Just the facts

Just when it seemed the fire storm than had surrounded the California High School football program the past two weeks might be dwindling, the Condors took another hit this week when they learned theyd have to forfeit three victories for using an ineligible player.

There was some confusion as to how many and which games were involved, so this is how it worked out:

1) Instead of a 6-1 record overall and 2-0 in league, California’s records, at least for now, are 2-5 and 1-1.

2) The two wins that stand are against Buena Park (nonleague) and La Serna (league), because it was determined from viewing the game videos the Ineligible player did not participate in those contests.

3) The victories reversed by the forfeits were nonleague games with El Monte and Basset and the league encounter with Santa Fe.

4) The losses on the field that were unaffected by the forfeits were to Rowland and Schurr (nonleague).

While there is talk about a possible appeal, isn’t it time for the rest of those not directly involved to turn their attention to other matters and allow the Condors’ football program to move on?

One thing that must be accepted: the only change the forfeits impact is the numbers in the records.

Whether you like it or not, no matter how the program, from coaches to players, is perceived, the team on the field against Whittier Friday night will be the same one that defeated Santa Fe and La Serna to start Del Rio League play.
And though the Cal players may perform with a bad taste in their mouths, they know they had nothing to do with most of the drama that has surrounded the program, and that as it was before the drama, and will be afterward, they will be judged by how they perform in the arena.

With that in mind, would you want to be the next team to play the Condors?

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  • Atoyac

    Mr. Murray Cal brought all this drama onto their selves. They have no one to blame but their coach, and administrators. It seems like you want to protect them why don’t you really investigate what is going? You know what if you try the whole school has a policy not to talk about Grisby and what ever else. Winning is important to everyone but not like this!! What happen to the great article you wrote abot Matt Navarro being the Heart and Soul of Cal HI? Do you think he is still the Heart and Soul of Cal HI ? Come on Mr. Murray you know things are not being done right over!

  • Another Santa Fe Dad

    I wonder what gametapes they reviewed. Were they 2 year game tapes like they send to La Serna and Santa Fe? Or were they current game tapes like Santa Fe and La Serna sent to Cal Hi? Just the Facts, Roger? This is a average team with one great player and classless coaching.

  • Football Fan

    Okay, now Roger Murray is jumping on the cal hi band wagon. Give me a break. I think that Cal hi should be 0-7 right now and 0-2 in league if it wasn’t for the Cal hi coaches influencing Grigsby to play for them. Like Father, like son. Cause we all know that without Grigsby Cal hi would be nothing. Everyone in their minds know that except for the cal hi football players who are already brain washed by their coaches. Good luck cheaters, I hope Whittier takes it too you, because they deserve to win, they have their same players that they started with this summer.

  • Brian Tabatabai

    That’s the problem. Nothing is going to happen to those coaches who cheated their kids. The kids will rally, they will play tough, and they will be successful. The coaches will use it as a rally, they will blame Santa Fe, and in the end not one negative thing will happen to those coaches. From competing against that staff, to speaking with other coaches in the Whittier area it is clear that certain members of that staff are classless individuals who do not have the best interest of the kids. Roger, do you have no opinion? I haven’t read one negative thing about what the coaches did. Not one opinion. Let them move on. I guess that’s why your blog doesn’t measure up to Aram’s.

  • Walter G. Scott


  • CondorPRide22

    honestly i was very upset when i walked into 5th period and the guy who sits in front of me came back from chalk talk and told me… I mean we didnt know about the paperwork and what not… and honestly if santa fe would have won this wouldnt have came about and thats what most people belive. I guess they couldnt handel a lost because i belive they new this information befor the game took place. but its okay. today i talked to fullback matt urquiza who happens to be my best friend and i asked him how does this all affect him and he turned to me and said it happens and there is nothing we can do about it just finish the season strong. and thats true thats all we can do. Friday night we will suit up and get the job done like we have been. No matter what we walked away with the victory that night and no one can take that from us. A forfet isnt even a win its givin. But to all you high school football fans support your team and good luck to you all for the rest of the season.

  • condor dad

    shu up not one of you guys know the facts for one every school in the distric agreed to let the other schools no if something like this came up so ther whould not have this problem did you no that??? i didnt think so the fact is all you guys do is put down cal.. y… because they beat you! santa fe knows how to win but they sure are women about losing!!you talk about cals coachs what about that women jack and punk of a son waiting untill they lose to pull this it dosent matter you guys dont care to look at whats really going on you just say what you want even if it makes you sound like a moron but hey we will see in playoffs good luck la serna but dont win our be ready to say good by to your season!

