Rivalries …

There are several outstanding area rivalry games this weekend.

For example:California/La Serna, Montebello/Schurr and Pioneer/Santa Fe.
Anybody want to pick the winners?
And explain why?
Know of any others, either this weekend or coming up?

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  • Anonymous

    La Serna/California:
    Always a great matchup, and it doesnt matter what the records are of the two teams, its always a good game. La Serna is undefeated and has alot of momentum on their side. On Cal’s side, they are coming off a big win against Santa Fe. The biggest key to the game is the defense. La Sernas offense has been off and on all season and if Cal takes them lightly, La Serna will suprise Cal. On Cal’s side, its the newly obtained N. Grigsby. La Serna stops him, and La Serna wins. As simple as that.

    Prediction: La Serna 27 – Cal Hi 17

  • Del RIo Alum95



    Santa fe

    These teams are going to dominate their opponents

  • david

    you forgot one of the oldest rivalries whittier vs el rancho please show some respect

  • ur worst knightmare

    Arroyo at South El Monte on Thursday night.. a fresh rivalry after SEM beat Arroyo at Bergstrom Stadium last year… the series is dominated by the Knights at 10-2. Arroyo makes it 11-2 as revenge is motive enough to execute the eagles!

  • Emerson

    Cal and La Serna have been rivals going back to the 70’s or earlier. The reality is that LS has a relatively small percentage of truly rich familes. Most of the families are like the familes of CalHi kids- government workers, blue collar people, small business owners, etc. But still, the the LS “rich kids'” school mystique fuels the CalHi dislike of LS, while the fact that Cal gets so fired up for LS, and because thay have consistently had strong teams in many sports-like LS- motivates the Lancers.

    I pick La Serna by a small margin. We’ll see. Good luck to both teams.

  • Emerson

    Anyone in the Whittier area in the 60’s and 70’s remembers the Pioneer-El Rancho rivalry. In football, especially, those games were HUGE. Kind of like Garfield-Roosevelt in East LA (but not THAT huge). If I’m not mistaken, they even had games held at Whittier college, Cerritos or ELAC to accomodate all of the fans. Every game was like homecoming for both sides- alumni for both schoools wouldn’t be caught missing that one!

    Rivalries like Cal-La Serna and Pioneer-El Rancho are what makes high school football what it is. Hope everyone is cool–no fights, keyed cars, etc.

  • loveshsfootball

    im looking forward to the ls-cal game-i will say cal 24 ls-14-as for the others – schurr will win 28-14- and santa fe will win easily 34-14-and do you think that pioneer-santa fe is a true rivalry?-i think the only true rivalry in the del rio is ls-cal.

  • BigCondor65

    “Cal Vs.La Serna”
    My Pick:Cal

    “Schurr Vs.Montebello”
    My Pick:Schurr

    “Santa Fe Vs.Pioneer”
    My Pick:Santa Fe

  • Rguerra

    Check it:

    -Cal over La Serna.
    La Serna is overrated and Grigsby is gonna run all over them. Cal by 13.

    -Schurr over Montebello.
    Haven’t seen either of these teams play yet but I just have a feeling schurr is gonna win. Schurr by 10.

    -Santa Fe over Pioneer.
    Are you kidding? Santa Fe just got upset so you know they’ll bring it and Pioneer isn’t very good at all. Don’t let the 3 wins fool you. Santa Fe by at least 20.

    -Whittier over El Rancho.
    El Rancho is on a down year and Whittier looks good on the ground. Still looks like a close game though. Whittier by 7.

  • Rebecca Ortiz

    I thiNk California is going to take it over la serna because we did last year and we want it more… We stepped up with the win against Santa Fe witch is a considered a tuff team… season should be hard work but a smooth ride from here. Cal just cannot be to sure of them selve tho.

  • djg

    I live in Montebello, and both of my kids graduated from Montebello. The Montebello – Schurr game is sooo boring when it comes to rivalries, we border East L.A. home of one of the greatest rivalries west of the Mississippii Garfield – vs – Roosevelt. Yes I know Garfield – Roosevelt have been around longer, but with the proximity of MHS and SHS it should be a knockdown, all out war, but instead it’s treated like a “oh well” type attitude, the city, the businesses, even the citizens don’t seem to care or bother. You never see signs, banners, etc for either school, there’s no ” city trophy” or “Bell” or anything to brag about, there’s no BIG pep rally, PARADE or anything. If you’re not involved in either school, you would’nt know the game was being played. I think that’s pretty sad as for the community and the city, who should be behind their local schools.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I agree with Anonymous that these two teams are always a tough match up. The final score prediction is a bit optimistic. I do hope that La Serna has the team to get the job done should they not shoot they not shoot themselves in the foot like SF. I hope they were able learn something from our game. To bad there are rumors going around that the La Serna coaching staff spotted some birds with binoculars up in the Whittier hills trees that over look their field? I would hate to speculate that they were condors!!!!

    And before anyone pops off, yes I will be rooting for each and every team that faces Cal this year. Deal with it!!!!!

  • Another Santa Fe Dad

    When did Pioneer and Santa Fe become a rivalry? The house belongs to Santa Fe, Pioneer pays the rent and cleans up on Saturday morning

  • loveshsfootball

    one note-whittier- ER is not a rivalry-whittier does not have a rivalry-the only true rivalry in the area is LS-CAL – one other note-another game in the area–ND 45 ST. PAUL 14-THE SWORSDSMEN ARENT PLAYING EL RANCHO ANY MORE!





