Softball: South Hills beats Ayala 7-6 and Charter Oak pounds Claremont, 12-5; Pitching not as dominant as it once was

Look at the high-scoring games above, that’s how it’s been this year. How much has moving the rubber from 40 to 43 feet changed the game? I can’t recall ever seeing so many softball boxscores that look like baseball boxscores. In a quick unscientific look at MaxPreps, the 20th ranked strikeout leader in the Southern Section last year finished with 223 strikeouts. This year No. 20 is at 53 strikeouts. In previous years I get texts all the time about so and so throwing a no-hitter or striking out 14, 15, 16 batters in a game. This year, not one text like that. While pitching is still the most important position, you can tell that hitters have a more even playing field now, and your defense needs to be much more accountable. You can’t rely on a dominant pitcher like previous years, you have to make plays now…I don’t know about you, but I like it.

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  • no excuse for ayala

    from my post on other blog,

    u write a story re sh in paper but dont cover the big game against ayala. recap- #10 lead off for sh opens door with a HR in 1st inng to put sh on scoreboard, and #5 slams door shut w/walkoff 3 rbi HR to win the game in bottom of 7th, final scr 7 – 6. score shuld have been 6 – 1 ayala. 3(count’em THREE)key walks w/2 hits in the 7th did ayala in. way to fight til the end sh,congrats! ayala coach, maybe next time do what sh did and chge ur ptchr even if in 7th inng when she starts giving up walks and hits

    re ur comment about pitching not being the same, ayala pitcher, after giving up HR to leadoff in 1st inng, got into her groove and only gave up a cuple of hits until the 7th, where it all fell apart

  • Bigdog

    our pitcher pitched a great game yesterday with ten strikeouts and only four hits. Ucla bound Brod hit a lead off double in the third and Sh couldn’t move her over and Knapps stroke out the next three batters. Ayala had fifteen hits, that is a win in any game. Brod is a true leader I was sitting there and was watching her call the game and leading her team, she did not let them give up. She told all the girls to get on the fence even when it was the bottom of the seventh and they were down 6-1. I have heard a lot about her but to see her take control of the team like that is impressive. Her voice was heard!Great job SH. Knapps way to come out strong, pitched a great game kid.

  • shfan

    Kristen Stewart hit a walk-off 3-run homerun to cap off a 6 run come from behind win with two outs in the seventh inning.

  • shfan

    I agree with almost everything you said “Bigdog”. I’m not saying this to be a jerk or anything but getting fifteen hits and 10 defensive strikeouts isn’t a win. Scoring 7 runs and giving up 6 is a win.

  • change ur mind?

    shfan, what happend? didnt u say u were retiring?? lol cant stay off, huh! gotta admit… blogs r fun if they dont bash plyrs. lets also mention that sam nieves hit a homerun in the 1st to give them that 1 run up in the final score.

    bigdog, brit rod hit a 2b with no outs and true she wasnt moved over, but bottom line, they walked her in the 7th and the bats came alive. the game IS 7 innings long and the final score at the end of 7 determines who the winner is

  • Bigdog

    Shfan, I agree its the final out come of the game but when a pitcher is pitching lights out like that you would think you had the game in your hands. Especially when your 5,6,and 7 batters come up with no outs with a runner at second and all stroke out. She had two outs and we pitched around BRod as any team would and she ended up walking to leave #5 with a great opportunity. We played our chances, would we do that again, HELL yea. Pitch around Brod all day to get to your other batters.Brod can change a game with just one at bat, I think we would all take that chance. Great job #5 clutch hit when needed.

  • shfan

    I agree “change ur mind?”. Blogs can be fun when bashing players aren’t prevalent. I was just disgusted by things people posted.

    The thing that is great with South Hills is that the lineup is stacked throughout. If someone isn’t hitting well, they are able to bunt and sacrifice themselves really well.

    I don’t believe that there are going to be any dominant pitchers anymore with the mound being moved to 43 feet. Games are going to be decided by who has the better offense on any particular day.

    Nobody in the Sierra League is going to run the table anymore. It is jam packed with talent. The league champ may have 5-6 losses by the time everyone beats up on each other. We’ll see though. It’s looking like a great league so far.

  • Bulldog

    Shfan I disagree. I didn’t see Sh bunt at all yesterday. Brod hit a lead off double with no outs and she was not moved over. She should of at lease been at third base. Your coach never sac bunted. No outs and three K’s, all I have to say is WOW, WOW, Oh WOW! I agree with Big dog, pitch around Brod to get to the other betters. I would take my chances too. She does have the power to change the game with one at bat. This game is a hit and miss and we have to play our cards right. I put money on BRod hitting a homerun any time.

