With Football ready to take over the summer, Aram’s back on the clock cranking out rankings; No surprise, Bishop Amat’s No. 1 – Again

Hall of Fame Update: I’m sure several are wondering about the June 24 Hall of Fame all-star football game at West Covina High. Yes, the game is still on and the teams are allegedly practicing . But no, we have not obtained all-star rosters, but hope to have them by next week. I love the Hall of Fame game, but organization isn’t one of their specialties….

You can check out Aram’s all-encompassing Tribune, Star-News, Whittier Daily News football top 25 list on his blog, but I’m going to shorten it to show his updated preseason Tribune Top Ten heading into the summer. Next week, I will come out with my first top ten and we’re always curious to know how our know-it-all bloggers rank them, so have at it.

Aram Note: This is the second preseason rankings of the 2011 season. The previous one was for spring. This one is post spring … and it reacts to what we learned/saw/heard. Another one will be out AFTER the summer passing/linemen circuit.

1. Bishop Amat — Don’t know what will happen prior to getting pads on that will make me feel more comfy about the defense. But we all know the offense should be dazzling.
2. West Covina — Athletes abound, but QB and line positions are a concern. Back seven on defense and skill players outside of QB should be special.
3. Charter Oak — I’m a little worried about the Chargers along both lines, but the skill talent is very impressive. Very impressive. But you need Clydesdales and not just Thoroughbreds to keep company in the Inland. Still my early Sierra League favorite, though.
4. Covina — In theory, you would think that C-Town would be in line to pick up some serious hardware this summer, but Coach DT doesn’t seem to overly sweat that. Despite the nonchalance toward passing tourney results, if the Colts do somehow run roughshod this summer that could be a scary indicator.
5. Chino Hills — From the what I’ve heard file: Nothing to worry about along both lines. But then again, that’s always the case at Chino Hills.
6. South Hills — Would love to see a healthy Jamie Canada trotting around the field this summer. If I do, then I’ll feel even better about the Huskies bouncing back from last year’s 3-7.
7. Bonita — Coach Podley’s near exit highlighted the spring. With one of the top staff’s still in place, the Bearcats should be able to cultivate all that young talent. Here’s a team that can really use all the reps it can get this spring.
8. Damien — I’m hearing whispers about a WR/DB named Josh Savage. He could be one of the best around and we all know Damien could really use some skill upgrades and more overall speed. Hoping Coach Gano doesn’t keep such a low profile as last summer.
9. Glendora — New head coach Todd Quinsey’s style of offense really fits the strength of what’s returning. The RB combo of Victoria and Holmes should pile up the numbers, but the summer will be all about finding a QB to manage the show.
10. Diamond Bar — I will truly look like an ass if the Brahmas don’t live up to this billing this season. But, I love the skill talent that’s back combined with a Hacienda League that from top to bottom won’t be as strong as last year … especially in the trenches.

A big hit: The West Covina-Bonita championship highlights that closed the 2010 season has over 3,000 views. The Inland Insider, AKA, Tom Kiss, has a new camera and is ready for 2011.

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  • serious??

    can we get a revote please? You have West Covina with QB & Line issues, isnt that a important part of the game?? LMAO You have them in front of a Chino hills team that has their entire O line and QB returning with 6ft plus recievers ready to prove themselves. There was a passing tourney 2 weeks ago at RC with 12 schools do you happen to know who won ?? I know its early but its just the beginning….Maybe we should do the math….we are talking about this year correct?? not last year….

  • the goog the bad the ugly

    Oh how I love this time of year on the blogs.

  • IMHO

    as of 6/9/11

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. Chino Hills
    3. West Covina
    4. Glendora (will step up for new Coach)
    5. Monrovia (will QB step up)
    6. Charter Oak (enough returning standouts)
    7. Damien (prestige status returning)
    8. South Hills
    9. San Dimas
    10.Diamond Bar

    Bonita.. no proven QB and lost too many standouts.

  • BHS

    Why do you have to keep showing this video and remind us Bearcat fans how close we were to getting that CIF Championship. There are still lots of wounds from that heartbreaker, but still love those boys and coaching staff though.

  • Why

    Why isn’t DIAMOND RANCH on their, and we all know DIAMOND BAR CAN’T BEAT DIAMOND RANCH!!!!