  • Anonymous 2

    “I don’t believe for a minute that there is any blame at that level,” Ancich said Tuesday night. “I think our people did everything the right way.”

    Ancich, what is your definition of the “right way?”

  • Anonymous 2


    I believe that this year you took one of WUHSD’s mottos way too seriously.

    “Whatever it takes,” huh?

  • bigjer

    My only problem with this is that everyone keeps saying that this kid didn’t have an impact on the games. Against Santa Fe he played 90% of the offensive snaps. How is that not having an impact. Now he didn’t carry the ball 40 times like some other transfer but he did lead block for him on most of those carries.

  • Anonymous 2

    condor dad,

    Hey ex-Condor assistant coach Munoz, what the hell are you trying to say?! I could barely understand your blog.

    And the insults, wow! You really know how to get under someone’s skin.

    I understand that many are crying foul with the whole Cal Grygsbys thing (myself included), but damn, it seems like you’re just crying.

  • La Serna Parent

    Condor Dad & CondorPRide22:

    You both may have a good point, however you need to slow down or proof read your posts, because any point you are trying to make is lost in the spelling and horrible grammer.

  • loveshsfootball

    what a bunch of classless comments from the no class santa fe people on this board-for your info cal got their early wins before grigsby was cleared to play-with or without him they would be in the top three of league-but what your comments show is santa fe will always lead the league in one category- Worst Sportsmanship- also we know that santa fe will do what they always do-choke in the playoffs-how many cif titles have you won?-how many title games have you played in?- ZERO- you talk a big game but cant back it up!

  • Del Rio Alum

    Another Santa Fe Dad: what in the hell are you talking about? I doubt calhi has played buena park any time in the last 8 years, definately not the last 5, so how in the hell could they be sending 2 year old tapes? oh or did you just feel like typing up some random comment then attacthing one of your bitter-mouthed slanders attatched to it? I remember playing santa fe in numerous sports as both a player and spectator and remember them being a bunch of whiny poor sports. now i know where they get it from.

    i really like how a topic that can have pretty much nothing to do with grigsby (although it may be the same topic, the focus is entirely on another player) and he is STILL brought into it. I doubt wuhsd will ever have to purchase another tube of glue for the next ten years after the beating you guys are giving to this horse. GIVE IT UP ALREADY. HES THERE. HES THERE LEGALLY. GET USED TO IT. argue all you want and bring up all your false pretenses, talk all you want about how calhi without grigsby would have lost weeks 6 and 7, but everybody knows that Calhi still managed to put more points on the board than any of the other teams. just accept defeat already. eventhough now on record it will show a win because of a forced forfeit, everybody knows calhi won that game. it doesn’t matter who you are…in the back of your head you know calhi won.

    i really don’t see how everybody is putting the blame on ancich for this. i honestly don’t. yes, coaches should know whether a transfer player is or is not within the boundaries, but he is not the one who files the paper work. the administratiors are the ones who are supposed to check up on this. the administration is supposed to be the ones to make sure the paper work is squared away, not the coaches. even if ancich did have some way in screwing up the transfer process, the administration should ahve caught it. just like if a running back breaks a 90 yard td run. yes the dline and linebackers should have made the tackle earlier, but ultimately the safety should have been there to make sure it didn’t go that far.

    now to do the onething nobody else before this post has done (at teh time of posting)…answer the original question instead of just posting more of the same recycled garbage about grigsby this and ancich that. No i would not like to be the team to face calhi this week, or for the next few weeks for that matter. they have just come of two huge victories (whether or not they deserved them in your opinoin is besides the point, the players know the truth and still have the mentality of a win) over what is probably their two biggest rivals in the league, and now they have a bad taste in their mouth with something to prove. add on top of this calhi didn’t play their best game last year against this team eventhough it was a landslide victory, expect the condors to take it to them.

    one thing that i found interesting was that if LS and Cal win out, and SF wins all of their games except for the LS game, there will be a 3 way tie for league champ. just some food for thought.

  • Condor60

    Anonymous 2,
    what is your deal with Munoz. Seriously, all of your posts call him out. And why do you think every Condor poster on this blog is him. Seriously why??

    Santa Fe Dad,
    stop trying to start stuff.

