Should high school baseball playoffs be a double elimination tournament? It goes to vote in October. Or, is a state tourney better?

The CIF-Southern Section executive committee is against a proposal on the table that would produce a double-elimination format for the high school baseball playoffs, but the proposal is gaining momentum among Southern Section coaches. The Southern Section council will vote on the double elimination proposal in October. If this format is eventually adopted and used next season, is it a good idea? I’m not so sure, it would create a marathon postseason, the cost would be expensive for schools and quite frankly, I love the suspense of a one-and-done tournament. I’m in the minority, however. Every coach I have spoken with is in support of it, which is no surprise because it’s very doable and would crown more of a true champion. How the double-elimination would work is still up for discussion, but in the proposal sent to CIF, the only one-and-done would be wild card games. Once those are completed and a 32-team field is set, the first round is broken into four groups of eight who play a double elimination tournament the first week and a half. The second stage would take the four semifinal winners and have the top half and bottom half of the bracket each play a two-out-of three to determine who advances to the championship. The final could be another two-out-of-three or a one-and-done final. The format might have to be tinkered with if approved, but is a double-elimination a good idea? What I would suggest is starting the CIF playoffs a week early and having a Southern California regional tournament, which would crown a true champion of all the divisions. You could take the seven division champs and one at large and have a Southern California tournament right after the CIF championships, and you could do it in a week. Any thoughts on this?

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    If it isn’t broke? Don’t fix it!!!
    The best and most exciting to watch I believe are the NFL playoffs -then the Super Bowl, and the NCAA tournament and final championship game. The reason for that is the (one @ done)factor. my vote- don’t touch it !!!