Eldridge Massington, Matt Lynch after practice April 20

Receiver Eldridge Massington talks about the deal he made with his coaches to not go to the track on his off days anymore, the difference with the new coaching staff and moving on after last year’s disappointment.

Quarterback Matt Lynch talks about the backup competition, what he learned while he was redshirting and how he’s changed his throwing motion.

Video: Eldridge Massington and Conor McDermott

Receiver Eldridge Massington talks about stepping up into the go-to guy role for quarterback Josh Rosen, taking a hard hit on Saturday against UNLV and what it means to “be a nerd.”

Offensive lineman Conor McDermott talks about Soso Jamabo, Rosen’s block last week and getting ready for BYU.

Video: Josh Rosen, Mike Fafaul, Devon Modster, Eldridge Massington

Quarterback Mike Fafaul (12) fires a pass during individual drills at practice. Photo by Brittany Murray/Staff Photographer

Quarterback Mike Fafaul (12) fires a pass during individual drills at practice. Photo by Brittany Murray/Staff Photographer

Today was the start of the “game week” schedule, so, again, no more official practice reports. But here is a story for today about four Bruins who, I thought, helped their cases during training camp.

There’s a sidebar coming HERE about Mike Fafaul and his decision to stick it out in Westwood.

Here are videos from today’s practice of Josh Rosen, Fafaul, Devon Modster and Eldridge Massington:

Rosen talks about his training camp, this receivers and how he learned the playbook.

Fafaul talks about returning for his fifth year at UCLA, how the new offense has helped him and what he sees from the freshmen quarterbacks. You’ll unfortunately hear an extremely loud helicopter flying overhead in one part, thus drowning out Fafaul’s answer to a question about the receivers. Here’s what he said there: “I think they’re fantastic. They’ve had a great camp, all of them. To have Ishmael Adams on the offensive side of the ball is amazing. He had a terrific spring. Alex Van Dyke is really stepping up, Jordan Lasley, Eldridge Massington, they’re all playing phenomenal, I think.”

Devon Modster talks about learning the playbook, how the UCLA offense differs from what he’s run in the past and how Rosen helps him on the field.

Eldridge Massington talks about smoothing out the kinks in the offense, what each quarterback’s style is and how many people have asked him for tickets to UCLA’s season opener in his home state of Texas.

VIDEO: Jim Mora, Josh Rosen, Tom Bradley, Eldridge Massington, Jayon Brown, Conor McDermott

Head coach Jim Mora

Quarterback Josh Rosen

Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley

Receiver Eldridge Massington

Linebacker Jayon Brown

Offensive lineman Conor McDermott