    Why are you all still on Grigsby. He did all this legally. Get over it. All of the other schools would be happy to have Grigsby and would play him if he was on their team. But you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why all the Cal High people are mad at Santa Fe? Who was the team caught cheating? Who was the staff that played that individual kid? Who sold their souls to the devil for a shot at what every team wants? Let us not pass the blame to other schools when we all know the California Coaching Staff should be the one’s blamed!

  • The Parent

    Hello. I am the parent of the child that didn’t have the correct paperwork filed at Cal high. I don’t know much about high school ball, who coaches are, or even who the latest star players are in different divisions. I didn’t even know what CIF was. I never had the pleasure of playing high school ball myself. I just love to watch kids play and play their hearts out.
    My son has never started anywhere he has played. He has no stats. He’s not being looked at by any college, nobody knows who he is. I’ve always seen him to be a good player who could be great if given the right chance with the right coaches. He came to live with me and then attended Cal high. He’s made great friends and is heartbroken that he is looked at as the one to blame for the unfortunate events, although he isn’t. Maybe it’s my fault for not asking more questions or double checking everything but how do you ask if you don’t know. Sometimes i feel that if I’d have known more about legality issues concerning high school athletic eligibility and CIF, things would have been better for my son. Then again, I could’ve have ended up corrupt like many other peope who do try twist everything to win “by any means”.
    I honestly never heard of Coach Ancich or who his father is or was. all I know is that he is an excellent coach from what i have seen on the practice field and i have attended almost every practice since spring training. Aside from the fact that I wish my son had more playing time, i have nothing to complain about him or the staff. They have treated my son good and have pushed him to be as excellent as he can be on the field. I appreciate them for this because he wants to go on to play ball in college. wheteher it be a JC, D1-D3 school and he needs to understand how to dig the best out of himself even when he doesn’t think he has anything left to give.

    We are trying to get his eligibilty re-established through the proper paperwork. If all goes well, he’ll be back, hopefully, by our last season game or possibly playoffs. He’s still in a slight depression mode because he feels he let the team down and this is understandable. Not to mention the fact that he is still a very young man and this is probably the heaviest weight he has to deal with at this point in his life. I couldn’t even begin to understand what he must be going through mentally, not only with the team, but with kids in the school who know that it’s by him that the schools football record fallen. Those of us who know, know that he has trained, bled, shared injuries, went through hell week, shared obstacles and field battles with his teammates, pushed himself to the maximum in weight training and everything.

    There are definitely other things that people don’t know and I will be more than happy to share them with you at the right time. My first concern is trying to get my sons eligibility re-established. hopefully in time for at least a couple games. He loves playing ball and I want to, hopefully, give him some of that joy back by getting him on the field with no further issues to be concerned about.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    No, its true that Santa Fe hasnt won a CIF title in football and we do always seem to choke (as loveshsfootball put it) in the playoffs. But the last time I check I havent seen any other team in the Del Rio league filling their gym with CIF title banners either. The FACT remains that we have been the best team in the Del Rio for some time now and are considered one of the best programs in the area by the powers that be. All the Cal faithful screamed that we were all just a bunch of cry babies and acted astonished that we would imply that this new coaching staff would cheat. Now that CIF has proved otherwise the finger pointing has started. One and All check Mikes posting on 10/25/06 under Rivalries because he hit the nail on the head. Dont blame Santa Fe for the CIF ruling but look to your own coaching staff and school administration because ultimately it was there responsibility to make sure all their teams paperwork is in order.

    So Ancich, tell your team that this is all bigo bad Santa Fes fault and that we are to blame. Im sure they will get all fired up and play their hearts out for you. If that is what it takes but we all know different.


    I do not write this anonymously, as I do not have anything to hide. I am a proud Condor parent.

    I am proud of my child, of all of his teammates that put their heart and soul into EVERY game, and I am proud of the entire coaching staff that has instilled much more than just the win? in our boys. They have instilled loyalty, passion, accountability, and sportsmanship.

    I believe my coach when he said that everything was done by the book. I have no reason not to believe him. He has been up front and honest to the players and parents from the moment he set foot at Cal High. It shows what kind of people the coaching staff and our players are that they are able to look at this unfortunate situation from an obstacle to overcome, to an opportunity to shine, and show all the skeptics just how awesome we really are.

    We will go to CIF. We will continue to do things as we have been, by the book, and maintain our positive outlook, and good sportsmanship behavior. You see, that is the one thing that separates us from the Santa Fe coaching staff, we teach our boys to overcome, and smile in the face of adversity, and when it happens, lose graciously, shake hands and move on.

