Ishmael Adams likely to stay at receiver

Ishmael Adams made a transition to receiver from cornerback during the spring. Photo by Michael Owen Baker

Ishmael Adams made a transition to receiver from cornerback during the spring. Photo by Michael Owen Baker

On Tuesday’s Pac-12 coaches conference call, UCLA head coach Jim Mora said Ishmael Adams could be staying at receiver for the long haul after a stellar spring camp.

“Nothing is ever off the table, but it’s not something we’re looking at at this time,” Mora said of putting Adams back on defense. “Ish looks like he’s going to be such a threat offensively, you don’t want to overload him.”

Mora added that Adams could move back “if needed” as the team searches for ways to always get its best players on the field.

Mora praised Adams’ development as a route runner, calling the cornerback-turned-receiver a “gym rat” who studies film with receivers coach Eric Yarber constantly.

“He really developed as a route runner,” Mora said. “It’s not easy. It’s an art. There’s an art to running routes and it was real exciting to see the development he made as a route runner.”

Quarterback Josh Rosen and receiver Eldridge Massington both voiced their support of Adams’ move to offense, with the quarterback saying he definitely wants to keep Adams on offense and that his newest receiver “isn’t going anywhere.”

  • 88 Straight

    Well Laker Rod, why would the coaches move your “best DB” to offense on a permanent basis? One would guess they don’t rate him as the best DB.

    Looks like you are wrong once again.

    • Laker Rod

      You as usual don’t know what you are talking bout. So let’s see if we have this straight:

      1. Marcus Rios is unable to stay healthy
      2. Johnnie Johnson is unable to stay healthy
      3. Randall Goforth has been dinged up
      4. Fabian Moreau is coming off season ending foot injury from last year and we have no idea how good he will be when he returns. Even Bradley says UCLA needs him back.

      You seriously believe we have enough depth where Ish Adams won’t be needed on defense. The coaches have made plenty mistakes before. Might as well add another one to the list.

      We’ll see what happens. No difference than how these same dumb coaches decided to go with a true frosh QB. LOL!! You claimed UCLA could win a conference championship with true frosh Rosen. LOL!! What happened was Mora’s worst record in his 4 year career at UCLA.

      YOU will be proven wrong yet again.

      Oh and another thing…remember how YOU were bragging about Stephon Johnson last year as a true frosh wide receiver. Where the heck is he now? He’s being tried out on defense now? Sound familiar like Jaylen Ortiz?

      Same nonsense over and over. Now the latest and greatest is Theo Howard and Mique Juarez. You idiots were bragging and promoting Kenny Young and Zach Whitley as true frosh not too long ago. Don’t lie now like you always do.

      You were claiming Chris Clark was going to play and perhaps start last year. LOL!!! HA HA HA HA!!!

      • 88 Straight

        You are illiterate. Talk about changing the subject and back to your Chris Clark lie. And that isn’t your best lie. Your biggest lie is still your UCLA grad lie.

        Very simple, if Adams is so good and the depth is so shallow, why would the staff keep Adams on offense? It’s because he can’t cover man to man. If he could, he would still be on D. It’s not about what I think. It’s about what the staff thinks. And they obviously don’t agree with you. But you can’t admit that.

        You can talk all you want in your ignorant little circle of lies, but you still can’t answer that question or tell us why you lied about graduating from UCLA. But hey, maybe that’s all you have.

        • Richard

          Excellent response, factually and emotionally. He is the King of the Canard. Knows absolutely nothing. Still haranguing over starting the GOAT True Freshman QB !!
          Ish was a liability at DB. Way too short to ever make a play on the ball if it is thrown high. Hence, he was essentially being rotated out of the lineup last year. GOOD return man & will thrive coming outta the slot. May still see a little spot duty in the Nickel or Dime

          • Laker Rod

            Liability on defense. LOL!! Ish is the only current UCLA DB to earn 1st team all conference honors. LOL!!! Typical dumb UCLA fan.

            And even you don’t agree with 88Straight where you say Ish may see time at the nickel or dime spot. Of course he will. He’s too good of a player not to have him out there.

          • Richard

            Given your support of midget DBs, I can only conclude that u too aren’t taller than 5′ 8″.
            U prob also have small hands !???

            It is also painfully clear, given ur opinions, that u would b delighted if UCLA losses every game it ever plays !!!
            Ish is a decent cover but he has hurt UCLA throughout his career MIGHTILY by his lack of size. He has never won a jump ball!

          • Laker Rod

            I’m 6’0 220. How about you Little Richard.

            And Ish does have his deficiencies like any DB…or especially the ones at UCLA. Who’s dumb decision is it anyhow to have Ish in those type of goaline over the top plays.

            I’m trying to help UCLA win you dummy. You celebrate players leaving just like 88 Straight.

          • Richard

            6′ 1″ 220 lbs !!!!! Read it and weep.
            # I don’t believe you anyway

          • Laker Rod

            I don’t believe you either and of course you don’t answer the football points as usual. Where do you fans come from? SMH. It’s no wonder UCLA football sucks.

          • 88 Straight

            You really have trouble understanding. Ish is fine playing in a zone scheme. He is not very good in man to man. He matches up poorly and commits a lot of penalties. Teams target him, particularly with bigger receivers. If the defense decides to blitz more and play more man, Asams is a liability. On offense he can be a spark and help. His best attributes are with the ball in his hands in space.

            I doubt you will see Adams in any man to man situation on D. Zone perhaps, especially if there are injuries.

          • Laker Rod

            So much of a liability Ish was 1st team all conference. LOL!!! This from the guy who thinks there are 36 picks in the 1st round. LOL!! HA HA HA!!


      • j metaphor

        L Rod,
        Is it too late to redshirt Ish?

        • Laker Rod

          Ish already redshirted. He got hurt while trying to play as a true frosh. Pay attention.

  • gotroy22

    Is he going to return kicks and punts? He destroyed us in 2013.

  • mark

    Did the Uber driver ever get his phone back?

    • Santiago Matamoros

      OJ’s still looking for the real thief.

      • gotroy22

        The Dr. Rachel Maddow of Inside USC insists Bryce Dixon is returning to the team any day now.

  • CaliGrown

    I have a feeling Ish will explode on the scene at receiver this year. Look forward to his ability and leadership.

    If I had to pick four receivers who will get the bulk of targets I say Ish Adams, D. Andrews, K. Walker, & E. Massington