    PICK CAL BY 7…




  • Del Rio Alum

    cal/ la serna:
    Cal in a similar fashion to what happened last year. although its not as strong as a 6-0 record against what most would call sub-par teams, cal has a HUGE amount of momentum comming off of the win against santa fe that was not only their homecomming, but–dare i say it–it just might have been the league championship game, just like tonight may very well be. la serna does have a somewhat productive offense, however the trio of urquiza, navarro and the ever-popular grigsby can definately get it done. it will definately be a knock-down, drag out war with a commanding ground game by both teams. i think it will be a lot like last year where the team with the stronger defense will ultimately come out on top. Cal by 14.

    i have not seen any schurr games, and i did see montebello pass a couple times in the summer, but other than that i don’t know a whole lot about htese teams. im thinking schurr will come out with the win as they kind of own that league, but thats what everybody else said about santa fe a week ago. schurr in a landslide.

    santa fe/pioneer:
    this is a rivalry? i agree with Another Santa Fe dad (suprisingly), Fe owns the stadium, pioneer pays the rent. Not only is santa fe the better team, but they are definately fuming after what happened last week and the thought of losing the league championship (1 loss is league pretty much seals your fate). I expect pioneers rear to be red from the great whipping they will recieve tonight.

    whittier/the rancho:
    whittier. they seem to be having a halfway decent year (although they haven’t played any of the leagues top teams yet) compared to last year, while this time last year el rancho was playing cal for what some thought would be a shot at the DelRio Championship against santa fe, and the spot in the playoffs. this year obviously they are not in the same situation. they are just in an off year. whittier will win by 7.

  • El Rancho

    The giant will soon awaken.

  • victor

    I really enjoy reading the blogs good job and keep it up.

  • Another Santa Fe Dad

    I have to hand it to the Santa Fe coaching staff on Friday. It looked like everyone on the sidelines got time on the field. The whole 4th quarter was played by second string. Even when they gave up 14 points and many fumbles, they allowed the subs to play. Very classy.

  • Emerson

    Cal, with Grigsby, was the better team. Definitely not without him. Pin the loss on coach LeVigne, for calling a pass on second and goal from the one alte in the game. Why pass (which was intercepted)when Potts is avergaing 6 yards per carry? A very poor call. La Serna still alomost pulled it out Should’ve been a tie in regulation.

    Grigsby is a good player, but Cal could not move at all against LS except by giving it to him.

  • Schurr Fan

    I don’t know how you can say the Schurr – Montebello rivarly is boring, maybe because Schurr has just been winning the all the last years. But if you would have went to the game this last Friday, there was a parade, their was a city trophy, and there was a $1000.00 reward given to the winner, which was us (56-7). So I suggest just going to the game next year to see the same result. And to all parents that live in Montebello if you care about football, I would send my kid to Schurr High School, the Montebello football program is a joke, and this game isn’t even going to be a rivarly anymore. Oh yeah, and who cares about the Garfield – Roosevelt game, we would kick the crap out both of those teams.



  • AroundTheBlock

    I just stumbled across this blog stuff at WDN, read through all there and found it fascinating. KUDO’s to WDN and Murray for getting it going.Great posts there, but I see that many of the poster’s are passionate about just THEIR High School and ‘bag’ on others in the area…Fun to read, but being a high school football fan that has been around the block for decades, People, please make comments that are educated having seen many other teams and not just your own!!! Before I go on, I saw one post concerning the success of area programs. That person considered “Coaching” the least of importance to successful high school football programs…Said something like “If they were GOOD coaches, they’d be at the college level…” Let me tell that Fool that COACHING is the ABSOLUTE KEY to success in high school football…There are excellent Coaches at the high school level that CHOOSE to coach at that level.That person’s “diss” on H.S. Coaches is IGNORANT…
    Get a head guy that knows the game and can convince his Administrators to “sell out” to success in football, and then have the freedom to hire knowledgable assistants and build a solid Booster’s club, and you have a recipe for success… Not to take anything away from Santa Fe, La Serna, Whittier, Cal and the lot, but the success of La Habra and Whittier Christian come to mind…THOSE 2 HEAD COACHES have something on the ball….A good thing for the 2007 Season would be a Whittier Christian – La Habra Game. My guess on that is that La Habra wins, but Whittier Christian puts up a helluva fight and loses a tight game.

    I saw what W.c. did to Whittier. Whittier’s head coach came right out and admitted that his team had been “outplayed” on offense, defense, and special teams…What he did NOT admit in “so many words” but stated that W.C.’s head coach had his team “well prepared” was that he and his staff got OUT-COACHED for that game…
    …COACHING is a Big Deal, people…

  • Del Rio Alum

    el rancho? who is this giant you speak of?

    you know what, maybe grigsby is the reason they won, but why should it matter. he transfered and is part of the team. just accept it. itd be like saying “UCLA would have won if ND didn’t have Brady Quinn” or “the suns wouldn’t be champs if it wasn’t for d wade.” hes part of the team, just accept it.

    maybe its because they put in their second stringers, but im suprised santa fe didn’t put up as big of a score. then again, they haven’t been scoring as much this season.

    i am correct in thinking whittier is the only other team that is undefeated in league right?

  • Anonymous 2

    Another Santa Fe Dad,

    The whole 4th quarter was not played by the Santa Fe 2nd string.

