Two-Time defending Southeast champ Charter Oak preparing for a season like no other … Question is, are they ready for it?

Charter Oak photo gallery

Note: With a couple weeks until the first games, what school do you want to hear from next?

Charter Oak impressions: No wonder Charter Oak offensive coordinator Dom Farrar is pleading with his dad, head coach Lou Farrar, to throw the ball more this season. QB Travis Santiago looked extremely sharp, hitting receivers in stride during Tuesday’s practice. And he has quite the trio in Dennis Rufus, Josiah Thropay and Chris Gilcrest, all well over 6-foot-plus targets. The biggest question mark entering the season was who would replace RB Adam Muema, the player of the year. I can tell you that Donald Martin and sophomore Aaren Vaughns complemented each other well, Martin as strong as a rock, Vaughn the slippery transfer from South Hills. The player everyone is excited about is freshman Kurt Scoby, who looks like he could play right away, and just might. In any case, we talked to coach Lou Farrar, Rufus and defensive lineman Charlie Avila about the upcoming season in what could become Charter Oak’s finest hour if they can step up in class and compete for a Sierra League and Inland Division title.

Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar …

Charter Oak WR Dennis Rufus ..

Charter Oak DT Charlie Avila …

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  • ???????

    How about Los Altos???

  • football562

    I want to hear from wilson…

  • football562

    What about wilson?

  • Lalalalalala

    Let’s hear about Glendora. I believe I heard they have a few decent runningbacks. And they will beat charter oak

  • bonita

    since this blog is about hits, then you should go to Bonita so that KH and Aaron will hit the blog a few thousand times.

  • Top of the Hill

    Since a high percentage of LA’s players, over the past two years, have transfered to Wilson, why not just kill two birds with one stone, and report on Wilson’s program. Besides, with the realignment, Wilson is the only one (out of the two) with a shot at the playoffs this season.


  • reality

    Claremont and Bonita. Two teams on the rise that I think will be a great game week 1

  • Charter Oak?

    I thought the topic of this blog was CO

  • Norco

    Wishful thinking if you think CO will be challenging for the Inland Division Title….

  • SGVsBest

    You need to be wooried about CO! You have nothing to stop that offense.
    GHS reminds me of the JAA Lancers in La Puente. Can’t win anything outright, arrogant, No Defense, No Receivers, but they still have to run their mouths!
    Really funny!


    I Hope Charter Oak WHIPS Norco’s AZZ! So you can just shut the H@ll UP!

    Here’s to a promising season C/O! SGV will win outright. You’ll see…

  • Norco


    Charter Oak better hope they don`t run into Norco…Norco is a top-tiered program in the Southern Section, and they’re a clear top three in the Inland and generally considered a top program in Socal each and every season…Now who is Charter Oak? Your not in Kansas anymore Dorthy…So go sit on the sideline you pathetic eunuch…



    I know Chino Hills is not your coverage area but lets take a look them and Glendora.

    Big Lou just laid it all out we lost 10 guys on defense and the replacements are in place we just need to know how they will react when Friday night comes in that big Citrus College stadium. The offense will be firing on all cylinders and the hogs will be ready. The defense will be the key, we all know they can play and bang with the best but can they mentally live up to their predecessors and not make the rookie mistakes?

    Glendora we will not be handing the Mayors throphy to you this season, maybe next year you can get another shot at it.


  • FredJ

    Chino Hills, Ayala and Claremont will all be included in our coverage, as will Ganesha and Pomona….All five schools are in our preview magazine.

  • Redbull

    Visit South Hills, would like to see how they will replace Vaughns, Ify and Shirley. I think they will have a solid year but need for you to give us the

  • FredJ

    SGV Football, I talked with OC Dom Farrar this morning about the fact they won’t have a week off. When you go against Claremont, Chino Hills, Damien, South Hills and Ayala, where’s the automatic W? Add Glendora and another game with Rancho Cucamonga and nonleague games like Santa Fe and Esperanza make it tough. It’s one thing to be emotionally invested in one or two games a year like facing Rancho Cucamonga and Diamond Ranch twice, but to do it week after week you find out what you’re made of. That’s what intrigues me most about Charter Oak, can they handle the grind of a schedule like this? We also talked about the fact you have to finish first to have a shot in the Inland playoffs. A third-place team from the Sierra will probably get a top four seed and league champion, equaling a one and done. If they hope to do anything in the playoffs, they have to win league first.

  • Scoby ?

    Let’s see. Kurt Scoby lived and played for the Duarte Hawks, and now stays in Claremont. How did he end up at Charter Oak ??????? How does that work….


    Fred your right on point with finishing first in league. Playing the top teams in the Southwest league or Big VIII with the exception of Norco will be a tough to handle first round! JK Norco… Everyone always puts down CO’s schedule but this year is not like the other years no real breaks this season. Hopefully the kids can stay healthy and make a deep run in the playoffs.