  • reality

    The Bonita staff has an oppurtunity to prove that good coaching matters. Regarded as one of the best staffs in the SGV the bearcats lost a ton of talent and don’t have any big names among the returnees, and I think that is just how Podley likes it. I believe Bonita will give any team a run for there money because of the discipline the team will have. Last year they were always playing against teams much bigger and faster yet they won. Several of their players were so tiny it was almost frightening to see them playing so many minutes. In the Muir game C. Salce 120lbs. could be seen quite literally flying through the air after being obviously targeted and crushed by the Muir studs but never quit. Near the end of that game you could tell Muir was a beaten team. Outplayed and out hearted. The staff is composed of many coaches who played the game the same way in their careers. Undersized but playing all out everydown and that reflects on the Bearcats play. I have come to expect no less this year with Bonita.

  • Why, because they suck

    Pomona Ranch?? did you say Pomona Ranch???
    Roddy is barely 500. over the last 4 or 5 seasons, and thats with talent. So how the heck can anyone expect those pussy cats to do well with zero talent? PRanch isn’t even the best team in Pomona. Pomona High is the best team in Pomona, and with a real coach at Pomona, Roddy’s illegal recruiting tactics will no longer work. After all JA and Pop Warner coaching will only take you so far. Don’t worry, someday PRanch might get moved down to d.13 and win a League Championship, that way they will finally have something to hang up in their gym.

  • DRanch

    Why, because they suck,

    Don’t know if you realize it or not but your DRanch statements are right on. Rice over at Pomona got some of DRanch’s talent last season, but this incoming freshmen class is taking a huge chuck. Rice can play with the best of them, I think those two CIF titles prove that. I really don’t think that DRanch wants to play Pomona, Roddy ant that dumb.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    Fred And Aram,

    as far as Bishop Amat’s Football season is concerned, why all the butt-smooching?? The last time Bishop Amat ACTUALLY won a CIF-SS Football Championship was 1995!!!!

    Div. I Bishop Amat 14-10 Loyola (LA Coliseum)
    [ remember???? ]

    and since the CIF record books go only up to 2008 (and only concern each respective champion and runner-up) – here are Bishop Amat’s most recent “playoff exits”.

    2009 – Lost to Lakewood 34-17 (Quarterfinals)
    2010 – Lost to Tesoro 31-21 (1st Round)

    sure, they have awesome regular seasons, but come playoff time (of the last 16 years), they have what seems like a meteoric rise to the finals only to slip up and lose. that’s not to say pre-1995 wasn’t worse, because it wasn’t, because we all know their storied history. I just had to chime in, because you guys are always hyping them up, and then when they lose, it makes a HEADLINE, as if it shocked you that they would lose AGAIN and it leaves you guys scrambling for excuses as to why they lost.

    [by the way, you don’t have to tell me my team sucks, I already know that. I am just speaking on Bishop Amat’s playoff history from 1995-on]

  • SGV Football

    Stop the press Fred is Picking Bishop Amat # 1 in another sport…..come on Fred give it a rest……

  • 12th man

    I can tell by some of the comments that Football is back~ For those of you who dont understand football & dont know the difference between divisions or different leagues your better off keeping your comments to yourself..You cant compare any football to the Pac5 its the cream of the crop..Im not going to get into the basics of breaking it down or how it works its just too much typing & in the end your always going to have your Homers claiming that there school should be ranked in front of so so..Or that there school isnt getting any press release in the papers & so fourth~ Just look at it like this if your team isnt playing in the Trinity League the Serra League the Inland or the Marmonte League it probbably wont get a shot at being the #1 team in Southern California therefore it doesnt need any recognition & isnt going to attract any readers or voters from the Southern Section to place your team on top…Its a simple fact in order to get attention or notoriety you simply have to play against the best (Servite,Mater Dei,Corona Centennial,Alemany,Bishop Amat,Oaks Christian,Westlake,Long Beach Poly,Lakewood,ect.ect.)

  • Aaron

    The PAC-5 is not the cream of the crop…are the top 8 the cream…well yes they are. But you have the Corona Centennial, a team that could play with anyone and win the PAC-5.

    I want to say the bottom four of the Moore League don’t belong…I saw what LB Wilson had last season and was astounded they made the playoffs…yet when you’re playing the likes of Cabrillo, Compton,and Milikan you have a shot to make the playoffs with a 3-7 record, they finished 5-6.

    Southcoast league: Dana Hills and Trabuco hills…yeah they aren’t that good.

    Sunset League: Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Marina do not strike my fear meter at all. HB has the enrollment to compete in that league…but they don’t schedule on par…they schedule down big time. Fountain Valley…had a tougher schedule but much of the same. Marina’s schedule is much like Huntington Beach’s.

