Jim Mora announces SoCal launch of Count On Me Foundation

Jim Mora and his wife, Shannon announced Saturday the Southern California launch of their Count on Me Family Foundation, which helps children who are either mentally/physically challenged, at risk, or from low socioeconomic backgrounds. For more information, click through to the official website.

Shannon said the Celebrity Golf Classic, the foundation’s main fundraiser, was already sold out. It will be held at the Riviera Country Club on May 20, featuring names such as Terry Bradshaw, Warren Sapp and Joel McHale.

Dozens of kids were also out at Saturday’s UCLA football practice as part of the launch, which was adorable to see. A little girl even got Anthony Barr to autograph a picture of him ending Matt Barkley’s USC career.

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  • Marc

    High five to that little girl who got Barr to sign a photo of his signature moment from last year. That’s awesome!

    • Classy

      • Marc

        Drunk again?!?!

        Why don’t you go out and enjoy the beautiful So Cal weather?

        Just got home from an incredible day out in the sunshine with lots of friends. About to clean up and go back out.

        See, a life lived out amongst our brethren leads to a quality life.

        Then, you don’t feel like pissing all over other people’s lives.

        You ought to try it.

        • Sam C

          Good advice Marc but look who you preaching to. We’ve got some loons on this blog.

        • I live ON the water and had a wonderful weekend.

          • maze949

            Delusional little troll–you spent ANOTHER weekend trolling a rival’s blog. Here it is Monday morning, and you’re still doing it–you’re a drunk, unemployed trOJan loser! haha

          • Look who’s talking. Hahahahaha

          • Marc

            If so, then why troll a blog for a university’s athletics for which you are neither a fan or alumn?

            The wonders of the human brain. Living a quality life typically leads people to happiness, leading them to spread love and happiness.

            Yet, here you are…

          • Enjoy seeing how the other half lives

  • Scam

    • maze949

      ^^ $Cam

      • You won’t donate to anything anyway. No $$$ in the 909

  • An outstanding use of one’s influence.

    • Have you heard his wife? What a big mouth.

  • Sam C

    Coach doing good things. Let’s all show our support, financial or otherwise.