    Football in the SGV seems to get better every year. Two of the better teams in the Valley will be finally competing on somewhat similar levels makes me happy to say that.

  • COSteelCurtain


    The difference between CO and everyone else here is that we play the season one game at a time. We prepare for Glendora first then prepare for the next game. Big Lou will not allow anything else. Trust the Don, Fred. He always delivers.

    By the time we look up we’re in the playoffs again. It happens every year.

  • FredJ

    I’m not saying it’s not, but preparing for the postseason against Wilson, Bonita and today’s Los Altos is different than competing for a playoff spot against Damien, Chino Hills, Ayala, South Hills and Claremont. There are going to be three pretty good teams in the Sierra that won’t taste the playoffs…



    Welcome back! Nice to have another CO supporter on the blog.

  • What a Joke

    Yeah riiiiggghhht. Are you serious steelwool Drapes, Like c.o. is the “only” school that prepares one game at a time. You c.o. guys are hill-lair-e-ASS.

  • GHS Dad

    Fred, Stop at Glendora next. It will make a great read & hype their meeting in two weeks!

  • COSteelCurtain

    That Glendora visit should be a quick one! Not much there, Fred.

  • really?

    really costeelcurtain? how do you know whats going on at glendora? from what i hear they have some talent over there that are homegrown kids. none from duarte and monrovia and anywhere else like your team is.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Really Really?

    That’s the best you you have? While you’re at it don’t forget Pasadena, Long Beach, the IE, Colorado, Vancouver, India, etc etc.

    Kids want to play for CO! Who wants to play for GHS? Oh yes, the homegrown boys. You’re right.

    Like I said the Trib Train should be there for about 15 minutes. Tops.

  • New York

    Great interview with Coach Farrar. I really can’t blame players for wanting to play for him.

  • SGVsBest

    Norco reminds me of the bar fly that tries too hard to look good. You know the broad that I’m talking about…excessive make up, bad wig, spandex mini dress enhancing his extra layers of fat and of course the thong nobody wants to see!
    Yeah…that’s what Norco reminds me of! Give him some attention so that he can move along to the next bar!

  • really?

    and i forgot co’s academics arent too great so their transfer players can easily make grades to play.

  • Norco – or is it Norelco??

    Isnt Norco where they build Norelco shavers???

  • SGVsBest

    I was going to ignore you but your level of arrogance brought me back in. And you know how I hate arrogant people!!!
    really- Lets not forget that you are mountain people. Hillbillys! The only time you and your one tooth mom come down to the city is for your supplies. Otherwise yo’all stay up in your moonshine shacks…errr Glendora estates.
    Like I said you remind me of the JAA Lancers supporters from LaPuente. Yo’all necks like Menudo also? LMAO!!!

  • C.O. Mom

    Never ever criticize Charter Oak academics. My children graduated with I.B. diplomas and went on to excel at distinguished institutions in our great country. I have you know we have an administration and staff that takes ownership and pride in academics and curriculum as well as Charter Oak football traditionally has 4.0 students playing in their program no different than again this year as well. Please never come on this blog and attack Charter Oak’s learning because we also have kids that transfer to be a part of the I.B. experience.

    If you only knew the advocacy that takes place on campus, in the classrooms, in the front office, and especially in the football program to make certain these young men get the entire life experience inside and outside the classroom, on and off campus, and then of course on the football field. These men as well as students from Charter Oak grow to be productive civic-minded active community members to our society and make the world a better place. Never go after our education!

  • kh

    you going to cover bonita.
    or maybe you will just forget all about us like baseball.
    what happened ,tell the truth why dont you like the bearcats?
    nice little town,we have our know p.d.
    was it a old date that stood you up.
    you know hands down bonita has the prettiest girl of all should like this being the softball gura,half of are ball and water and stats girls are on the softball team.come on fred come visit us,theres some real pre season all leaguers on the team,great coaching staff,get over that old stood up date and be the man,come on down,you should make the bearcats your second team,softball will be tough.mext season,baseball should be rated #2 behind amat and football will all depend on our scrimmage with demein next friday, then the smudge pot,we win the jack pot season could be big.dont forget last season play-off game. s.h 21 bonita 21 with 4;35 left in the game,we cant be all that bad.

  • Bonitasucksrichard


    Fred needs a reason to attend a Bonita game, hell probably be at the Charter Oak Glendora game or staying at home cleaning and clipping his mamas toe nails, anything would be better than going to a Bearcat game.
    Imagine how much trouble Fred would be in if he was caught laughing his butt off watching you guys play.
    Bonita football is too little and too slow to be of any interest to anyone. Most San Dimas Football players cant name three (3) players on your team this year.
    Have you seen your Baseball Schedule for 2011? Weak!!! Still, youll be very fortunate to win this next season. No senior leadership!
    Bonita Baseball ranked # 2 behind Bishop Amat ranked # 17 in the nation, are you kidding? Whats so great about the Bonita Baseball team? Also, too little to slow and Dumb! Does any one on that team have a GPA above the minimum requirement?
    Good luck anyway!