  • really?

    shfan, u r so right. sh lineup is great, with b rod, nievs, lofollette, portero, robles, molina, stuart

    come on now bulldog or bigdog (make up ur mind) ur obviously a sh parent and I wont say whos, but its obvious. b rod is not the only threat on that team. she had the oppty to hit a hr with runners on and popped out, BIG.

  • bulldog

    Really, I never said that SH did not have a strong line up and it is proven. If you read my comment I made I said that I would take my chances of walking Brod. Yes she did pop up big with runners on TWICE. But I still would take my chances. Like I said it is a hit and miss.

  • get a life

    You people really need to get a life. Just let the kids play. A win is a win. You parents are the ones that are ruining it for your daughters. Stop the whining.

  • jimmythegreek

    Can I get paid for you stealing my line lol? all makes a little more sense now aaa fred’

    jimmythegreek said:
    This is the first year at 43′, the great equalizer, you hit the nail on the head great defense and hitting wins from here on out. The logical picks in a normal 40′ pitching year to me would be Glendora or St Lucy’s both have great pitchers with West Covina not to far behind. But this is no normal year I like Charter Oak, South Hills and Bonita. Gano coming to Bonita (a gift from the gods) completes their infield and gives them a true number three hitter. To answer your question and its funny that you ask Wurst was there last night wondering that very same thing along with the rest of us consider the question answered Freshmen pitcher (Sanchez threw 4innings giving up one walk,one hit and one run)remember the name Fred something tells me you’ll be printing it for along time to come. Do me a favor promise me you won’t let Stevo butcher her name like he did my kid her freshmen year get it right from day 1 lol.
    February 4, 2011 9:04 AM

    Angel Fan
    Don’t lose sight on the fact that this isn’t travel ball. your defense will not nor be even close to the defense they are used to. Many have played at ASA nationals and gone far that experience is invaluable. This year will be a tell tell year of whats to come theres no dominate pitcher in the valley not from 43′ not even the all area pitchers of the last 5years would be as good. More balls this year will be put play then probably the last two years combined, resulting in more errors and pressure on the defense. Offensives will produce more runs then normal and coaches will actually have to coach expect a wild ride its going to be a fun but interesting year to say the least.
    February 7, 2011 11:54 AM

  • 43′ vs. 40′ Really?

    I think it’s funny how you are using the 43′ pitching distance as an excuse. Need I remind everyone that most of these pitchers have been throwing from this distance for quite some time now. Well at least the ones that play 18u. If anything it would be more of an adjustment for the batters(because of more movement)but I think the reason you are seeing better hitting is because these (travelball) girls are used to hitting a pitch from 43′ instead of 40′. What I like is this is where you find out which pitchers can’t handle the travel ball distance and that is why they were so good in high school.

  • really?

    “But I still would take my chances. Like I said it is a hit and miss.”

    isnt that the case with EVERY hitter? a hit or miss? true, maxpreps stats for sh arent up, but i hvnt heard of ANYONE on ANY team lighting it up with better than avg #’s of HR’s

  • jimmythegreek

    43′ vs. 40′ Really?
    You think you know but honestly your statemement is ridiculous the clear as day difference is being able to see the ball longer it limits the blow by factor that is so prevalent at 40′.The fast ball dominated the sport for 30years. your not the only one that plays at the highest level. The difference is not having a good defense behind you to field the massive amount of balls hit all you have to do is look at the limited strikeouts that pitchers have these days. More balls put in play translates to more runs scored period. One more thing calling pitches from 43′ vs. 40′ is as different as night and day ask any college coach who was their and made the adjustment in the 80s.

  • AtleastIcare

    Nothing in the paper, nothing in Max Preps…St. Lucy’s shuts out Charter Oak who is ranked #4 CIF division 3. Can anyone say biased? If it’s not Bishop Amat or South Hills or West Covina it’s not important I guess….NOT! Go Regents!!!!!

  • Will Believe It When I See It…

    AtleastIcare… guess what? since it wasnt in the paper, and its not on maxpreps, and there isnt even the slightest mention of it on these blogs, IT DIDNT HAPPEN!! St lucy’s didn’t beat CO… prove it!! ha ha

  • ;

    just saw it on maxpreps is otoole back?

  • regentandspartanfan

    o’toole never left.

  • fred not to blame

    Note to AtleastIcare:
    You are blaming the wrong person. Fred only knows what the coach or school official report to him and that goes for maxpreps as well. It is the responsibility of the home team to report box scores, but the coach is also free to report the box scores for tournament and non-league games, all it takes is a simple phone call to the paper. Our coach has our scorekeeper do it. Maybe your coach does not care to report results, I saw your team does not even have a roster published on maxpreps, and obviously no stats, this may hurt your player’s chances of being recognized for all league awards. Also, I don’t understand denying your players the recognition to get their names in the paper, the players like that kind of stuff and it is one of the fun benefits of high school ball. It must be demoralizing for your players.