    Serra league: Yes ND and Loyola had high power ratings…but 2-8 and 3-7 speaks volumes more than their power ratings.

    Trinity League: JSerra does not belong there. Enrollment wise neither does Lutheran, but they play a solid schedule. Back to JSerra, always seem to go 5-0 until they get a league game, I understand it’s a young school but does that cut it? Only league game they were really in was against Lutheran. Bosco was pretty close to beating Santa Margarita…so we’ll see if they can take the next step.

    The PAC-5 would become a lot better

  • Colt74

    12th man ( and after reading your post I’m guessing Water Boy? ),
    That is what is so great about the Tribune and our little fish bowl out here. We have pride in our teams and don’t really have a need for those LA Times elitist types that think that think we don’t matter. Hey, but thanks for letting us know that our teams should just close up shop because we are not in the Pac-5. Saved us all that time this season! And think of the money the Tribune could save by just doing away with the sports section alone!

    “For those of you who dont understand football & dont know the difference between divisions or different leagues your better off keeping your comments to yourself..You cant compare any football to the Pac5 its the cream of the crop..Im not going to get into the basics of breaking it down or how it works its just too much typing & in the end your(sic) always going to have your Homers claiming that there(sic) school should be ranked in front of so so..Or that there(sic) school isnt getting any press release in the papers & so fourth~ ”

    You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re or there and their…what makes you think you are qualified to do anything else than run and get the rest of us coffee?…let alone educate us on why we don’t count.

    Hurry along now Eric is waiting for his coffee…

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Serious??

    I don’t know who won that passing tourney. You know why I don’t know who won that passing tourney? I really don’t care who wins passing tournies. Sometimes they indicate a team has the potential to be good, but it doesn’t tell you just how good they will be. Linemen competition’s probably mean even less, but they are fun for the linemen. Aram says concerns, you say issues. Do not be at all surprised if the WC line is better than they were last year. Last year we had 2 starters returning and had our best line in recent memory. This year we have 1 starter back and 2 others back who played a lot in the semis and finals last year. If we find a qb who plays solid and doesn’t make mistakes, WC should be better than last year. Mind you, I am not saying WC than Chino Hills. I’m just saying don’t discount us either. In all honesty, WC v CH would have been great games last year and this year.

  • 12th man

    WOW!!! That was way too easy!! Colt74 is the type of homer that im exactly talking about..He thinks just because Covina had a mediocre above average season with a miracle win over WC that they can beat the Bulldogs again this year lol..If this was Vegas i would bet the house that WC would rip the colts a new $^&(*()%^ lol..Thanks for proving my point~ As far as the Colts competing with the best of the Pac5 you gotta be smoking some good stuff there & should probbably get checked into a psych ward…Aaron i completely agree Centennial can compete with anyone in the Pac5 & should have probbably played in the open division last year against DLS for the state Championship

  • BHS


    how many times have you heard Podley say that Salce is the toughest kid he ever coached? For someone with Podley’s resume to say that, Salce must have been something really special. The Bulletin did an awesome article on Cameron during the playoff run. Remember his game winning catch against SF? He is the definition of a true high school football player.

  • Curious George

    Aaron, how many of those bottom Moore league teams were beaten by SGV teams last year? Did anyone schedule those cream puffs who do not belong in the Pac-5. And while it is a fact that C.C. is playing some good football, they have not proven it against very many Pac-5 teams. I’m not saying they haven’t beaten a Pac-5 team but do your(better spell it right because when people start blowing gas, they hang on spelling errors)homework. They are very good for their league but until they get to the Pac-5 and/or beat Pac-5 teams on a consistent basis, they are just a nice team from the I.E.(cut me some slack here Norco-No I.E. disrespect, just making a point about C.C.). You SGV Amat Haters are a JOKE! Every year with the same old BS. If it were so eeaasssyyyy to win a Pac-5 title, I guess there would be a dominant team stacking up Pac-5 trophies at their school. Last time I checked they weren’t being stack piled in any one location as of yet. Every year in the Pac-5 there are teams that do not even make it to the play-offs, much less win the championship, so get off the Amat Haterade gentlemen because it’s blinding you and clouding your judgment! It is definately that time of the year. The rocks are turning over and out come the haters, by the way, where is Amat’s biggest closet Fan? Rest assured when an Amat topic comes out he will be there….If you write it he will come, LOL.