  • CO Bro

    Norco is a top-tiered program in the Southern Section, and they’re a clear top three in the Inland and generally considered a top program in Socal each and every season…

    Dude you are the only one who considers Norco a top-tiered program! And you keep trying to ram that down our throats, but we aint buying it. I concede that Norco does have a good program, but “Top-tier” no way. We can only wait for the season to unfold and hope that maybe there will be a CO/Norco match up, until then Norco….sit back, enjoy the season and STFU!

  • DAHHH!

    Everybody knows there’s something fishy about CO & their athletic grades, look at Adam Meauna he played Jr all American at Glendora the next year he couldn’t make the grades to play, he goes to Charter Oak & he’s a f ing geuiness. Hay kid come play for us and we will do your school work!

  • Pot to Kettle. Pot to Kettle, come in Kettle….?

    SGV’sBest Turd – Dude you are a JOKE!!! “Norco reminds me of the bar fly that tries too hard to look good. You know the broad that I’m talking about…excessive make up, bad wig, spandex mini dress enhancing his extra layers of fat and of course the thong nobody wants to see!
    Yeah…that’s what Norco reminds me of! Give him some attention so that he can move along to the next bar!” Did you seriously write this????? This whole Blog COMMUNITY has been trying to shove your tired ass on to the next bar for a over year now! If your stupid a$$ can’t take the hint and leave, What makes you think a beer fart’s worth of your opinion will make Norco leave. At least the guy does offer some football knowledge from time to time. You’re just an idiot, who “sometimes” draws a remark from people tired of glancing over the space you wasted on the blog. Closing time, sgvturd, time to find another bar.


    Pot to Kettle,
    I couldn’t agree with you more . The blog has been getting pretty good as far as bloggers posting good takes on the situation of the we get to the start of football . This turd as you put it continues to add nothing positive to the blog at all .The better question is why is he allowed to keep posting and bring the blog down with his bs . It is evident he is seeking attention but why does Fred continue to let him post when he adds nothing as far as football related analysis either good or bad . He is a regestered blogger so it seems he would be easy to remove from posting but I guess since he worth 2-3 return hits it’s ok by the moderator of the blog. I also agree with your take on Norco as he does add football knowledge to the blog and from the IE as now some of our SGV teams hopefully will meet up with them come playoff time.

  • Norco

    Ok SGV’sBest ….we can get into the insults & name calling, I`m game for that….but I seriously doubt anyone on hear want`s to read a pissing match on here between us…

  • Norco

    CO Bro….quick question…you can`t seriously believe CO is on the same level as Norco…bwahahahahahaha….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – PUH


    Time for a vote


    YES ____

    NO ____

  • Norco

    I don`t have a problem with posters disagreeing with me…Disagreement is healthy….but mocking those you disagree with is childish and tiresome…I say get rid of SGV’S BEST since he NEVER has anything worth while to contribute…

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)

    Dear CO SteelCurtain-

    Why don’t you pull your head out of your A$$. If I am reading your “post name” correctly and are a true Steeler fan you would know that the game is just that, a game! Read Rooney’s book! Well I mean, have someone read it for you. There are much bigger things outside of the game that matter much more. So unzip your fly so you can see the forest through the trees dumbass!

    My kid wants to play for GHS and does. In fact many of these kids have played together in one or more sports growing up.

    You will see in a few weeks what this message is referring to.

    Freddie boy help him out!

  • Real Deal

    COSteelCurtain is a DICK!!!

  • i.e. no thanks.

    Hey norco a.k.a. donkey boy answer the question about a 5th year of eligibility for one of your offensive linemen.

  • Norco

    Listen here eunuch…I answered your stupid arse on another thread…

    Its all perfectly legal to those of us who understand the rules…First Brent missed his first semester of his freshmen year due to a back injury…Second he qualifies under CIF’s hardship clause…Due to the fact the State of California did not consider many of his classes worthy to count toward graduation, Brent is effect missed his entire freshman year…Brent just turned 18 a week ago (if anyoine is interesetd)…Finally, the rule is in writing and Brent is well within his rights to play his 8th consecutive semester of HS football…The bottom line is that there’s a rule in place, and Norco is doing what they feel is necessary to comply with that rule…

    And for those of us with brains, the CIFSS Bluebook sets the rules, and the relevant rules for this discussion are in sections 203 and 204. Specifically, 203 defines age restrictions, 204.A defines that you get 8 consecutive semesters of eligibility (meaning missing first semester of freshman year would enable first semester of a 5th year of eligibility) and 204.D deals with hardship exceptions / absence….


