PHOTOS: UCLA’s season ends in 74-62 loss to Gonzaga

Photos from UCLA’s 74-62 loss to Gonzaga on Friday, March 27, one that ended the Bruins’ season in the Sweet 16. (AP/Getty)

— UCLA’s surprising tournament run ended Friday, when Gonzaga beat the Bruins as soundly as they did three months ago.
— The scene from the UCLA locker room, and likely goodbye to both Norman Powell and Kevon Looney.
— Columnist Vincent Bonsignore, on how the slipper never quite fit for these Bruins.

  • samollie

    The old guard is out on BN – Nestor comes out of the woodwork to take a huge dump on our school, and as expected his dingle-berries all chime in. So sad, these guys must have miserable lives. Finally though the voices that call BS on him are being heard/posted.

    • Tommy B Low Us

      I suspect that Nestor guy is a jabroni of the trollgan nation. You are right, he must have one miserable life to post his negativity.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Are you sure the BN dictators have fled the capitol at the head of a pro-democracy movement? It’s been three years since I even glanced at BN, and upon logging in today (just out of curiosity), was told I am still banned. I did look at one thread about Coach Alford, and the Hitl8r Youth Brigade are calling him “Steve 16” for “failing” to get UCLA past the Sweet 16 “again.” Really?! Who needs this kind of ignorance and inky black negativity? Oh, and Nestor is alive and well, calling Alford a “scumbag” in same thread. Funny, cuz I was banned for telling Nestor he was insecure–perhaps if I’d called him a scumbag I’d still be allowed to post, as he is.

    • jameskatt

      BruinsNation stopped being relevant years ago. Anyone with a brain would have left or would have been banned.

  • Tommy B Low Us

    On a side note, has anyone seen juju smith’s new Ronald McDonald hair. Very fitting LOL!!

  • jameskatt

    UCLA did not have a stellar year in Basketball. But at least it showed it was one of the top 16 teams in the nation. For that, UCLA should be saluted. And hopefully, we can continue to build on this.

    Unfortunately for UCLA, it keeps getting a lot of one-and-done players like Kevin Love who are great but end up destroying team chemistry and progress. Hopefully we can at least keep getting more players who stay 2-3 years to allow the basketball program to keep a high level of play. Basketball isn’t as stable as Football where you can keep a pipeline of players in the top programs to keep the team going.

  • 92104bruinfan

    It hurts to lose Powell and likely Looney to the draft but there is a solid core back next year. Alford & Hamilton teaming up with incoming recruits Holiday & Ali will make for a relatively deep backcourt. Presume Welsh and Goloman keep developing and add 10-15lbs of muscle in the off-season. Parker has a huge opportunity to build off this season and Bolden will be eligible to play. This roster gives Coach Alford a very interchangeable lineup depending on the opponent. It would be nice to get an athletic wing which would really be a great addition to the current roster but as is, this is a pre-season top 20 team that should compete for the Pac 12 title IMO. Go Bruins!

    • MPPBruin

      That’s a pretty solid take. My guess is that the team is going to be pretty good next year, but still needs some beef up front. I’m not sure if Goloman or Welsh will put on that much within a year. I’d love to recruit more of those 6’8″ guys who may have raw offensive skills, but can jump and hit the boards hard. Alford seems to prefer a guard-heavy offensive scheme, so having some big guys who can hit the offensive glass would be great.

      • Hogsman

        That’s what Waanah Bail was supposed to provide. Let’s hope he becomes academically eligible and can develop over the summer.