and nothing but the truth your honor…..

    Cook has the looks of a playmaker, has the size and just needs to add some more muscle. He looks awesome now. But wait till the pads come one, he’s afraid to get hit. He’ll catch more now when no one is taking his head off. When the pads are on there will be plenty of drop catches and disappointed fans, trust me on this one.

  • Just in….

    Two kids just transferred in from Amat to Covina. Names to be added later, however one is a dual sport athlete.

    Booth family, really? have you not heard of a kid with a name Rio?

  • code 6


  • Thanks….

    Thanks Dad..ooops I mean Code 6 for the hype.

  • Code 6 take some good advise

    Code 6, I mean dad that’s the problem with Clarkson you spend lots money and THINK you are really good. Suggestion keep your mouth shut and stay off the blogs your only hurting your son.

  • BigDog

    If this falls threw he can always go up to Canada and find a school.They have grade thirteen.LOL.Fred i could give you 20 things better to talk about than this……..

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    The newbie Cook looked good…yesterday. He has to have a lot more days like that to be considered a contributor for next year. With some real dedication in the weightroom, he will be a force in the years to come. My question is related to the TE spot. Who will end up in this spot? The transfer from Los Altos looks good but not having seen him play in pads really clouds my appraisal. As previously mentioned, it’s alot easier to catch balls when you know that SS, free safety or linebacker cannot pop your block off when your about to catch the ball. Carillo looks good but speed and ability to get free may be an issue against bigger opponents. Amat had some good WR out there too. I haven’t seen too much of these guys but one is really fast and has decent to pretty good hands. I think his name is Allen? made some nice grabs. Rio looks to be a no brainer for starter and I would say the better looking back up appears to be Pruzinski(?)which leads me to believe that Booth could also be a good candidate for TE, what do ya thik Lancer faithful? He has the size. Good to see Lacey back on the sidelines. I hope he is all good to go by seasons start. Pasadena was very small and Los Altos was also small. Monrovia had pretty good speed and the Monrovia QB appeared to be spot on with his throws. Now I wish we still had Anderson out there to throw in the mix. Amat is a work in progress but I think it will all come together by seasons start. What do you think Jastraub? Go Big Blue.

  • Justrab

    Lan C. Erbacker,

    I agree with you comments. It is so hard to see anything as they have mixed group working on things (as they should) so you cannot always see how the offense or defense is stacking up.

    Rio looked really good and it would have been great seeing him throw to W. Gonzalez, but that will come. Yes, pads make a difference, but it was nice to see the kids working.

    I recognized Alcantara (he looked good), but who is the other saftey they paired him with. He looked to have some size and speed.

    I saw what I thought was a DB/SS from last year (Acosta or somethiing like that), but he was with the linemen. Is he going to play a different position this year?

    Monvoria looked good, but it looked like Amat had their second team in as I did not see Alcantara in many or any of the series.

    What is Saltar’s role? I saw him in non-Amat gear (somebody needs to buy him a spirit pack), but he gave the team a talk after the practice. Is he a summmer consultant?

    The TE question is interesting and I was looking back when in 04 when they had 3 or 4 guys all at 6’2 or 6’3 220 to 240. There were a couple of lineman from last year (I think one was Vaca) that looked like they could convert to TE for backup duty. Any chance that some of the underclassman that might not see time on the line might move?

    Was Juarez out ther at LB? I also was very happyt to see Lacey on the bike getting ready. His experience should put anyones complaints into perspective.

    Jalen only caught a few, but he look like he can keep the LB honest and give us some yards. I am excited to see him play, too.

    I am looking forward to this year!

  • tcbruin


    TSalter IS on the Amat staff for 2010.

  • AMAT 73

    I think the kid you saw was Acuna . Big hitter , he along with Alcantara will be names you will hear often this coming season.

  • tcbruin

    Acuna IS the other safety.

    Acuna was injured last season and did not see much action on the field. This injury along with a transfer[Richie Alvarez to La Serna] necessitated Rio Ruiz to the other Safety spot.

  • anonymous

    I know it’s only passing games, but we need to shore up the defensive side. We handled pasadena and los altos, but we had a tough time with monrovia’s speed. Their qbs picked us apart. Somebody said that maybe that was our 2nd unit out there, but i was talking with monrovia parents and they said that they were missing some starters and that their 2nd qb was a freshman. Offensively though I thnk we’ll be fine once we get Gonzalez in there.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Anon-your right and the other poster is right. Monrovia did look speedy and the QB looked really good against our second team et al, but when we had our first team in they didn’t really do anything down field. you’re right though, for some reason our first string got minimal reps against Monrovia.
    Jastraub-Acuna is the other safety as well as DJ Daniels. The other returner is still hurt I think? LB’s should be solid – Bowens, Juarez, Lacey and a kid named (sorry in advance) edgardillo(?) should hold down the spots well. I think there are some big underclassmen but they will need some work to fill in on the Varsity line. I’m looking forward to this season. Can you believe the coaching staff at Amat these days? Excellent staff. These kids are getting great on field coaching and the chance to be coached by some of the best HS coaches around. What a great time for Amat Football. Go Big Blue!