  • Aaron

    Victories for bottom four Moore League teams
    Milikan- Artesia(Southeast) 46-7, crushed by everyone in league except Compton.

    Cabrillo- Lynwood(Western) 24-6
    Milikan 38-15
    Compton 22-14 (2OT)

    Compton- Monte Vista (SDIII) 34-14
    Compton Centennial (Northwest) 27-14
    Milikan 20-12

    LB Wilson-Huntington Park (LAII) 28-26
    Paramount (Western) 28-23
    Milikan 41-6
    Compton 26-7
    Cabrillo 17-14

    But here’s the link for you to look at them…if you really think that they could have won the Southwest or Southeast you’d be wrong because those schedules were straight weak.

  • Curious George

    Aaron, enjoyed the last season recap, BUT, just in case you missed it, I will ask again:

    “Aaron, how many of those bottom Moore league teams were beaten by SGV teams last year? Did anyone schedule those cream puffs who do not belong in the Pac-5.”

  • Colt74

    Water boy,
    It’s too easy? Its your fault…it seems all you have to do is open your mouth.If you put it over the plate I’ll hit it out.

    So now you have resorted to fabricating things people say? Really ? Show me where in my post I said anything you refer to..Come on buddy ..you wanted attention…you have the spotlight.
    See…even the voices in your head are telling you maybe you should be quiet now.

    And, Oh Lord Of The Lips, Vegas WILL take a bet on anything…PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Seriously. Go drop that bet. Like I thought…more mouth….
    All last season you provided us with your insights and knowledge and all last season your
    insights and knowledge proved to be as valuable as a 71 Pinto…..Couldn’t we possibly interest you in going to the Vollyball blogs and telling everyone there your vast vollyball knowledge and giving us a break? There’s a nice shiny nickle in it for you if you do…..look, shiny!OOOOOooo.

    Calling me a Covina homer is a compliment. Thanks.Oh wait..was that supposed to be a slam?
    I get it..you hate Covina. I’ll probably spend many sleepless nights worrying about that. Or not.

    Steve needs some coffee now..get hopping.

  • BulldogFan11

    Remember when Ayala used to be a powerhouse and in the mix? Why do so many kids now go to Chino Hills rather than come to their home school Ayala?

  • Did the homework

    Curious George,
    I think perhaps your the one that needs to do his homework. Centennial has played at least 1 “top end” Pac-5 team every year for the last 5 years. Going 2-2 vs Matre Dei and 2-0 vs Crespi (which includes the year that Crespi played in the Pac-5 Championship Game)in addition to that Centennial has defeated at least 1 of the best teams from Fresno and/or San diego each of the past 5 years. I think Centennial has done more then enough to prove their worthyness on the field.

  • Aaron

    I do my homework most posts…you have not curious George.

  • 12th man

    Pony74 is rattled lol…Dont worry you dont bring any integrity or credentials to the table..Everything that comes out of your mouth is purely fabricated & has no honor..No wonder they banned you from the city of Covina..Sorry~

  • Joe Amat

    I love how you use Centennial to validate the strength of the next division down – the Inland Division.

    Centennial can play with anybody – but even their runner-up, Vista Murrietta got beat by the last playoff spot from Amat’s League, Crespi. Winless in the Trinity League, last place JSerra “doesn’t belong” … but they destroyed SGV#8 Damien, also from the Inland Division. Loyola can’t win in the Serra League, yet according to you have a “high power rating”, partially because they whupped a yearly Inland power Upland and handed Valencia their only regular season loss (before they lost to Oaks in playoffs). Then Notre Dame BEAT Loyola!

    You can’t just take the last 3 from the lowest ranked league in the Pac 5 (the Moore League) and use those teams to diminish the strength of the Pac5, unless your willing to compare them with the last place teams at the bottom of Division 2 Inland like Alta Loma, Eisenhower, Ayala or Fontana.

    Again, if you’re going to compare divisions, don’t compare the top of one to the bottom of the other. Compare the best against the best, the average teams against the average teams, and the bottom dwellers to each other. THAT’S how you get the total strength of a division and why the Pac5 is the top ranked Division in the State each of the past 5 years and among the tops in the Nation.

    There is NO disputing that

  • Bulldog1

    No looking over our shoulders or looking back. West Covina will DOMINATE AGAIN!!!!
    We will win again with humility and class as always, lets get the party started and get the reservations going for yet another Kiss the Ring event in 2011!
    Bulldog fever.

  • Love to Hate

    Face it Amat is the program everyone loves to hate.

