Pac-12 Thoughts

I do not get the league’s network so I cannot watch Oregon State-Arizona. But the Beavers are up 17-7 and if they win Beavers coach Mike Riley could be poised for an impressive season because he will start off 2-0 in conference road games.
Memo to Larry Scott: How about a rule that tells Oregon not to wear grey pants when Washington State wears grey pants?

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  • TrojanRick

    Memo to Larry Scott – go back to tennis!
    I don’t get the league’s network either, and so far have not missed a thing.
    Question of the day –
    When will Cal fire Tedford: after the season ends or during the season?

  • oregon111

    beavers are dominating the pac12 south

  • LovetheCapper

    LSU #1 again Scotty? Can’t wait for this.

  • BoscoH

    Memo to Larry Scott: how about a complete ban on grey pants, and if you’re gonna have names on jerseys, make them a contrasting color so they can be read on HD television, even when nobody gets the network.