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There was an odd ending to USC’s 63-59 loss to Cal tonight. USC forward Dewayne Dedmon blocked a shot and Cal’s Allen Crabbe grabbed the ball and launched a desperation three-pointer with one second left on the shot clock and seven seconds left in the game.
Referee Dick Cartmell called USC’s Eric Strangis for a foul on Crabbe even though there was appeared to be little or no contact on the shot. Crabbe then made three free throws to seal the victory.

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  • mownyc

    Plenty of contact, Wolf. Good call, dumb play by Strangis. Of course, you’d know this if you’d bothered to watch the game.

  • bushwhite

    heya scott

    here is my early Q for the forum :

    Haden said when he signed on that he wanted to improve all USC athletics. “When I was here we had a pretty good baseball team” he stated.

    Well, the basketball team is horrible, the baseball team isn’t much better. the woman’s basketball team just lost to Stanford and is unranked, the woman’s volleyball team blew it again.

    Does Haden have any serious ideas for turning this situation around? Besides the great job kiffen has done with football USC athletics are pretty sad sack…

  • Trojsteve5

    What was Eric Strangis doing in the game at crunch time when no 3pt. shot was needed and he is a non-scholarship player? It is unreal he played 18 minutes while Greg Allen plays five minutes who can actually give the team some offense. Another brilliant move by O’Neill unless some underlying situation unaware of not listening to the game on radio.

  • .mownyc

    @ bushwhite

    Baseball will be better, it was totally wrecked by that idiot Krueter, it takes a little time to fix it, the recruiting class was rated in the top 5 to 10, so let the new coach have his time.

    The volleyball coach is one of the top guys in the sport, but he can’t seem to finish off the deal.

    MG did his usual lazy job in hiring a women’s BB coach, MG could have cared less about womens BB or mens BB for that matter.

    Haden needs to find a top coach for both BB programs, that should be his top priorities not starting womens lacrosse.

    And why does USC not have a top flight mens and womens cross country running program, think of what that would do for the track teams in the distance running department, it would actually help Coach Bad Wig in that department since he can get the sprinters with no problem.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Time to pay Calipari…

  • Trojsteve5

    That was not necessary to reference Coach Allice by that sarcastic remark. He just lost his wife this past year, and he has done a great job with the Track & Field program considering the obstacles involved. You left out women’s tennis and soccer which have gone south this past season. You are aware of the athletic programs at USC, not sure if you are a Trojan or an antagonist of the university.

  • Jon

    I think cross country scholarships count against track. And USC has historically focused on sprinters.

  • bushwhite


    Yeah I hear ya. USC track was always great, even going back to when OJ ran the 4X100 relay for us in the 60’s…not sure wha thas happened there either.

    I know losing jio fontan hurts but the BB team is just painful to watch..and the baseball team too. I looked at their stats last night from previous season they are terrible. I don’t think we were even a .500 team.
    I am in Detroit and Kreuter played for us as a 4th string cather..man he was awful. hahaha

    I agree MG did a horrible job..is anyone going to clean up his mess?