Brett Hundley cutting off social media

Don’t bother tweeting Brett Hundley for at least another week. UCLA’s star quarterback has sworn off all social media for spring practice.

“Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter — everything,” he said. “I’m dying, man. I’m dying.”

The rising redshirt sophomore said he did the same last spring and summer, but has also enlisted some teammates to join him in staying off those sites. Freshman Eldridge Massington, an early enrollee, has already broken the pact.

Hundley admits that it’s not easy; sometimes he finds himself clicking on the Twitter icon simply out of pure habit.

“It’s showing dividends,” he said. “I think it clears your mind, no distractions, and lets you focus on football, school and the things outside electronics and what other people are saying.”

He added that this spring, the Bruins have been able to run through spring camp more smoothly. Many have noted that second-year head coach Jim Mora isn’t quite as hard on them as he was when he first arrived; Hundley believes the “bad habits” the team had that year have since been broken.

As for his own personal development, the 6-foot-3 signal-caller is focusing more on precise areas of his game.

“My last offseason was more about footwork and fundamentals and knowing the offense,” he said. “Every time you get better at something, you’ve got to find more detailed things to improve on.”

“Now, you may not see me running back and forth and dropping the whole field on my footwork, but now you may see me work on the little things.”