    Personally I love to talk crap about Amat just to watch all you old farts get upset.

    Half the time I don’t even believe what I write.

  • AMAT 73

    I see you have come back from the rock you crawled under. The better question is will you, not WC, lose with dignity instead of your disappearing act you did when WC’s baseball team failed to make the playoffs.It seems if WC happens to lose a game such as vs Bonita which you said WC would tear Bonita up, you go back under your rock and hide . You were on here barking or should I say croaking all about taking league and such but then all of a sudden you were gone when it didn’t happen only to surface now and jump on the back of the football team. I know you are a die hard WC fan ( even that’s questionable ) but do WC some justice and stick around when they loose or don’t live up the hype you pin on them.

  • Dan

    Oh God help us, not kiss the ring again.

  • Football Fan

    Los Altos belongs on this list…

  • LA Flag Football

    Football Fan,

    This is top 10 not bottom 10.

    You can tell its bad at Los Altos does anyone out their even know the head coaches name?

  • reality

    In case you did not know, the original bulldog1 was outed several months ago and took to seeking asylum. This bulldog is trying to pickup the leftover garbage and make a new meal. The tenor of the prose is all wrong but nice try. I’m sure you are making real W.C. fans very nervous.

  • Bulldog1

    Amat Setenta y tres, Congrats on your Div. 4, $ CIF title in baseball, I actually found myself pulling for Bonitas baseball squad. I always pull for the local SGV teams when playing non-SGV teams, check the achieves my Lancer friend! Yes our baseball team croaked much like your heavily favored football team croaked last season, so, were even šŸ˜‰ This upcoming year should be an all around Butt Kicking season for us,”again” Bonita athletes are moving on and no one else to challenge us this year in any sport. Bonita baseball is depleted No Athletes left.
    I cant speak to the Amat team for next year because I dont follow Div. 4 sports. Id rather go to Hollenbeck Park to watch better baseball, and football at the D4 level is a Joke!
    Dan aka Don.Irrelevant!
    Bulldog fever.2011/2012

  • Aaron


    Dan and Don are two different people. Dan is a WC guy, Don is a Bonita guy, both have objective POVs.

    As far as Bonita not having any athletes…that’s what they said last year right? All Bonita programs have great coaches and some good hard working kids that come ready to play.

    Based on who graduated last year in football we have some things to prove…however the next QB has some very nice tools in Garrett Horine, Reggie Turner, and Cameron Griffin to name a few.

  • Bulldog1

    Aaron, I dont see a run in CIF for your Bearcats in Football or Baseball. Your football team has no Quarterback, no receivers, no running back, as for baseball, one pitcher that had a good year, otherwise, no speed, no power, no athletes, no brains! You cant compete this upcoming year. Fred will not be bragging you up this next year!
    We win with class and humility always, and we gave you a chance to Kiss the Ring. How many CIF rings did you earn last year? Crickets!!!
    Bulldog fever.

  • david duvall

    i have seen this freshman qb at bonita during spring ball and i have to admitt im very impressed with this kid. he can flat out run with the ball and he also has a strong arm. in a year or so they will be talking about this kid no doubt about it. he also has some good height i noticed. bonita with there coaching and this freshman team with there talent has the potential to be highly rank in a year or two

  • Aaron

    Puppydog…whatever dude.

  • Rosie

    You did the homework and you still believe that CC is a Pac-5 candidate? To each his own. Let’s see where they end up this year, oh and byu the way, their league is W.E.A.K.

  • CC The Dream Team


    Some people are just really clueless, and you are one of them. CC went to the state championship, where was Bishop Amat? If you think CC has no business in the PAC5 they surely Bishop Amat doesn’t either. CC year in and year out has way more talent than Bishop Amat. Anyone with any common sense knows that. You need to understand Bishop Amat doesn’t compete with PAC5 teams because of the talent, its coaching. CC is Mr. Rivera’s dream team, except he would find a white quarterback.