    When Pioneer was going in for the 1st TD, Santa Fe’s 1st stringer came in to try to preserve the shut-out. They did it again to try to prevent Pioneer from scoring the second TD.

  • loveshsfootball

    cal/ls-great game-thats why it is such a great rivalry!-cal should have won the game easily-14 pts. up in 4th qtr-who said cal couldnt move the ball/-a 7 min. drive in the third qtr?-by the way LS should stick with Ben Burke at QB-very bad choice to go back to Ibarra in the last drive-on another subject-can st. paul get over the buttwhipping they suffered through last week?-they cant play el rancho every week!

  • Anonymous 2

    To the Bloggers:

    El Rancho – “The giant will soon awaken.” What giant? Can anyone tell me what theatre re-released Pearl Harbor, I’am guessing this would be the source from where El Rancho gets his blog ideas.

    Del Rio Alum – Which fine institution granted you your hs diploma? Stating, “la serna does have a somewhat productive offense, however the trio of urquiza, navarro and the ever-popular grigsby can definately get it done.” What trio? Who is this Navarro kid you are talking about? Oh, that’s right, I recall an athlete by the name of Navarro, who used to be the heart of Condor football up until Grigsby came (illegally). What ever did happen to Navarro? Without Grigsby Cal Would have lost to La Serna, 21-0.

  • Anonymous

    Emerson, I don’t know if you were at the Cal – La Serna game but usually games don’t come down to one call or one play. If you were there the kid was wide open, it was a bad throw, but games are not lost on one or even two plays.

  • LS grad

    hey Chieftain Alumni and Another Santa Fe Dad, you guys need to stop bring down LS, deal with it, right you lost to Cal, you couldn’t hadle the presure. sounds liike SF alright

  • Chieftain Alumni

    WHAT??? Cal without Grigsby would be an average team. Where have we all heard that before? Its funny how when anyone from SF makes a statement like that its considered crying and whining. Dont feel bad he only carried the ball 28 times. Hopefully Whittier can come up with something this week.

    I really feel for the teammates Nick left behind at St Paul. Im sure they were looking to him to be leader this year as well as looking forward to a great season with one of the best backs in the area only to get the shaft as he jumped ship. Since leaving St Paul is 0-2 putting up 20 points.

  • Jim Rollins

    I played at St. Paul’s in the 50 and I think it time for them to get into a really small school league.With attendance of less then 700 and the bulk are girls they just can’t compete.A GREAT coach and guts keep them on top for many years but the last two years shows 5-5 and big blow outs.Its not fair to the kids to take these kinds of losses.

  • dv67

    you can’t blame coach lavigne for the loss. burke didn’t throw the ball in the correct area. he should have lobbed it but instead he threw it straight to the defender. he’s young and he made a mistake. bad play not a bad call.

  • El Rancho

    The giant I speak of is ER. Everything at ER right now is just garbage, the coaching is horrible, we have about 3 coaches that we can truly call coaches at ER. The school spirit is pretty much non existant, there is no booster club supporting the football team. The teams attitude has been pretty bad since before the season began. We will soon have a coach who cares about the ranch and bring it back to the top where it should be. All you guys talk about rivalries, well the only big rivalry in the Del Rio league the last few years has been ER vs Santa Fe. ER is the only school that took Santa Fe to the ropes on multiple ocassions during their 25 game league win streak. If La Serna managed to beat an 0-7 ER by only a TD and are one of the top teams in the division, then dam this Southeast division must be pretty horrible.

  • Football Fan

    Could someone please tell me if this is true or not but Cal Hi maybe forfeiting all their games up til the La Serna game cause they used an illegal player? Now Murray I thought you would be on top of this one. Oh and its not grigsby but another student that they have that came from Santa Fe? Or let me guess Cal Hi will get away with this one as well? I hope Whittier upsets them and puts them in their place.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hey Emerson are you going to give LSgrad an English lesson as well? We couldnt HADLE the pressure. Sounds LIIKE SF. Its okay LSgrad because according to Emerson you will probably be having a Santa Fe graduate proof reading your memos anyway.

    Looks like we both lost to Cal. But Im sure some how your defeat was really a moral victory.

  • djg

    Hey Schurr Fan,
    Just some FYI, Who won last Year????? oh yeah MONTEBELLO! who owns who? Oh yeah MONTEBELLO!(19-6) You finally got your own field,(built wrong, with no bleachers, typical MUSD) because your sorry neighbors cried all theses years. YOU will NEVER mearsure up to MHS, you were once a jr high, and you should have stayed a jr high! And as for GHS and RHS, let’s see you play a real school LB Poly, Mater Dei, Mission Viejo, oh yeah sorry you can only play local schools, talk about a program with NO future. You’re right there is no rivalry, we would need a rival with a winning tradition & history in order to have a “Rivalry”

  • chieftain03

    My chieftains stop whining about grigsby we know we messed up and that just makes it better because in playoffs we will dominate him we will meet again but right now swe should stop worrying about grigsby matter of fact everybody should all we need is ourselves chiefs we have to come together when i played we didnt talk like this of grigsby this grigsby that just shut up and play american football alright my brothers play hard and with haeart

  • BigCondor65

    ok serioius its like grigsby this and that did you forget about all of the other guys? Navaro is a linebacker and running back now grigsby is not the only guy that runs Urquiza averages 6 yards a run if we had el rancho’s o line! grigsby wouldnt be who he is!

