Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

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1) Any of our quarterbacks (other than the obvious 2) doing anything of note? Any chance of them surprising us by being on theedge of taking the spot from the obvious? – Anonymous
Nick Crissman is looking decent out there and I’ve been a bit surprised by Clayton Tunney, but I think it’s pretty clear there’s a top two.

2) Does Dan Guererro have any pull with the NCAA to try and get the “one and done” situation changed. He was the head of the tournament committee, correct? I assume he, and most ADs from basketball schools, hate the rule, as do most fans. – Keith
I don’t think any one AD has enough pull for anything of that magnitude. I think they’re all realizing that the system is flawed, though. They have to realize it.

3) With the new deal with Adidas, I was just wondering what was the outcome of the reported problem with the football shoes last Fall? Was that bogus, or was it resolved by the company? – Keith
There was no reported problem. There was a speculative problem that had no foundation of reality, but nothing tangible. Just bad luck.

4) How does Spring ball affect Carroll and Price in Track and Field? And, while Savage is out of Spint FB, is he competing in track? – Boston Bruin
Carroll and Price are back with football for now, but I believe they could compete in championships if needed. Savage has performed in track, and here are all of their stats: http://www.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/ucla/sports/m-track/auto_pdf/cumulative-stats

5) Why is Downey taking all the reps with the ones? I though you said that Abele was going to get the first look, and that he had a big lead/advantage over Downey. – Anonymous
Abele had the first look, Downey got a look, Sheller got a look, then Abele got hurt, and Sheller started getting more looks while rotating in with Downey. That’s where it stands now.