  • NotSince1995

    Pac 5 Participants…
    Enough said…!
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • david duvall

    just too let you know the big 8 league is by no way a weak league. your telling me norco and roosevelt and north are weak football teams. every one of them would crush bishop amat. and yes CC should be in the pac 5 but the reason is no riverside county team is in the pac 5 and i repeat none. just ask damien,charter oak,glendora,south hills,chino hills, how they did in the inland division.honestly the inland division is better than the pac 5

  • just sayin’

    you don’t look at the TOP teams to check the strength of an entire league – you look at the bottom teams. If there are no bad teams, there are no easy weeks to recover for the big game next week. The Big VIII is NOT strong from top to bottom with Poly, North, and King( are being awful and even Chino Hills dropped 70 pts on Corona. Geez, Norco couldn’t hang with Vista Murrietta and they got dropped by Crespi while Roosevelt got knocked off by Rancho Cucamonga – and they played Upland even who got destryed by last place Loyola! Centennial is great – a couple would struggle to make the playoffs in the Pac 5 and the others would have no chance against anyone but the bottom of the Moore League – the worst in the Pac 5

  • just sayin’

    CC – Centennial only had to beat Vista Murrietta in the finals – who couldn’t even beat the Serra Leagues 3rd place team. Getting through the Pac 5 playoffs is a bit different then the Inland – and they’re the 2nd best division by far.

  • Aaron

    Everyone can play that game JS.

    Centennial beat Chino Hills who beat Tesoro who beat Bishop Amat. Centennial and VM also trashed Norco who beat City Division I champ Crenshaw. The Serra #3 Crespi also went to the second round of the PAC-5.

    Defending Inland Champ went 4-7…coach gets fired the year after a title, ouch.

  • Dan

    “your telling me norco and roosevelt and north are weak football teams. every one of them would crush bishop amat”
    Crush Bishop Amat? I don’t think so David, good games but I think Amat wins all three of those games, at least last season they would have.

  • eastside rider

    Pac 5 easily way tougher than the inland division. top 8 teams in that division always has a chance to win C.I.F . the inland division had only 2 teams last year that could compete in the pac 5.corona is in a league of there own in the inland and would be in the mix with the top 8 teams in the pac 5.

  • NotSince1995

    Hey BishopNation –
    The Miami HEAT just called and said they know how you feel. You know…
    – Nobody likes you
    – They think they have the best talent
    – The media kisses up to them
    – Reporters fall over each other to talk to them
    – They win when it doesn’t matter
    – Choke when they have to win
    – Get very close, but victory was snatched…Again and Again…!
    – In the end, Not A Champion! No Ring…No Trophy!
    I told them that you feel their pain today…and Again in 2011…!
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • Jester

    Nice! All you I.E. loyalist coming on here to stand up for your best representative from the I.E. C.C. Forget Amat, CC would struggle in the Serra League alone. Sure they have done a good job in the big8 but the big 8 is NOT the Pac-5 and CC’s league is nowhere near the grind that the Serra is. I appreciate your moxy but C’mon guys take off the pride goggles and stop comparing yourselves to Bishop Amat. Big Time School, Long Time History of winning and a couple of good seasons does not put you in the same breath with a proven program FOR DECADES! Notsince1995, your just an IDIOT so you don’t get addressed, your “motive” is clear. You apparently are just on here to rile Amat fans and placate your own need to see your ramblings in print. CCis a good program but they are no Amat (even without a current championship).

  • Aaron

    PAC-5 needs to be Merged with three tough leagues from the Northern and Inland divisions. Make it an 8 league division with 7 teams per league, only two teams make the playoffs. Then you could say it was tough.

  • just sayin’

    Aaron that’s just stupid! Under that plan the Serra leagues THIRD place team wouldn’t have made the playoffs – and they BEAT the Division 2 FINALIST! Don;t be ignorant just for the sake of trying to prove something. The mere fact above proves how tough the division is!

  • Aaron

    You do that across divisions you should be able to eliminate three divisions and making a championship tougher to get.

    I like how the Mid-Valley Division works…I’d like to see that spread to all divisions.

  • david duvall

    hey jester, your telling me if you were in vegas and were allowed to bet on high schol football you would take amat over corona centenial. you got to be kidding me if you think amat is better than CC i just wish amat would schedule a game against centenial but i know that would never happen,amat wants to stay healthy. there is not even a chance that amat would come close

  • jester

    You’re right Dave, because Amat always ducks the Big teams right? Amat is just lucky that they haven’t had to play against Nationally know big 8 powerhouse CC? Keep Dreaming Dude. Amat has beaten bigger better more reputable programs than CC. I’m bettin all day Amat. Now go back to the Keno room clown.