  • Pot to Kettle. Pot to Kettle, come in Kettle….

    Seeeeee, FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE with a sting! That’s why Norco is welcome and Turd-boy isn’t. Oh, wait, I’m sure we will get blasted with some gut busting menudo, JAA lancers, nor-cow, trailer boy, norelco shaver or amnot Hilarity real soon….I can hardly wait.

  • FredJ

    Norco it really comes down to this, schedule Charter Oak and find out, or find out down the line in the playoffs. I would listen if you were coming off back-to-back titles, but you’re not, and though the Big VIII is tough, last year there was only one other team in league with a winning record other than yourselves. Your legit, no doubt about that, but certainly not a walk in the park over the top two or three schools out here.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    Freddie found his sack in Cabo! Read all about it! J-Ro removes sack from wifes purse and reinstalls them to their proper “hanging” spot. Congrats Fred! You tell Norco!

  • Norco

    Fred…take the horse binders off…

    I think CO needs to reach out to Norco…

    Norco pre season includes.
    13-1 Crenshaw-City Champion & State Finalist & is #2 in California and No. 13 in the nation
    12-1 Upland-CIF Champion ranked the # 5 according to Calpreps in the Inland Division
    8-4 Etiwanda-Semi finalist ranked #10 according to Calpreps in the Inland Division

    Charter Oaks pre season includes..
    7-4 Glendora -First round Exit
    5-5 Gardena -No playoffs
    4-6 Eperanza-No playoffs and who was dropped from D1 to D6

    Now Get your facts straight…CC & Roosevelt had winning records…Also all you need to do is look at the level of competition the BigVIII plays in Non-League-Mission Viejo, Crenshaw 2x, MD, Chaparral, Upland, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Chino Hills, Vista Murrieta & Dana Hills …Hell last place Corona had TWO HIGH SCHOOL ALL AMERICANS & a total of four kids get D1 rides to BCS schools…3rd place Roosevelt had 5 kids sign D1 rides to BCS schools….so your little argument holds no water when it comes to won/loss records… Don`t confuse the Division Charter Oak was in to the Inland Division….NO COMPARISON…Now Norco practices from 5:00Pm to 7:30Pm everyday…come check them out…I will meet you there and give you gas money & a burrito…

  • FredJ

    I’m not comparing the Southeast and Inland, but not conceding Charter Oak couldn’t compete in the Inland, or with Norco in 2009. With six Div. I signees, you can compete with a lot of teams, even the almost-mighty Norco. Like I mentioned, we’ll find out this year, same division, no excuses. I hope to goodness they get to meet, would be great hearing your banter leading up to the game. BTW, if you’re buying burritos, there better be some Carne.

  • Norco


    Since you brought up last year….Charter Oak had to score 13 points in the 4th quarter to come from behind and beat Etiwanda by 1….Norco had Etiwanda down 31-0 in the middle of 2nd quarter when they put their JV …..We had THREE D1 players in our backfield…TB Lewis (ASU) FB Bradford (ASU) & RB Kelsey Young (stanford Commit) Super Prep All American this year…So you see where Im going with this….some teams have talent(CO)…Some have TALENT (Norco)

    And yes I will hook you up with some great Carne Asada Burritos…

  • SGVsBest


    Be honest, you worried about CO? If not, Whats the infatuation with CO? Why keep trying to prove that you’re better? Do you do the same thing with REV, Los Osos, etc? If yes (wooried), Relax. Enjoy the season in your neck of the woods. If its meant to be you’ll get your shot at CO in the playoffs.

    Personally, I think you’re worried.

  • SGVsBest


    Have you listened to the interviews? Listen to them. Big lou and the boys aren’t even thinking about the IE. Charlie Avila said that he trains with many of the IE’s top talent. He gave them respect but seems confident that CO can play with them. By the way, that kid is pretty well put together. Physically and mentally. Listen to his answers.

  • Norco

    Like I said a LONG time ago….I only post facts…I suggest you go back and listen your buddy Lous interview…And I gave Avila his props well other posters where putting him down…Also nobody is worried…hell this is HS anything can happen and it usually does….

  • Dan

    Actually I think these past two years would have been good games, last season is tough to call, CO had the best group of skill players in the area but Norco had great skill players plus a better line, I give the edge to Norco, in 2008 I think CO had their best team ever and in my opinion would have won by two scores. 07 is a toss up, or maybe a slight edge to Norco and 05 and 06 would go to Norco. I admit I only know Norco by what I read on the different message boards and Cal Preps.

  • JFR


    In the Etiwanda game Rufus didn’t suit up and Adam only had five carries because of a high ankle sprain.Tough to score with your to studs sidelined, changed our whole approach on O but still pulled it out. Like you said, it’s HS and anything can happen.

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