    We look forward to seeing another WUHSD school at CIF and good luck, as is my wish for all of our sister schools. I wish I could say they do the same.

    Good luck Condors, you have made us proud.

    Marta Palos
    Proud Condor Football Parent

  • BigCondor65

    its funny…like all you guys care about this football and only a couple of people in here actually play the game and i have some friends that play for santa fe…they dont want the win they know and we know we won but the coach is sour and to settle the dispute between the whole inelligable thing we had no Athletic Director so the front office at Cal made the mistakes not the coach and its true what Jasper said…”we will play like none of this ever happend its still a game no matter what happend before” lol honnestly this whole ordeal just gets me more pissed off and now the gloves are off for me!!but let the players decide if they want the win or not the santa fe players i mean because theres no pride in a forfiet plain and straight i can say all of this stuff about how we won “tear” but the Santa fe Coach “JERK” robbed us his players were not aware and its too late. but anyway go to the Cal Versus Whittier Game on friday night at 7 on the condor territory where we actually beat santa fe and la serna =)

  • http://www.roseverett@verizon.net WHS07Parent

    It’s seems to me and others that in your eyes Condors can do no wrong. You seem to believe that the coaches and staff are truly sorry. Yes, they probably are, but only because they got caught. I really wonder if the fantastic Grisby is playing by the rules as well. I’m a little disappointed that you seem to write a couple of sentences and no pictures of Whittier when they do win, but can write long articles about Condors when they lose. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Anonymous

    Well its unfortunate for Cal Hi, but what can you do? Rules are rules. He played illegally and cal paid the price for letting him. This is only one player that was caught. I have a feeling this is not the only time we will be hearing about Cal High and broken CIF rules. There are some other players that are rumored to have broken some rules during the summer practices, and it will be interesting to see if those rumors are true. Oh and as for you people saying Cal was going to be a top 3 team without Grigsby, give me a break. W/O Grigsby, Cal would have an 0-2 record in league right now. Santa Fe and La Serna would have walked all over Cal.

  • enjoyingsd

    Learning institutions are for students to be educated in academics, experience challenges and learn to become young adults. Sports are great ways to learn preparation, team work and how to become winners; If they lose, learn what they did wrong, spend more time preparing, practice and put themselves in a better position to win the next time. These kids are brought together from all kinds of neigborhoods to become a team and accomplish a common goal, a championship. For many, it is a chance to forget about the broken up families at home. Why should our kids have to air out our dirty laundery, bring marriage documents, deeds and titles to our coaches. The “great” John Wooden is often viewed by past team members as the man who tought them how to become men, good people and winners!
    Santa Fe Administrators and coaches are equally guilty of bad examples for our kids. Administrators because you have seen this type of action prior, ie. Santa Fe/El Rancho track protest and you still allow it !! Santa Fe coaches, you are examples of how not to become winners in life. You must win with class and respect and lose with class and respect! You were beat on field. You can’t accept it and your cheating your kids fom lessons in life, learning respect and how to win and lose. Shame on you!


  • Annonymous

    As I sit hear and read all the bullocks thats posted on this board only one thing comes into mind. These kids today playing high school football will never play football past these next few weeks. 99.9% will never get the experience of participating in any type of athletic competition on this level. They spent numerous hours and dedicated their summers to a game that they will never be apart of again after this season is over. What makes me so upset is too know that these kids pour their hearts and their souls into playing these games on friday nights too win. If these alligations are true they have been robbed of everything they have worked so hard for, all for those dreams and those expereiences too be takenaway from them from cheaters. You know in sports latetly there has been lots of controversy for cheating, would mark mcgwire hit 71 home runs without the use of illegal substances or did he even use illegal substances, we dont know for sure. But what we do know is that cal hi has broken the rules, they have cheated. This simple act has affected 6 schools,around 300 football players, families, administators, and has created a fun rivalry into an extremely bitter fiasco . The people responsible, i hope you all feel real good and important to know that you took avantange of over 200 kids under the age of 18 to make yourselves number one.

  • bigjer

    WOW was that a cal person saying that santa fe has no class. At the frosh game santa fe players were called racial slurs. Not only by players but by fans. At the the JV game your coach called one of santa fe players a fat ass and at the varsity level you win a game and act like you just won cif. In my mind this will always be a loss weather or not an illegal player was used. But as far as class goes it is not even close. Cal has not shown any since ancich took over. And something like that comes from the top.