  • NotSince1995

    @jester –
    Jester not a jester…Jester Is A Joke…!
    “you don’t get addressed” What is that…? Is this LaPuente Elementary School or what…? You’re a little nina…! You won’t address me…?
    Well, I address you…
    How many CIF Championship Rings have you won in the past 16 years…? What…? Silence…? Answer the question Pac 5 participant? You’re a middle of the “Pac” team and you know it! Hah! Get it…Pac? LMAO
    The truth hurts LeBron James errr BishopNation…! Give the little girl the ball and let her go home before she cries…!
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • Aaron

    If you add just he Marmonte and the Big VIII to the PAC-5 making it a PAC-7 the division would literally be one of the toughest in the country…you don’t think so, that’s fine. Go on the road to CC and find out. However, this year I think they would have entertained a call with the likes of Compton and Lynwood on as two of their non-league games. Or Maybe Markham has something up his sleeve in his first season as the headman of the Tarbabes.

  • Joe Amat


    The Pac5 certainly doesn’t need any help form the BigVIII or the Marmonte to be among the tops in the Nation. In fact, adding the two might actually bring the ranking DOWN, since this past season the Pac5 was already the 8th ranked division in the NATION… yes the NATION (Inland was 28th) That ranking is behind the strength of the Trinity (2) Serra (5) South Coast (9) while the Marmonte was 33rd and the Big VIII was 48th.

    Last season wasn’t a fluke. In ’09 the Pac5 had 4 leagues in the top 20 in the Nation and the weakest Moore league had Lakewood in the semis and the Champion, Servite, eliminated Poly by a FG. That year the BigVIII was 34th and the Marmonte was even behind the Moore League at 78 (granted – before Marmonte expansion)

    So 5 leagues, top 3 to playoffs w/ 1 at-large birth makes the math just fine for the toughest division in California, thank you very much.

  • Einstien1995

    Ahhh, I beleive all the teams in the Pac5 are participants, right? Just like all teams in their perspective leagues are participants? And isn’t LaBron James a two time MVP of the NBA? Who is this Moron?

  • Aaron

    My father tells me the days when league #2s weren’t guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. I’m surprised you would be of the same opinion as JS. By reducing the pool of teams you’re watering it down, it’s the truth, because it provides more opportunity. There’s not even 32 teams in the division…probably need to add a league like the BVIII and the Marmonte, that’s cool if you don’t think it stronger and stuff, but the scoreboard shows a lot and Centennial was on TV enough to show me something. Plenty of kids and good coaching.

    8 leagues of 7 teams makes it hard to get in the playoffs, further vetting the teams that make it. Or you could have it like the SF City section where everyone makes the playoffs…

  • Not worthy

    I seriously doubt CC would even consider scheduling Amat. CC only schedules the top teams from the Pac-5, like LB Poly, Crespi, and Mater Dei. I would’nt be surprised to see CC schedule Allemany or Servite sometime in the near future, but Amat? There’s no way that CC steps down to schedule a middle of the road Pac-5 team like Amat. I mean, come on, whats in it for them? another 30 or 40 point blowout? Get real, we’re talking about the top football program in the Southern Section over the past 5 years and Amat in the same breath. The audacity of some of you Amat people is down right hilarious, if not out-right delusional

  • Hound of Lancerville

    Not Worthy – Whatever my friend, you’re entitled to your opinion even if it’s biased against what is truth and what is anger at overzealous Amat fans. We will play anybody. Especially teams that are top tier, up and coming, being slighted, overlooked or legitimately “worthy” opponents. Amat niether runs or hides from ANY OPPONENT. Never has, Never will. I hope a game can be “worked out” (please don’t be one of those guys that believes it’s as simple as a phone call)because it would be good for both schools. You guys can gain some credibility and Amat can add you to the list of “top tier” teams it has beaten (without winning a championship since 1995). Don’t be down if and when it happens because that list of teams that should have beaten the Amat Lancers, BUT DIDN’T, is long and quite prestegious. Good Luck this year C.C. hopefully we will see you down the road so all the False Bravado can be laid to rest or celebrated, depending on where you stand. Peace.

  • Your talk is cheap

    We have a big fat D1 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY sitting in our trophy case and two D1 runner up trophies over the past 5 years. (I’m not even going to count all of the CIF Championship trophies) What do you have over there in your trophy case over the last 5 years? for that matter, what do you have from the last 15 years? NADA, NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH. You may or may not be the best team in the SGV, but CC is way out of your league. Now go back to your little SGV cubby hole and forget you ever opened your pie hole about CC, becuase your making yourself and all the other Amat homers look extremely foolish.

  • Hound of Lancerville

    The only one who sounds stupid, if not young and ignorant, is you my friend. Next time you come into the city to meet with you’re probie, stop by Amat and take a walk (Yes, a walk) through the Hall of Fame….that should answer any questions and serve to “educate” you regarding the Tradition of High School Football that is Bishop Amat.