  • El Rancho

    You talk as if ER’s line is horrible, If El Rancho can produce over 300 yards with their backs, I wonder what grigsby could do with that line. I cant wait till ER plays Cal.

  • Rguerra


    I saw that Whittier v. WC game and I’ll agree with coach scott when he said his team got outplayed. But to say that they were outcoached is another story. I played for whittier and I know that the coaches there, pariticularly defensively, prepare their team very well. (Just ask Cal last year. We knew all of their formations, the names of them, and where the plays were going. Their QB and FB #27 were getting pissed. I could hear them going to the sidelines saying “They know our plays”) But we lost because we couldn’t execute. Simple as that. Same with the WHS v. WC game. A lot of time the guys were in the right spots, they just couldn’t make the play. The 2 plays they weren’t (the onside kick and the reverse pass) were great calls, especially the onside. Very aggressive, I liked it. But I know for one that the D-coordinator at whittier stresses staying at home and playing assignment football. On the pass, his end bit as did his safety, giving them an easy play.

    So yeah, WC did blow them out. They executed a lot better and I give them credit. But to say that Whittier was outcoached is not only disrespectful, it’s incorrect.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Lets see, I really dont remember Uruiza or Navaro rushing for 200+ yards in any game so far this year. And I have a sneaky suspicion that if we were to add up the numbers that Grigsby probably has more yards in two games than either of them in 7. Now the o-line I am also assuming should still probably be the same so are we to believe that suddenly this line has miraculously created bigger and larger holes for Grigsby or has he impacted that team dramatically?? Please dont insult our football knowledge and intelligence. Maybe you should all be upset with Nick and his family for not being able to handle things during the summer so that you guys could be gloating about being undefeated and have a chance at a 10-0 season.

    I will agree the Nick has not single handedly won those games over SF & LS for Cal but with him Cal was able to keep the game close and in a close game anything can happen i.e. a blocked extra point or a pick in the end zone. Remove Grigsby from the equation and the game this week between Santa Fe and La Serna would pretty much be for the league title. Please dont think that I am trying to knock the rest of Cals team but the numbers dont lie.

  • Schurr Fan

    I don’t know if your on drugs or what, but did you see the score last friday night. I don’t know how you can say anything, 56-7 I think Montebello should be cleaning up our field after that game, Montebello high school is a joke now, the rivarly is over. In the almont league schurr high school has won 3 league titles in a row (going for our 4th), when was the last time Montebello ever won a league title or even had a winning season (not in the last ten years). Don’t even talk about Montebello high school it gets me sick, oh yeah go celebrate after your team gets their own win in league against Keppel. Yeah Montebello sure is a great team, don’t even compare them to Schurr. Oh yeah and does Montebello have a CIF title, I think not. Thats what the game is all about, and Schurr has a Ring (1980 CIF Champs) if you want to bring up old crap. Don’t even use Schurr and Montebello in the same sentence ever again “loser”.

  • Another Santa Fe Dad




  • Chieftain Alumni

    2:30 p.m. California High School reportedly will have to forfeit four of its five football victories this season for use of an ineligible player.

    Kids I know its not your fault and I feel for you but it couldnt have happened to a nicer coaching staff!!!!!

    Im sorry, am I whining again? See you Thursday night La Serna. May the best team win? I truly mean it…..best of luck to you. Its going to be a great game and how fitting that well be playing at Cal High.

  • Atoyac

    Word out of Cal Hi Grisby lives in a hotel and that is how he got cleared to play! Bet you he does not stay there the rest of the year!!

  • Brian Tabatabai

    I really feel for the kids at Cal. Having played them earlier this year, the kids actually apologized for their coaches’ behavior as they attempted to run up the score on us, after they ran up the score against our JV’s. That staff has no class.

  • Anonymous

    Schurr Fan, theres more to a rivalry then 1 year or 1 game. Montebello beat you last season, and they werent even a playoff team. If you think montebello has had a bad season for the past 10 years then you really dont know much, are you forgetting that Montebello had been consistenly in the playoffs for a long time up until the 2003 season. Montebello played los altos in the 2nd round of the playoffs 3 years in a row, and we all know no one was going to get past LA when they were in D7. Had they not played a Sean Cody led LA those years, they might have reached the finals each year. Montebello last won a league title in 2002, do a bit of research before you talk because you are obviously uninformed.


    HEADLINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iluvfootball

    you guys crack me up i was @ all the games the 2 weeks and i’ve never seen such crying from players, coaches and staff members that you all should be ashamed of yourselves.1. you have a chief player take his helment off after his qb throws and interception and starts fighting with a cal high player for no reason and you have your starting qb throw his helment on the floor after the game, oh but thats okay. You have Santa Fe coaches surround JV coaches after a game but yet nobody from district does anything because why lets see the superintendent is the prior principle at santa fe. i know cal hi started it. you have la serna parents and coaches after the game say with grigsby you don’t win, no wait a minute with grigsby you don’t score 14 right… Get over it with this kid if you don’t know don’t bash him. Oh by the what about santa fe huh romeo wasn’t he a tranfer and what about the la serna transfers from st. paul of but thats okay. come on get over it. so you win by a foriet but like always you’ll loose in the plays-off. plus don’t look know calhi still beat you on the field but thats right jacks god. oh i forgot santa fe’s record vs st.paul is 17-0 hello is that what this is about thats the only way jack can beat an Coach A. before you talk no what your talking about.

