USC’s Preseason All-Americans


Athlon’s has four full teams of All-Americans (it’s June and they must have a lot of time) and USC is well represented. Center Max Tuerk is on the first team. Adoree Jackson is second all-purpose and kick returner. JuJu Smith is a second-team wide receiver. Cody Kessler (quarterback) and Su’a Cravens (linebacker) made the third team. Full teams here

22 thoughts on “USC’s Preseason All-Americans

  1. I watched the Arizona game on that Pac12 in 60 on the Pac 12 network and Max Tuerk had 5 snaps where Kessler had to jump in the air from stopping it from flying over his head. He better play like an all American this year.

    • Tuerk seemed to get over that spell he had with flinging the snaps. Would expect him to be steady this year.

      • I hope so. He sure loves to chop block also. He better get rid of that bad habit.

        • Tuerk’s arms are simply too long, but he did seem to improve later in the year, which was his very first year of playing center in college…..

  2. Who cares about pre-season All Americans when we got kettlebells flying at Ruin coache’s heads across town???

  3. Only one Oregon Duck. Two Stanford Indians, both offensive linemen. Kessler is a fifth year Trojan without a SIGNATURE WIN !!! JuJu still has a lot to learn. I’ll go along with Adoree and Su’a.

    • I didn’t see any Duck, who was he? The two QBs ahead of Cody I never heard of, are they that good? And Jones is 4th QB?

    • I’ll agree with you in Kessler and even Juju. But you are way off in Adoree and Sua. Way off. Sua had a awesome season at OLB while learning on the fly and will have better one this season. And Adoree is a playmaker and home run hitter.

  4. With USC off probation, not many ucla kettlebells made the team. Seems the bruins aren’t regarded as very talented, and with their coaches fighting and all, who knows what evil lurks in the bruin lair. Can Ol’ Cupface upright this hilarious ship? Stay tuned. More Diddy news to come here I’m sure for those hungry Trolls!

    • Uhhh, pardon me, son, but I thought us Trojans didn’t care about UCLA. Yet you seem to twist every post into a UCLA rant. Son, whatever they did to you, let it go. Let the past be past.

      • You are sadly mistaken and misguided poor little gutty. I love seeing ucla eat it. And this isn’t “past” by a longshot Shirley. You obviously need a dictionary.

  5. sas, You misunderstand. When I say “I’ll go along with” it means I agree with the ranking. Sensible English, Yes ? Golden Troy, the Oregon Duck in Athlon’s ranking is fourth team DE. Check out the Big Green Zero.

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