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Booth is the classic example of what’s wrong with high school sports. I don’t mean Brock, he is not the one that makes the decisions. The dad has done all he can to screw up his sons once promising high school career. If he would have kept him at LA he would have been the guy and quarterback. I know he was buddies with Gano back in the day, so why isn’t Brock at Damien. That would have seemed like a much better fit since word is that they are looking for a QB. I’ve heard it’s because he burned that bridge. He was also suppose to be buddies with Bogan we all see how that turned out. High school football is supposed to be about playin ball with your friends and hanging out after the games, and building lifetime friendships and memories. Instead this story has been about dad trying to beat the system. It’s a sad day in high school athletics when a dad ruins his sons high school football experience. My only question to him would be. What would your dad have said if you told him that coach said you weren’t going to be the starter? I know my dad would have sad “son, you have 2 choices in this matter. Either you quit and get a job, or you just work harder.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!!


    If you have been around as your name says for 30 some odd years , you answer this. For football where would you send your kid , Amat or Damien.I also do not like parents bouncing around their kids for what they feel will lead to the D-1 scholarship . No regard for those great times and friendships you speak of in your post.

  • Golden Rules Still Apply

    The kid doesn’t look all that brought down by his experience thus far? As a matter of fact he looks to be rather comfortable in his new surroundings and his team mates appear to have welcomed him in without issue? My guess is that those of you that want to speak negatively about this family’s choices in life, actually have a beef with the father. In which case I say, “mind your own business”. What makes people thik that they can tell others what decisions are right or wrong for them? Unless you are part of the Booth family you really have no idea what you are talking about. My own back yard still need tending and keeping the skelatal remains in my own closet is hard enough. Plus I have to be careful enough not to crack the glass walls of my own home when I start thinking that I know whats best for others. Relax and enjoy the games and the season. Good luck to all.

  • know it all..?

    guys, all these speculations on players and positions they will play is somewhat funny.. You sat at one passing league tournament and you act as if you know it all… the players dont even know it all YET!.. We all know Hagerty and we all know the decisions will be based to ability and dedication.

    As for Booth being confortable at his new school, im pretty sure he was welcomed with opened arms, cause that the Amat spirit, however I just hope he is happy once the postions are set… cause his record shows he obviously lacks loyality, and sometimes loytality is all you have….

  • Justrab

    Lan C. Erbacker et al,

    Thank you for the clarification. It should be a great year and with Salter on board the staff just got that much better. Those kids are very fortunate to have some guys that will take the pure talent and use it along with molding guys into the right position. Amat generally has always had those great names, but they also have taken guys with bug hearts and make then critical to the success of the team. Anybody remember Eugene Gonzalez (85′)? You won’t find him in any records book, but he was as big a part of his team as Jonh Jackson. Is Amat going to be at the Upland under the lights passing tourney?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Jastraub – I know Amat has a scrimmage with Upland in zero week but I don’t think they are in any passing scrimmages at Upland until then. Now If your talking about todays passing tournament at Bonita HS, no, Amat is not in that one.

  • Justrab

    I thought last year there was a four way with Amat, South Hills, Upland and Charter Oak at Upland in late June or early July. Too bad if they are not doing it this year. I recall it was at night, but I am getting older.

  • Darla Doolittle

    Yes, the 4-way this year is at South Hills but instead of Bishop Amat South Hills invited Crespi. Bishop Amat will be in their dead period and seriously did not want to compete with the Huskies for one and probably the Chargers second. July 15th is the date and the time is in the evening. Go Huskies..!


    Darla , First off to compete you need competition of which SH offers none . Why start crap when you know the lap dogs will never back it up by playing a real game against Amat . Passing tournaments are just a means to tune up for the oncoming season . That’s it but of course the way SH has been lately you would treat it as a cif championship.

  • LOL

    Darla Doolittle

    South Hills has lost to Diamond Ranch two years in a row…South Hills Huskie football is joke!

  • SGV For 30 Years


    To answer your question about where to send your kid. I think it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a private school I think what Amat has done since Hagerty arrived is pretty impressive. They have the upper hand as far as tradition goes. I think they play better competition than everyone else in the SGV. I’m no Amat fan but I have to call it as I see it. I think Damien could end up rivaling Amat with Gano and his All-Star coaching staff. He was able to rebuild the Los Altos program with transfers. I don’t know if he can do that at Damien. But he can tap into those IE kids. It may just come down to what you want in academics. If you go public I would tell anyone, go to your home school. If you are good enough, they will find you. Transfering schools more than once is a RED FLAG for colleges. Good Luck.

    SGV430 OUUUT!!!


    Thanks for the answer.You were spot on as Amat does have the tradition and exposure that is not offered by going to Damien although going to the new division will help with the IE recruits if they can knock off a few teams from the IE if they are fortunate to make the playoffs. I also do not think Damien will allow Gano to do what he did at LA with transfers but then again stranger things have happened. For public, staying home would be the best but in the world of today with parents thinking their child is the next great thing regardless of what potential is actually there is killing high school sports. As you say if the talent is there is will show and people will see.

  • just letting you know!

    just to let you know, parents do not transfer kids to other schools solely based on athletics… academics still happen to be the main reason for transfers, honest transfer kids who dont even play sports are regulary transfered to different schools. With all this Federal NCLB, High schools are becoming more business minded, trying to keep “their” kid through well rounded programs, such as academics, sports, and safety