  • bigjer

    Ancich said that the player was a reserve player. I have seen all of the games and I know who the kid is. He played in every one. He played a huge part in the santa fe game.

  • loveshsfootball

    to santa fe dad – real mature comment you made there-we will rename you santa fe baby!-you guys still showed no class in not shaking hands after the cal game-but what do you expect from santa fe!

  • chieftain03

    santa fe dad i am disgusted with you i cant belive your a chief fan you have no class the reality is that we still lost and the w is just imaginary if you want to live a lie about a win that santa fe really lost go ahead i have class and i am not too happy about winning the laegue this year because we dont deserve it we lost fair and square if we win leage i will be happy but we did not win it deep down in my heart i hope you guys will be mature come on your a dad i olnly graduated 3 years ago im disgusted

  • La Serna Parent

    It is really a shame that Cal High is going to forfeit all those games, considering how hard the boys have been working all summer and school year. – I really feel for you guys, keep your head up as this is something out of your control. Please continue to play tough and with your whole hearts as you have been.
    To all Parents! Listen up, this could be any one of the schools so don’t gloat!

  • HS football fan

    Hey El Rancho
    wasn’t it the whittier coaches who told Rodger that they were outcoached in every area of the WHS vs WCHS game? Coaches who do their work see several games of each opponent…not 1 because they are a “lower level” opponent.

  • BigCondor65

    its funny how you guys say stuff about cal i bet there are alot of old farts that dont even play football anymore saying stuff in here!! its really sad,but the fact of the matter is all of the other schools in del rio leauge are too SCARED!!! THEY ARE SCARED OF CAL WINNING THIS SEASON!!!! SANTA FE’S INCREDIBLE 5-0 SEASON was taken away from them and they were so scared they had to announce that one of our players that CAME FROM SANTA FE that doesnt even play except for 14 plays in all of our games TOGETHER is going to determine our record from 5-2 to 1-6????? i would understand if it was our quarter back but it was a backup!! an act of desperation… a bunch of sissys that honnestly i dont know how they look at themselves in the mirror had to act so they had a chance to be number 1…all i have to say is we are gonna win like if all of this never happend and we are waitng for playoffs when we have to play santa fe…California High School Are going to be The Real Del Rio Leauge Champs and when they over rule this after they find out how many times he did play its gonna be all that better…Whittier is going to lose

  • Don the Don

    When was Pioneer and El Rancho a rivalry in the 60 and the 70s? I don’t think the two ever played until the Del Rio League was created. Pioneer wished it could play with the Dons in those days. Ruben Elizalde wished he could quarterback like Duane Matthews or Mike Ortiz in those days. Pioneer can compete with The Ranch now, but when The Ranch gets a new coach things will be different.

  • djg

    Hey Schurr Kid,
    The last time, oh yeah 2003 when we shared it with Schurr!!! And if you do math, that’s in the last 3 years (not 10 as you stated) So you must still be in high school at Schurr (or jr.high), because you can’t even do math yet! I will give you (no,not you)but Schurr profs for the 1980 team, but remeber Schurr will always be known as Schurr High School FROM MONTEBELLO, you will NEVER STAND ALONE!!!! How sad, what a loser! and like I said play some real schools and see how your sorry butts get served(like Luezinger, thats not even a powerhouse, and they RAN all over your team)
    Okay, we lost 56 to 7 ( oh, the most lopsided Montebello – Schurr score 76-0 MONTEBELLO!!!) and yes it was a butt kick’n, but you know what they say about payback. You see Schurr kid, WE have a HISTORY, WE have TRADITION,We have a NOBLE PEACE PRIZE WINNER, WE have PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, We have an OSCAR WINNING ACTOR, you and the rest of the kids up on the hill have?????????????????

  • Big Spartans 56-7

    DJG, you’re an idiot…..live in the now….there is a reason we are on top of the hill and you are on the bottom of it….MTB is a Schurr town, you guys were once the School in MTB, but not anymore…IN ANY SPORT!!!!!!!!!! We got a better game from Keppel, than the spoiler’s…BTW, how did it feel when we played you guys at your dirt field and you guys sat on the visitor’s side….you guys lost on Friday, cuz you guys played on grass and not dirt, like your weak field……HAHAHAHA

    GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!

  • Another Santa Fe Dad

    Now look at that:

    Santa Fe is undefeated, La Serna and Cal each have 1 loss. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I agree with La Serna Parent, its a damn shame for all those kids that busted their butts only to have their coaches blow it for them. They were the master minds behind the Grigsby transfer only to shoot themselves in the foot with an ex-Santa Fe reserve player. Why play him? Were you so focused on making sure Nick passed inspection that you over looked this other player? Had he sat in the game against SF you would not have to forfeit that game either but there he was in the back field. Was that your way of thumbing your noses at Jack? Then when Cal tackled Molina in what seemed to be short of the first down this same player (along with the whole team) erupted thinking they had won the game then he ran to mid field and flung his helmet a good 15 in the air jumping up and down only to have to retrieve it because we got the first. Ya, I know he was only a reserve player and Bonds thought he was taking flack seed oil and Sammy Sosa only used the corked bats during batting practice. I know its only high school football but you better damn well know before you take the field or you just might get caught. SFs girls volleyball team learned that hard lesson.
    Please, take all your allegations against SF to CIF and lets see what they find. Cal beat us on the field and we have to deal with ityou got caught cheating so deal with it! Maybe the stars will align and well meet in the playoff and this will all be a mute point after all. The loss left a bitter taste in my mouth but I must admit it was the best high school football game I have see in a very long time and the thought of a part 2 is very captivating!!!!

