Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Hi Jon, I wanted to let you know how much I like the interview you did in regards to scouting the other day. More of that please!!! Do you know whatever happened to our early commit Kendall Williams.Where did he end up going and why did we cxl his offer? – Jed and Gold
Williams landed at New Mexico, and to be honest, I’m not sure why it all went down the way it did with UCLA. Apparently, both sides just cooled on each other. I know Howland is being VERY selective, given the recent recruiting busts.

2) You said that Lee’s shot has improved this offseason. Is he focused on mid range or from Deep? – Jed and Gold
When I saw him, he was working primarily on that stop-and-pop 18-to-20 footer. It looked VERY nice. Lots of bounce, lots of follow-through. Last season he was so dogged by his role as PG and by his defensive assignment that he had barely any lift. He’s working on that right now.

3) Can you let us know what other players are putting in the most off-season work and what types of development you have noticed from those players? Has Honeycutt started lifting yet? – Jed and GoldI’ve seen Reeves Nelson in the gym at all hours. Honeycutt is rounding into shape, and I’ll tell you: He’ll be special next season if he stays healthy. Jerime Anderson has rededicated himself, but I still need to see a little more. As always, the key will be one player, though: Josh Smith.

4) Seantrel…still going to SC? – MikeHClassof90As of now.

5) With the 75 total scholarships limit imposed by the NCAA for 2011 how many recruits can USC sign for 2010 to stay under the 75 scholarships cap in 2011? Assuming that no players that still have eligibility for 2011 will transfer, quit or “retired”. – AnonymousI think right now they have eight. They should have more throughout the course of the year, though, and the max is 15.

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  • Anonymous

    Excuse please, Jon, but are these revelations of yours about Malcom Lee’s “bounce” BEFORE the the torn meniscus in his right knee? That would make your information rather “damaged goods” at this point?