Tribune Football player of the year?

I’m curious who the bloggers think the frontrunners are? I’ve got a few players in mind, but I don’t want to give away where I’m leaning just yet. I’d like to hear from you? BTW, look at UCLA Stevie in the background, he’s about to get a football between the eyes …

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  • in the stands

    Donavin Washington! Best Athlete in The Valley!! He should be Football POY

  • SirRedDevil

    ATH Darreon Lockett from Pomona he’s a Sophmore leading a very hungry and determined Pomona Squad this season.

    • SGVSports

      Only a Sophmore and not that good, but what about #45

  • Christian

    Michael Moran Senior Quarterback At BP Led a 0-10 team last season to a 6-3 season this year. Remarkably one of the best quarterbacks around.

    • SGVSports

      Are u for real, this kid was below average and that is being nice. Can’t throw (accuracy/arm strength), not mobile, poor foot work, do you want me to go on. The Pomona sophomore qb was better in every aspect of his game. In no way should the Pomona qb be concerned for the POY, unless the impossible happens and he leads this Pomona team to a CIF title.

      • SGVSports

        Christian, your senior quarterback had 5 picks in the game against Pomona. To repeat FIVE picks in one game.

        • Ryan Keith Thompson


          Either you are Non Compos Mentus, or you hold some sort of bias towards a 17 year old kid. I maintain, measuring a player on a single game is bilge! You should know that even the NFL greats have par or sub performance games, that should not negate this kids accomplishments. Especially given the game in question was against a very good Pomona team. Pomona has a special secondary and is a contender for the Valle Vista title. However, since you neglected to do you homework I shall list Michaels accomplishments, since you lack the erudition.

          Michael’s accomplishments are as followed:

          1. Lead the Valley in passing for most of the season, until recently. You should know , he only trails Charter Oaks (C.O) QB by 62 yards (2708 VS. 2642). It should also be noted -according to the above article – that C.O’s Q.B is passing to a MVP caliber receiver.

          2. 24 Touchdowns leads all QB’s in the valley.

          3. 32 total TD’s ( 8 rushing).

          4. Played Linebacker in the last two games. One of which he forces a game winning fumble and then throws the game winning touchdown. All of the aforementioned, occurred in crunch situations (See Covina game).

          5. Turns around a 0-10 team and breaks a 16 game losing streak, all while “earning” a 6-3 (possibly 7-3 after Friday) record.

          In summation, its is uncouth – on your part – for student athletes to not receive recognition and their just due, because of bias or lack of knowledge on your part. Either way, it is inexcusable.

          Michael Moran deserves a mention for MVP of the Valley. The numbers do not lie.

          • SGVSports

            I’m sure this kid is a great athlete, but he isn’t a quarterback. I didn’t see one thing he did as a quarterback that was above average. This Pomona team is good, but they aren’t no Monrovia.

            We honestly thought you had your mlb at qb because your qb was hurt. Didn’t realize he was your starter until the comment was made in this thread.

            The Pomona qb is a sophomore, and runs circles around your qb. This sophomore is the second best qb on the Pomona team.

            In all fairness I was just told whom you have for coaches. Your qb skills is a direct reflection on your La Puente Junior All American coaching staff, sorry but that is reality.

            Your team had talent, you will continue to run up scores on the Wilson’s and Nogales of the VVL. Your not going to beat the top tier teams with that coaching staff.

          • Ryan Keith Thompson

            Are we talking about the staff or the kids numbers?

            His anthropomorphic stats are not his QB stats.

            Thus, can you deny his stats as a QB, hoe many QB’s in the valley have better?

          • AMAT 73

            So who is your pick ????

  • FredJ

    All those mentioned are great choices

  • Dustin ohara

    Matt fink glendora qb just a sophomore led a remarkably turnaround in one year

  • tris morris

    Erik Prevost from Charter Oak is the most incredible defensive player I have ever seen and I have been going to HS football religiously for over 35 years. He is always where the ball is even if it is on the opposite side of the field. Even though he is undersized as a defensive end he is always in the backfield literally pushing two and some times three linemen back into the quarterback. His quickness, strenght and instinct for the ball is unmatched. Anyone who knows football knows he is the best of the best.

  • D-Mo

    I love defense. So I would have to say CO’s Eric Prevost. 3 year varsity starter. He is major distraction to the offenses that CO faces. His final numbers will be dramatic.

    • Go Deep

      I go with Prevost. I don’t think C.O. would be where they are without him. Prevost will probably be MVP in Sierra. As you stated, offenses had to plan for him.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    What about Scooby and his “3,000” yards??? HAHAHAHA

    • observantcat

      For the touches he gets and the TD ratio, no one even comes close.
      Mortal means alive and yes I would say he’s Alive.

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        That was a Jab at Fred and Aram for saying he’s going to put up 3,000 yards. 150 yards a game is good but not impressive when you look at Monrovia’s schedule.

        • FredJ

          He was certainly capable of 3,000 yards, but not with Monrovia’s easy schedule. There were too many lopsided games and running clocks for him to play long enough to get 3,000 yards.

          Plus, Monrovia wants to be more balanced than that. Personally, I think you could just lean on Scoby all the way to the championship, but that’s not how the Cats want to do it, they want to get more players involved, which sometimes can come back to bite you if you get too cute with your offense.

        • observantcat

          Fred has explained it best, Monrovia will get to Scoby addicted and become very one dimensional and thats not going to work for the future of “OUR SUPER SOPH’s” I like the way things are going in sight of the post season and I’m sure a lot of teams would love to have this kind of momentum going into the last month and a half of their football seasons. In reality Kurt would have easily surpassed the 3,000 yard mark if the games were more competitive.

    • D-Mo

      As a CO player he would certainly be up there in the polls. Oh what could have been…
      As for 3000 yards – no comment. Has any player ever done something like that?


    CO has a few guys:

    Kory Brown, 2486 yards passing. 17 TD’s

    Donavin Washington, 1184 receiving yards, 9 TD’s. That’s more than Bobo and Rufus a few years back and those guys were studs.

    Zion Echols, 1226 all purpose yards and only a Sophomore.

    Then the big man Eric Prevost, 85 tackles & 14 sacks.

  • socalspeed

    Diamond Ranch Defense is one of the stingiest defenses in the league. avg points against this defense is 15 pts. Their linebacker core is the real deal!! Marcus Briscoe(4 year letterman), Matt Preston(4 year Letterman), and Christian Zombrano are hands down three of the best linebackers in the Valley. Not to mention, Kami Delp and Chris Kirchgrabber on the D-line. Then add Daniel Garcia and Will Bryant(4 year Letterman). All of these guys are also 2 way players! Anyone of these studs are great candidates.

  • Eric

    Junior Receiver Brandon Arconado from Bishop Amat. Quick hands, quick feet and not afraid to block anyone. This kid should be on top of the leader board next year for the “one to watch”

    • AMAT 73

      Don’t forget his ability to return punts also . Might want to throw in Sidney with 7 picks and all around solid play .

  • WCDan

    Offense: Donavin Washinton, bets area reciever that I’ve seen in a few years, great speed, great route running, great hands. Defense: Eric Prevhost literally seems to dominate a game on defense.