Judge Rules For McNair

The NCAA acted in a malicious manner in its investigation of former USC assistant coach Todd McNair, according to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Link here

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  • trojan92

    I’m looking forward to the truth finally coming to light!

  • tacotuesday


  • another blow to our Rhodes scholar, and practicing attorney AD who didn’t want to explore any possibilty of pursuing an appeal of the University’s case against the NCAA

    Wow! that was a very heavy decision

    • Duh

    • rusoviet

      No dummy the system worked get it? Huh? A third party found them guilty instead of USC – that’s what makes national wire reports and better than that gives other schools and individuals hope that this tyrannical corrupt rigged empire can be shown for what it is – get over Haden.

      Pat is the best thing for USC and you and I and all the rest are proof positive we ‘post’ rather than ‘direct’

      • Haden and Kiffin are both great examples of the products of Peter Principle which is all too prevalent in these times. Haden felt that USC received a fair hearing and agreed that the NCAA committee made a fair and reasonable decision.

      • what else can one expect from a rusoviet

    • ThaiMex

      Not quite so…..The Judge is a Southern Cal grad…..figures right. LIMBO U, how low can you go?
      Just another reason why the entire NCAA thinks you guys are a JOKE!
      fit on torgan!

      • Don’t worry Mexie, the jury will be freeloaders, aka non graduates getting their fair share, like you. Justice will prevail.

        • Does this mean USC will get their National title back? And their Heisman? And will the NCAA reward them with 10 extra scholarships for three years?

          • Never lost them. When will you WIN one?

      • TrojanFan

        The only joke i see, is bucket riding down the road on his daughter’s pink Disney bike, wearing a baby blue sweater(gift from bruinrob)with cum stains all over the front and a hello kitty eye patch. to cover the injury caused by a bullet(cum shot), whoever would of thought bruinrob was such a marksman?……..I can’t forget the freshly worn jockstraps, hanging out the back pocket

        The dude is a mess, and needs to get his shit together….just saying

  • Trojanpete

    The biggest thing the NCAA had against USC in this case was highly circumstantial “evidence” that Todd McNair knew that the wannabe agents were providing improper benefits to Bush and his family. This “evidence” it was pointed out to the NCAA was incorrect and yet the NCAA arrogantly decided not to change its story. They screw McNair and they screw USC. McNair fights back and is winning while we suffer a coward’s loss for not standing up for ourselves. Thanks, Haden and Nikias.

    • Again, duh.

      • ProbationU

        Maybe everyone can just pile into Joe McKnight’s car and drive to Indianapolis to file the appeal.

        • Or Sam Gilbert’s Caddie.

        • One of his two cars, and maybe Joe still has some of the $150,000 left over to pay for a motel-6

  • SW is a tool. I posted a good 1/2 hr and he wouldn’t post it. 4 biggest losers:

    1. Scott Wolf
    2. Pat Haden
    3. USCfootball-for different reason than 1&2
    4. SC alums and fans

    Hope McNair sues SC for non support

    Looks like Garrett was right……again

    • rusoviet

      No biggest losers are all the morons that worship woodie wooden –

      • No, the biggest losers are the members of the usc football team and their shit talking fans. It was awesome to see UCLA dominate usc from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Let’s break this down: Lose on the football field, talk crap about UCLA’s 11 basketball championships. I guess when all you have to cling to is football, and that’s been taken away, all that’s left is to attack the winningest basketball program in history.

        Hey, does USC still play basketball?

        • Take out Girlyball, and Jucla really sux. Ah, let’s see, 2-12 last 14 years. Yep, you sure hacienda it going on in Westwood.

  • TrojanFan

    It’s shit like this that backs up the personal vendetta members of the NCAA had against USC…..It’s criminal in nature……USC should look into possible actions against the NCAA. The judge even said the penalties were excessive.
    Good luck Mr. McNair, going forward with your case, I hope a judge nails their crooked ass

    McNair’s attorney Bruce Broillet declined comment, citing the sealing order in the case. He said during the hearing that the records showed the agency knew it was relying on false statements about McNair’s conduct and wanted to ”nail” the coach, who also played in the NFL.

    ”They wrote evidence the way they wanted it to be – that’s malice,” Broillet said.

    Laura Wytsma, an attorney for the NCAA rejected that contention in court, saying the evidence in the case show the committee that investigated McNair was trying to get its report right.

    ”They were struggling to get the right result,” she said, adding that several members of the investigative committee were prominent lawyers and legal scholars.

    She also argued that records in the case should not be unsealed, saying it would hurt future investigations. The NCAA does not have subpoena power, she said.

    • The penalties dished out by the NCAA could be considered excessive, but isn’t this what we all say when we are the recipients of the penalty? When a judge throws the book at us or someone we know and like, don’t we always say that?

      • Never had to be before a judge. Shoes what kind you are.

        • ThaiMex

          your response is CLASSIC….even worth framing!
          fit on!

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      How sad. Not only is the football monopoly over in L.A., but a USC-grad judge rules “malicious behavior” on the case. Yeah, that holds water.

      • TrojanFan

        Hey owns, i think you need to stick to the cartoon network, this kind of talk is mentally challenging for you……It’s OK!, a few other ruin trolls have experienced the same problem…..Contact Bill, i think he still runs a support group

  • rusoviet

    Here’s to the hypocrisy historically of the NCAA – nothing done for over 10 years to St. John The Divine Wooden per Sam Gilbert. Gene Bartow ‘mans up’ (something ‘woodie’ never would) and his life is threatened by the outfit man Gilbert.

    Loving reading the words of that ‘Liz Warren’ fan ‘Laura Wytsma’ claim of all the ‘frat boys’ in their rigged oversight crew – no word on what that fat clown former Miami-FL AD Paul Dee had in all this.

    Hey wolf any chance you’ll post, aside from this brief note – the corruption in Indianapolis? How about it Scott?

    Beat the Irish and send them to the self-created hell they deserve.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Here’s to the hypocrisy historically of USC – Judge Shaller (USC ’76) and Pat Haden (’75) attended USC at the same time. The Trojan Judge claims the NCAA was malicious toward a Trojan coach. (Stifling a laugh.)

      Hey wolf any chance you’ll post, aside from this brief note, the corruption behind the judge’s assignment to this case, the conflict of interest in his involvement in McNair’s suit, and how the moral thing would have been to recuse himself from this USC-related lawsuit?

  • Fight On Coach McNair!

  • McNair was unaware of “some gifts” what’s the difference? Does that mean you’re not considered a liar if you only tell little white lies? I wonder which Bowl USC is going to? Can it be they will make their second consecutive Bowl appearance at the same Bowl you made fun of for playing in it last year? Poetic Justice baby!!! Oh So SUGARY SWEEEEEEEET!!!

  • vvvv made fun at UCLA last year.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    So, Pat Haden graduates from USC in 1975. Judge Shaller graduates from USC in 1976. So, they attended school together…. Makes perfect sense.

  • Wow, this judge is a USC grad,?what a surprise that he would feel usc got screwed. His opinion holds no more weight than any moronic commentators on this blog supporting the cheating program at usc.