Jaguar Jon Arnett Turns 82

Burt Glinn/Magnum Photo

For a lot of USC fans who witnessed Trojan football in the 1950’s, there was not a finer player than halfback Jon Arnett. An All-American, Arnett was a two-time winner of the Voit Award, which went to the best player on the Pacific Coast. He was the No. 2 pick in the 1957 NFL draft and selected by the Los Angeles Rams, where he was a five-time Pro Bowl. He also is in the College Football Hall of Fame. And today, Arnett celebrates his 82nd birthday.

  • peter

    Remember having his Nfl card.. The Ram Helmet looked cool on him too.

    • Michael Guarino

      I think we had the same card, Peter.

      • peter

        Never forget it do you Michael ? Pretty simple being a fan in those days. Many times a transistor radio was like being there.

        • Michael Guarino

          Transistor radio! Bingo, Peter. That’s the way I experienced USC’s (and John McKay’s) come from behind 20-17 victory over undefeated Notre Dame (while supposedly “working” stacking books at the W.L.A Public Library).

          • gotroy22

            And the Cardiac Kids 26-24 come from behind win over Stanford in 1969.

          • Michael Guarino

            We could be in for one or more of those type games in 2017, G.T. And with the PAC 12 network being what it is, I may be looking for my trusty old, Akron’s transistor radio.

  • Michael Guarino

    Thanks so much for this post, Scott. I have vivid memories of Los Angeles Ram Jon Arnett running wild against the Bears at the Coliseum. To this day, I haven’t seen anybody who matches him when it comes to weaving in and out of defenders on the way to the end zone. Happy Birthday, Jon!

  • Disqus 30

    Interesting. He was a beast.

    I wonder if he would be able to play in today’s football?

    • Michael Guarino

      Jon would be one of the few who would make it in any era — strong willed, hard working, intelligent and athletic. It’s a joke and a shame he’s not in the NFL Hall of Fame.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    None finer, I think he was a gymnast with a football,watched every home game he played in,and heard all the others; he and CR Roberts were a handful;too bad about PCC penalties,he might have won the Heisman He is my 2nd most favorite right after Al Carmichael,1952 all American and first season I went to all home games.Frank Gifford is 3rd favorite in case you were wondering .

  • Pete Smith

    Happy B-day

  • David Keeling

    You can say Frank Gifford was a class act as a USC tailback. But for us growing up in SoCal during the 50’s/60’s, Jon Arnett was the golden boy.