CIF apparently reverses decision on Charter Oak’s Chris Gilchrist, he’s cleared

It’s late and I don’t know all the details, but a blogger alerted me to CIF’s website, where in fact Charter Oak WR/DB Chris Gilchrist has been granted a valid change of address transfer on Friday after being denied by Southern Section officials earlier in the week after South Hills wrote a letter to CIF, alleging that Gilchrist’s transfer to Charter Oak was athletically motivated. This is great news for Gilchrist, but another confusing decision from CIF. Why would CIF declare Gilchrist’s transfer athletically motivated, then have an immediate change of heart a few days later? While it takes some schools weeks to get a hearing to make an appeal, apparently something happened within a matter of days for the Section to change its decision. The bottom line is, however, another kid was spared a horrible rule that needs changing.

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  • Wow

    Amazing, maybe the Canada’s and Shirley should have gone to Charter Oak. South Hills can’t win any decisions when it comes to CIF.

  • Wow

    It’s kind of funny, but at the end of it all, South Hills might be the only school to challenge four transfers, and lose them all.

  • over it!

    Looks like Big Lou is finally calling in favors to some of his connections at CIF. Be carful Big Lou those that play with fire usually get burned

  • good riddance

    no, I think it was all the parents of all the sports the Vaughs family is associated with (Vaughs, Gilchrist related & live together)begging CIF to PLEASE don’t make these kids come back to South Hills, let Charter Oak deal with their Prima Donna attitudes–they aren’t team players and don’t pay a dime for anything—your fee’s will go up $10 bucks each to cover these players…..thank you Charter Oak, thank you CIF –South Hills coaches & AD what were you thinking challenging this….let ’em go….your team chemistry is will be much stronger without them….and now South Hills players no longer have to pay extra to cover the cost because they are “too good” and don’t need to pay or participate in fundraisers

  • McGarret 5-0

    Wow; I thought SH won the challenge on Booth to bishop? Has that been reversed too?

  • Disgusted Fan of real Highschool Football

    I am soooo…disturbed by this change. Doesnt anybody remember the good days when it was real highschool football? When it was 1 home grown team against the other? Now its build your own all star team! This change and the way kids are given the chance to move around so easily are the reasons why kids of today are so spoiled and really dont know what real challenges are in life. Teach these kids how to work with what is given to them to get what they want. Send these kids out with tools in life and let them find the work. All this put him here in a better school better team yada ya! No wonder kids of today are so lazy and not street smart. You’re giving it all to them! By the way everyone knows Kathie Waird was a big shot @ Amat and still has alot of ties there since her husband coaches there. Hmmmm! Is it just by chance both Amat and Charter are going to get these kids cleared? I think not. If it was reversed South Hills would have lost. Monopoly in system!Check and see how many CIF officials communicate with the Wairds on a personal level.

  • Dogmeat

    Disgusted fan,
    Cry me a river husky fan, your leaders should get their ducks in a row before they go to battle. When you submit paperwork that has allegations and dates that don’t jive then your going to have problems. POOR little pups.

  • jimbo fisher

    Law suit is the word CIF wants nothing to do with a law suit they will panic and fold that is what happened so all you transfers that got denied get a lawyer and say you are going to sue and you will get what you want…..

  • Disgusted Fan

    @ dogmeat,
    You are funny I am far from being a husky fan. I am a football fan. Guess you cant read that well. If you had reading comprehension skills you would see that. I care less about South Hills its the concept and what all this changing here and there stands for. Kinda like The USC situation. Great punish the new kids while Bush is making millions. Exactly the point I am trying to make. Teach the kids scrupples and strength not how to cheat there way through.

  • Bishop Amat Parent

    Every organization, no matter how good and pure they pretend to be, experiences some corruption and could justly be called evil if only a snapshot in time were observed like now. So the only good in this case is knowledge and the only evil is stupidity. C.I.F. found South Hills guilty of perjury and treason and ultimately pays a grave price in humiliation and shame.

    Now, I’m not so sure anyone should ever seriously want to call themselves a Huskie again. Please, save yourself from the curse and punishment and free yourself while you still have a chance. I hope and pray Mr. Booth and most importantly his son are granted the same opportunity which would also be a testament to them for making decisions that are best and right for their family.

    My only advice is never transfer or let your son play for South Hills in the first place because as far as I am concerned South Hills comes in last place when everything is said and done in the most important game and that is life.

    Congratulations and good luck! Let’s hope and pray that the same decision is handed down to our football player and his family.

    And oh those of you doubting Bishop Amat after our scrimmage are seriously wrong in your assessment of our team. We are fine and will be just fine so you can underestimate and be critical of us that’s ok we know just fine how to take care of our own business and will be ready Friday night.

    Go Lancers!

  • CO Bro

    BA Parent,
    WTF are you talking about? I got a headache trying to understand all that jibberish!

  • SH parent

    really BA parent — you know each and every one of the athletes at south hills and you KNOW that they are in last place when it comes to life?? quit talking out of your a$$ because obviously you don’t. there are MANY MANY fine people at SH that will do just fine in life…

  • SGVsBest

    Didn’t the SHHS administration have the paperwork on the official change of address on this kid?
    If yes, then why did Bogan and his little lap dog, Reed, still go after him? Answer…Its obvious that this is all SHHS Vandetta motivated!
    Fred, what time is Bogan and Reed scheduling the press conference? I mean…They have to publicly apologize to this kid…Don’t they?
    All of these X-SHHS boys deserve a SHHS public apology!!!

  • SGVsBest

    Amnot Nation Parent-
    I was with you until you got to the “we’re just fine” paragraph.
    Note to you Amnot Nation Parent – you are NOT fine. In fact your defense is going to get crushed by Garfield!
    Those boys are big, mean, fast, and don’t have nothing to lose!
    They’re gonna bite and kick themselves to a victory over the Amnot Nation!

  • Old Timer

    Old Timer said:
    South Hills is and has always been one of the shadiest programs in this Valley. Whether its been football or baseball that school has had more people trnasfer into that school that shoulnd go there then probably any other school around.
    For them to challenge anyone that wants to leave there school is calling the kettle black! They have been the benefit of tons of recruits that have transferred in over the last say 10 years. The Baseball and football team alone probably leads the Valley in trasfers. I know for a fact that about 5 years ago that SH was slapped on there hand from CIF about all the transfers coming into that school, mainly because they went out of there way to “recruit” as some would call it.

    South Hills is classless and should be ashamed of challenging anyone who wants to leave, when over the years they have benefited more then anyone in this Valley!

    SH = classless IMO

    And to the BA Parent who keeps writing about Amat and the “experience” Amat is and has been just as dirty over the last 25 years, its just them being private they have been able to avoid contraversy.

  • Hard to say. I doubt either team will go the whold distance to the Super Bowl again. It’s a good time to make Superbowl bets though, the odds are really high.