  • SportsMom

    La Serna should of won against Cal High. Without Grigsby they would have been scoreless. Cal’s QB is slow, I can’t remember how many times he got sacked.

  • ur worst knightmare

    Rosemead @ ARROYO: Panthers have not won at Bergstrom Stadium when playing the Knights since 1990! Rosemead 20 ARROYO 21

  • observerofsantafe

    i have to say to the santa fe fan that they are quite the 1’s to complain about grigsby coming they themselves have transfers every year that just magically appear . no one ever complains about them hmmmmm romeo pellum just decided to come 1 day no 1 says any thing about that. i’m sure there might be more to there players coming every year. i think they just might be a little upset. that some one finally beat them

  • Condor60

    We weren’t cheating. We were told that he was cleared to play. Only Santa Fe knew that he really wasn’t. but thanks to those of you that expressed some respect for us in this matter. After reading a lot of these blog posts recently i’m glad to see that there are some mature people still on here.

  • Mike

    I’m not even from your area, but this whole subject, and the bizarre and emotional responses caused me to look up your site, and the insulting posts caused me to write.

    As a 5x CIF winning football coach, I do not feel sorry for CalHi [or any other team that has an ineligible player]. Any transfer, regardless of how much he might play, must be severely scrutinized and ALL paperwork checked and double-checked before the player should be allowed to even sniff the field. Any time this has come up, we’ve sat players or simply refused to put a uniform on them. It doesn’t matter if the player gets on the field for one play with 40 seconds left in a 55-0 win. It would be a forfeit. That’s the rule, like it or not. It won’t get overturned, and all gloating and madness aside, it is a shame, but one that happens all-too-often these days in HS athletics.

    As coaches, we owe it to our players to ensure there are no paperwork glitches or errors of this nature. The debt to the players is owed primarily by coaches, but almost equally by the adminstrators whose job it is to ensure the accuracy and vailidity of the transfer and paperwork. Unfortunate though this is, it is a violation, and it may cause even further scrutiny of Cal’s program and others in the region in the coming days and weeks.

    By the way, most of the people posting on this site should grow some self-discipline and stop the name-calling, belittling, and cruelty. I suppose this too is symptomatic of the way things are today – people can do and say whatever they want without fear of consequences and never even use their name. Truth is the victim here, and integrity is destroyed right alongside.

    Enjoy my one and only post ever. May it bring some of you piece of mind and quiet the crude and rude comments.

  • Schurr Fan

    Why can’t you just shut up and admit that Montebello sucks now. No one ever fears Montebello, and mark my words, Schurr will never lose the city trophy and the 1,000 dollars that Montebello try to put up like if they had any chance of winning last Friday. Oh and with Leuzinger, if you have been watching any of their games their RB Mark Rodgers is committed to UCLA, and they killed Bell Gardens even worse and just beat Pennisula who beat Santa Fe, and we were winning at halftime 7-6, they would of beat you 90-0, especially if we had over 600 total yards against your sorry school. You get me sick the more you write crap, oh and if we played your horrible schedule we would be 7-0 easy, losing to Norwalk and Wilson – your hilarious for even writing to me, how could you even brag about your school. I would never recommend Montebello to anyone for anything, what loser parent would send their kid there. Look who we lost our 3 games to Burroughs who is ranked #1 in their division, Downey who will kill anyone in the area, and Leuzinger who would kill anyone. So please don’t even write anything till next year, or till Montebello beats someone else besides Keppel. With that said I don’t think you can write till next year. So see you in the playoffs, oh sorry you won’t be in the playoffs, LOSER!

  • CondorPride22

    Honestly… reading over all this yes we could have won withough grigsby… Hes not the only super strar.. it people who single players out that make the others look like there just suited up for decoration what about Matt Davis, Matt Navarrow, Matt Urquiza, richie juarez, Robert arriola… what about our line that blocks for grigsby we win as a team no an individual.. it takes a team to make a touch down now one guy.

  • Schurr Head

    Montebello is horrible. They willnever be good again. All of the best athletes from Montebello go to Schurr. De La Hay 5 tds,Orduno 4 tds, Guerrero 1 td all went to La Merced which is to be a feeder school to Montebello, but they all ended up at Schurr. A few years back Jesse Ramirez who scored 8 tds against Montebello also came from La Merced. Schurr is King!!!

  • El Rancho

    Just some questions for the Santa Fe people, where did Aaron Taminich come from?, when ER played SF in 2004 in week 8, Aaron Taminich wasnt in the Santa Fe game program or on the Santa Fe roster on maxpreps.com, im not accusing anyone of anything, I just had never heard of taminich before that game. How is it possible for Santa Fe to have people on their roster from Santa Fe Springs, whittier, Pico Rivera, Norwalk, Downey, Compton, Maywood? How does Romeo Pellum make his way from Gardena Serra high school to Santa Fe high school?


    am i the only one who remembers last years display of unsportsman like conduct in the final seconds of last years santa fe cal hi game by mr albert zombrano #67 the teams captain????????
    talk about losing with no class, and if you wanna talk about class how about the show of disrespect given by all plyers, parents, and coaches of cal hi after all cal hi defeats over the freshman and j.v. games? im jus saying its pretty funny what people tend to forget huh?