  • CC Rank 5th in the STATE

    CC supporters this guy has to be some incoming freshmen dad talking out of his a@@. He bought into the big sales pitch and now he is trying to shovel some of that crap on the blogs.

    One very big point little man, you don’t see lil joe or amat 73 coming to back you up, do you. Their not going to tell the #5 team in the state that they are afraid to play Bishop Amat, their not that stupid.

    You guys didn’t even get past the first round, when you play 15 games like CC then we will listen.

  • Hound of Lancerville

    Pre-season #5. Congrats. Enjoy it while you can or at least until you beat a Real Team. 15 games in a year? How many against “league” opponents? Well here’s a news flash for you….your league is W.E.A.K. So now I expect the name calling and profanity to start. I’ll just sit back and read the flashes of wit from the fans of the #5 ranked team….Oh, and BTW, I don’t need other Amat fans to agree with my opinion, they have their own and this one is mine. Maybe you’re the one who needs to rally support to feel validated? Personally, I do not. Not a C.C. fan per se but not a Hater either. Just not sold.

  • Going to be another long season ………..

    Hound of Lancerville,

    You may want to check out what Aram wrote about your team today at the 4 way 7on7. I guess it is what he didn’t say. He said by far Upland had the most talented team out their. Then JW North was second best, he was being honest. He then said Charter Oak basicly has no chance in that division which I guess Bishop Amat was third. He did comment Bishop Amats defense what was the word he used, “smallish”. So overall you maybe had the third best team out third. Have fun in the PAC5. Look at this way you can continue to talk about how powerful your division is, to bad your not one of those teams.

  • Hound of Lancerville

    First and foremost, you guys need to remember that all this blog stuff is just one guys personal opinion! Get over it! Why all the aggression meatheads? That being said, Tell me the last time Amat was considered to be a “Big” team? And yet they still manage to smack down the local teams, knock off “top tier”teams and compete with everybody that is put in front of them? I don’t give a rats patooty what Aram says…look at all his other comments about Amat before season’s past??? Yeah, he was pulling Crow feathers out of his mouth at the end of the year. We (Amat) are working for a championship and in our league…it aint easy. Hell here is a news flash for ya…..It’s also not easy to make the playoffs in our league, but we still manage to do that (with our small undersized, third best teams) Here’s some more info yesterday, was. a. passing. scrimmage! Big deal! Hell if those guys were wearing pads, Amat’s “small” DB’s would have been making dropped passes out of a lot of those completions. Again, you’re welcome to your opinion but I am not worried by what I saw. A lot of players were in good position to make plays and a lot of guys got work in. Still a ways to go and still a lot of room for improvement. Amat is Amat and you guys who are not, should really leave the worrying about Amat to the Amat Faithful. Good Luck to you and yours.

  • Earth to Hound, come in

    Newsflash, you only have 5 teams in your league. It only takes two wins to make the playoffs. Before last year you only had 4 teams in your league and it usually only took 1 win to make the playoffs, so stop your crying and stop drinking the coolaid. And yes, I understand that none of the teams in your league are dogs, but none of them are world beaters either. And yes, CC has outgrown our league and our Division. Maybe CIF should move us into your league. But then we’d all have to listen to you Amat homers crying in the preseason about not having a chance to ever win the league title.
    FYI – you need to get someone over there at Amat to go into that trophy case and dust off all the cobwebs. It doesn’t look as if anyone has been in there for 2 or 3 decades.

  • Hound of Lancerville

    You guys are too funny. Why the compelling need to bad mouth and down grade Bishop Amat? Well? Because if you can be better than us…..then you have some legitimacy right? If that’s not true then read the post and move on. Write me off as some delusional Honk! Noooo, you and others have to come on here and state your case as to “why” your are better than Amat, why you are just as good as Amat or why Amat is no longer this, that or the other….Bottom line is, you are using Amat as a measuring stick for your success. All that said, you still haven’t played us, you still haven’t beaten us and you still have decades to go before your program can claim any semblance to the Bishop Amat Tradition! I know I am making the Amat Faithful cringe with these past few posts and probably should have quit many posts ago but some of you clowns are sheer comedy! You come on here and try to bash a Football Program like Bishop Amat without regard to History, Tradition, Current Standings, Current Performance, Strength of schedule, Strength of League, Play-off appearances, etc, etc. Think before you type!