Red wave

I talked to several players about the large contingent of Fresno State fans at the game, and how upon coming out of the tunnel before the game the Bruins looked into the north end zone, which was a sea of red.
“I don’t like red,” UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price said. “I’m like a bull out there. In the paper (Fresno coach Pat Hill) said he was going to paint the Rose Bowl red, so they brought a lot of fans. I was ready for it.”
Bruins linebacker Reggie Carter was more diplomatic.
“I know Fresno isn’t that far so I was expecting to see a lot of Fresno fans,” Carter said. “They had that whole end zone. But to, it doesn’t matter if it was blue, purple, pink; I was still going to play the same way.”

  • ProdigalBruin

    “So you can say you were there” Radio and Newspaper Ads in Fresno: $ 100,000

    Extra Ticket Revenue from FSU Fans: $ 150,000

    Increased Parking / Concession Revenue: $ 174,418.96

    Pissing off your faithfull Season Ticket holders, donors, alumni, players, and coaches by inviting a hostile crowd to your home stadium while only considering the “bottom line”: PRICELESS

    Well, at least Dan G will be able to presnet Chancellor Block with a good Post-Game revenue report tomorrow and the Women’s Field Hockey Program will get those new skirts!

    Thanks Athletic Dept. Marketing Department! Job well done!

  • Anonymous

    might as well cancel football and stick to basketball

  • Anonymous

    Get pissed at the Bruin “faithful” for not responding to the invitation the school extends to them day after day for the entire year.

    The hostile sea of red wouldn’t have been more than a puddle if there weren’t so many empty seats.

    Blaming the school for the lack of blue and gold: PRICELESS.

  • ProdigalBruin

    Anon –

    The Marketing Dept should focus on marketing to BRUIN fans not the opponent. That is thier job. If they have failed to fill the seats with Bruins then they should be held accountable. If they try to pander to opposing fans to try to make themselves look better on paper, it should be pointed out what that they have created ill-will with thier target consumer.

    Perhaps, like the UCLA Marketing Department, you should think before you post (or run an Ad in a newspaper or on Radio)!


  • Sam Gilbert

    The Fresno State ads got them free publicity in Southern California, maybe they thought inviting them would drum up some Bruin pride from the locals and bring them in to represent. They’ve pretty much tried everything else.

    They put out ads in the Los Angeles Times throwing down the (non-car related) gauntlet to the high profile LA football “monopoly” that is USC, pulled in Neu and Chow and have them do television, radio and newspaper interviews left and right. They even sent their head coach around to local high school games in a helicopter trying to bang up attention.

    And they sell $10 tickets.

    So tell me Prodigal Bruin, outside of having the coaches and players give piggyback rides to the Rose Bowl, what else can they do?