  • Atoyac

    Schurr Head…..
    Jesse Ramirez Lived two blocks away from Whittier High School during his Junior and Senior Year and his brother went to Whittier High remember!!!!!

  • Condor60


    What did Albert do that was unsportsman like. He jumped off sides and inadvertantly hit the Santa Fe player because he had jumped off sides. It was the Santa Fe player that took it the wrong way. And if i remember correctly it was some Santa Fe people that started the stuff at the freshman and JV games.

    and good job El Rancho

  • Del Rio Alum

    REVELES 61, dont be so quick to point fingers. IIRC it was burroughs who chased after zambrano. maybe zambrano did mean to do it. maybe he didnt. only he knows and im sure he now regrets that descision. as they once said, he who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks. If you want to start pointing fingers at people and talk about losing with class…how about winning with class. i know for a FACT that molina did not walk the line nor shake hands with ANY calhi player after winning that game. team leaders like kaawa, jackson, and gardly could do it…why not him? don’t even make me bring up what happened at league finals for wrestling a few years back…

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. talk about “had grigsby not been there…..” all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that calhi won. you don’t hear people saying “yeah but if pellum hadn’t played, santa fe wouldn’t have won…” get over it already and stop whining.

    chieftan03…i would like to simply say that you are the only santafe alum to actually conduct yourself in away that is at least somewhat respectful towards anybody besides santa fe and i commend you for that whether or not it means anything to you.

  • BigCondor65

    ok in reality CAL BEAT ALL THE TEAMS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST…its sad though after all of the hard work we did…we loose it because some coach is too much of a loser to admit he lost…i played my heart out…we won that game everyone knows it…all of the other games i dont care about except for our leauge games…we were supposed to be the champs this year not santa fe like everyone thought…not the over rated La serna Lancers…Cal im sure that all the other teams are like wtf but if im right everyone will know we are the real champs the best we can do is #2 now unless a 3 way tie…another thing that was a real nut buster is that we didnt have an athletic director at the time of this transfer…so if it was anyones fault it wasnt the coaches or the players or even the player on our team that was inelligable it was CIF’s fault for approving him in the first place

  • footballfan

    so you were at both the freshman and j.v. games????? If so, you recal your parents and coaches yelling and challenging our players and parents to fights.
    and as for albert zombrano that was definately a purposeful act. He not only hit our player but celebrated with his teammates and coaches after the fact.

  • loceshsfootball

    where are the st. paul fans?-you ae strangely silent-why is it every time you get a win against a weak team you brag about how great you are and then when you get your butt kicked like last week you go into hiding?-another whipping coming up this week?

  • scj

    “where are the st. paul fans?-you ae strangely silent-why is it every time you get a win against a weak team you brag about how great you are and then when you get your butt kicked like last week you go into hiding?-another whipping coming up this week?”

    Dude, what have you got against St. Paul. I went back through all the posts in this thread and I did not see anyone bragging about wins. Someone mentiones St. Paul when it came to the Grigsby situation and one guy lamented St. Paul was in over its head with its schedule. Then there was your post bashing St. Paul prior to the ND game. Yes, Notre Dame kicked their butts soundly. ND would of beaten just about any team in any division that night. I can see them winning the Pac 5 title over the likes of Mater Dei, O Lu, Servite and Santa Margarita.

    Admittally, SP played a lousy game that night and ND was clicking on all cylinders. However, I think us Swordsmen fans are realistic about our team this year especially light of the schedule they play.

    I wouldn’t call the teams they beat weak teams either. Redondo was ranked in the top 10 of their division when SP beat them. Banning came into the game at 2-1 and ahd beaten 2 decent teams and cewrtainly are not a pushover. El Rancho is not the pasty everyone thinks they are. They stop turning the ball over 5 or 6 times a game and they wouldn ahve some wins under their belts against some decent teams.

    As far this week goes. I think they can beat Chaminade even though we are starting an all soph backfield. This has been a great learning year for SP and they will be a force in the next few ytears to come.

    Besides, lets face it….it is the same 5 or 6 people posting on this blog. So if I go a couple of days and not post it doesn’t mean the St. Paul Fan(s) are in hiding. It means I’ve got a life outside of this blog. How about you?

  • Highlander Fan


  • exFBplayer

    loceshsfootball, Amazing how St Paul gets mentioned in this Blog? Let’s face it, SP plays in the toughest league in the area. I don’t know what school you are representing but if its an area team I wonder if you can even complete in division III, year in and year out. Maybe your school should schedule the same compitetion. Schedule some of the same schools? We had our share of success how about you? Schedule SP next year?

  • Spectator

    Cal hi deserves all that happend to them they were talking smack all season and carma finaly came around and got um and now they want to cry how santa fe ratted um out, now thats being a little girl if ask me.especialy since theyre putng the blame on the wrong person. w/ out Grigsby Cal is just last years pioneer with different jerseys and if you ask me grigsby isn’t even as good as everyone thinks he is i mean wow he can rush for 200 yrds w/ 44 carries, Aaron jackson did that last year for santa fe w/ only half that many carries and he wasnt AFRAID of running up the middle like grigsby. And there is one thing that i would also like to say before logging off, Thanks TONY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spectator

    Cal hi deserves all that happend to them they were talking smack all season and carma finaly came around and got um and now they want to cry how santa fe ratted um out, now thats being a little girl if ask me.especialy since theyre putng the blame on the wrong person. w/ out Grigsby Cal is just last years pioneer with different jerseys and if you ask me grigsby isn’t even as good as everyone thinks he is i mean wow he can rush for 200 yrds w/ 44 carries, Aaron jackson did that last year for santa fe w/ only half that many carries and he wasnt AFRAID of running up the middle like grigsby. And there is one thing that i would also like to say before logging off, Thanks TONY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • todd

    ok first of all grigsby has no one around him, jackson, had a good fullback infront of him, and a huge line, grigsby could be doin more, its jsut the line is weak, he gains the yards basically by himself, and who ever u are u know grigsby would run u over! and if u didnt notice cal highs running system is pound it up the middle, grigsby isnt that type of pounding runner but is still gettin his yards, they would let jackson run outside and burn everyone,

  • DelRioFtbll

    I see that everyone is ignoring that Aaron Taminich question..

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Aaron Taminich came to Santa Fe as a sophomore and actually ended up playing quarter back that year on the JV team while living in Santa Fe Springs, so whats your point?

  • me

    spectator get your story straight

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Todd.Are trying to imply that Cal High is a one man team? Cover your ears fans because I think Todds about to get blasted!!!! Go a head Cal fans, let him have it!!! I support you on this one because Todds post was pure crap. No running back gains a yard with out an offensive line. A good line can make a decent running back look good and a great running back even better. Have you even played football???? Make no mistake about it that Cal has a good line and weve seen the difference from them having a decent running back to the questionable addition of a pure running back.

  • Spartanjoe

    Aaron Taminich?? I seen him at the 605 game and a couple others. Funny, he didn’t quite light the field on fire that day? He looked good playing lower quality teams though.

  • El Rancho

    Theres more questions in that post Chieftain Fan.

  • Anonymous

    taminch and chestnut both came through cal high

  • Anonymous

    they do wat they can for grigsby but the offensive line would simply be terrible without grigsby, he is making the line look good, i mean if its the awesome line why wasnt navarro or urquiza lighting it up! o yeah because grigsby duzz it himself! LET BOOBIE SPIN!

  • DelRioFtbll

    Gee why is it that my friend Turbo told me that the Qb who started on that team moved away sometime AFTER the season ended. Hmmmm nothing adds up here.

  • Bruin Fan7

    It’s Thursday and not one mention of the Biggest game this Friday?
    # 1 Troy vs. #2 La Habra.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Taminich was expelled from Santa Fe towards the end of the 2004 season. That is why he was removed from the roster on Maxpreps. He served his expulsion at Cal before being allowed to return to Santa Fe for the last semester of school that same year. The QB that moved from the that JV team was Jake Ramirez who broke his hand early in the season only to return for the last two games. I wish Taminich had stayed at Cal because all the did was get in Jacksons way of putting up greater numbers as for what ever reason the coaching staff felt the need to split time between the two Aarons. Ask Turbo and he or she (which ever Turbo it was) will tell you the same.

    I hope the entire Cal o-line reads the Anonymous post and lets Grigsby see how he does for even just a quarter without blocking.

  • El Rancho

    If you say he was expelled and removed from the roster in that 2004 season then he should not have been playing that game on October 29th 2004. He was never on the roster to begin with in that 2004 season, ever. When he scored against ER in that game that was the first time I had ever heard of that player. If he was expelled like you say, and then removed from the roster because he was expelled then why was he playing in that game? You guys accuse Cal of doing this stuff with Grigsby and yet you guys are doing some shady stuff that doesnt add up.

  • DelRioFtbll

    I dont know the years dont quite add up.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    El Rancho:

    I have a program from Santa Fes 2004 opening home game versus Inglewood on 09/09/2004 and hes in there. And I believe it was just after that game that he was expelled for something he did on campus (not football related). Im not sure exactly when but I know he missed the last one or two league games and the playoffs.

    Good luck next week. SF – ER games are always smash mouth tough games.

  • Anonymous 2


    It doesn’t add up because Santa Fe has mastered the equation that Cal Hi has just applied, illegal recruiting x illegal recruiting equals legal recruiting.

    Santa Fe knows how to cover its tracks, if you notice the SF blogs they all have the same story. Not like the Cal Grysbys, different story everytime.

  • DelRioFtbll

    so what ever happened to Navarro? is he still playing?

  • Matt Navarro

    Ok i know people are saying poor navarro but i am glad Grigsby came i know you people are saying bs right but its the truth i wasn’t looking forward to playing running back beucase i knew i couldnt accomplish what i wanted to do. Now i am happily playing insode backer and defensive end. i have always wanted to play defense and now its my chance so everyone please stop saying poor navarro ok because im happy with grigsbyat cal and plaese can you stop saying that my coach is a bad coach he is a great one that i admire so santa fe see you guys in the playoffs.#34

  • just a mom

    Good work Navarro and nice game last night. You are one class act.

  • Condor-O-Line-Dad

    You do not have to explain yourself to anybody, but you are a true gentleman. Good luck to you and your team in the playoffs.

  • Anonymous 2


    You are a class act. And if rumors are true ( because grading period for WUHSD was this past Friday), you will be rewarded with an extra amount of carries come playoff time.

    Let us see how the Cal Condors do in the first round of the playoffs not as the Grigsbys.