  • sherri luckett

    No one knows the facts about the controversy at Cal. A young man’s senior year has been traumatized, a team has been hit hard but not broken, and stands tall with dignity. The coaching staff has been scrutinized for a successful football program in the 3 years they have been at Cal. We have moved forward, but will live with the fact that adults got in the way of young men competing in a sport that they love, and turned it into a battle zone within the community. They should be proud of their actions. My son has become a better man from this adversity. He and his team mates are positive, hold no grudges and are proud of their accomplishments on the field. That is how they should be remembered.

  • EDWIN8

    i was at santa fe vs la serna game last night “BORING”..
    honestly the only good play was with 20 seconds before the half.
    la serna had so many chance’s last night to pin down santa fe and win the game.
    people might say it was a defence game ,i dont think so .both offensive game’s have been given to much hype.
    sant fe had alot of penalties and turnovers which made la serna look good but then again la serna couldnt take advantage of it..
    im hoping the whittier /cal game is way better then last nights game..

  • Rguerra

    Whatever happened to La Serna? That 5-0 preseason doesnt look so great anymore after that 1-2 start in league. Maybe people were right about the soft schedule..

  • loveshsfootball

    observations from the LS-SF game last night-LS has to stop rotating QBS -pick one guy to be the starter and stay with him-last night neither one played well. LS is totally a one dimensional team-make LS throw the ball and you will beat them-neither QB passes well. SF is undisciplined and their play calling was terrible. they tried to give the game away but LS wouldnt take it-this was probably one of the poorest played games ive seen this year. Conclusion- LS will lose another game in league and miss the playoffs which means once again LS will win against weak teams in preseason and fall apart in league when they finally play some competition. SF will once again choke in the playoffs because of their lack of discpiline .

  • Brian Tabatabai

    In response, I have no affiliation with Santa Fe, other than the fact that we have thrown against them during the summer.

  • Casual Observer

    The Condors used in ineligible player and suffered the repercussions. What other reprimands are necessary? Many on this board who are considerably angry should feel some sense of satisfaction. Any wrongdoings have been punished and amended. I agree with Murray that it is time to move on. When Santa Fe Dad responds with laughter to the forfeits, it truly shows how personal and even childish this situation has become. Really? It makes you laugh that high school football players, many of them Seniors, must lose games they prepared so hard for. As for the transfer of Grigsby;it was a legitimate transfer. End of story. No one has questioned how so many Norwalk residents end up playing for Santa Fe or how so many Division 1 hopefuls happen to come from that part of the district. Come on people, this isn’t Odessa, Texas or Hoover high school; it is the Del Rio League. This is the league where a short, genetically unimpressive kid like myself can play the game simply because it makes high school that much funner.

  • Anonymous

    Roger Murray,

    You write that “Cal players may perform with a bad taste in their mouths, they know they had nothing to do with most of the drama that has surrounded the program, and that as it was before the drama, and will be afterward, they will be judged by how they perform in the arena.”

    With that in mind, would you want to be the next team to play the Condors?

    You make it sound like Cal is the best to in area. Wrong you know and I know that there NO team from the Del Rio League will win a C.I.F. Championship.
    Santa Fe make to the semi and don’t make it to the finals. The last team to make it to the finals was Whittier when they had Coach Finch who is now at Mayfair.

    So come on Roger the kids should be mad that thier Coach for not checking all the paper work, there A.D., and don’t forget their Principal.

    So who’s next for Cal? Whittier is next and I hope the Cardinals play there best game tonite. And if the Cardinals upsets Cal PLEASE PUT THAT ON SATURDAY’S FRONT PAGE.

  • El Rancho

    Look at the bright side, in 2003 Dominguez high school was 9-0 and then they found out they had an ineligible player and had to forfeit all 9 games. Imagine that 9-0 to 0-9. Now that wasnt the worst part, since they were in a small league, 1 win would get them the 3rd place entry for that league. Well they played Paramount in week 10, beat the crap out of them and then there was a 3 way tie for 3rd place. Guess who won the coin flip to get into the playoffs? Paramount won. A team that most likely would have won the division that year had their entire season ruined and there was really nothing they could do. Cal Hi people should be relieved that this didnt happen in week 9, imagine having to forfeit a 4-0 league record. Cal Hi kids, you still have a chance at making something happen in the playoffs, so just keep playing and forget about what happened this past week, if I were from Santa Fe I would not take that victory, no matter what the circumstances are.

  • Campanario

    La Serna Parent –
    Is this a psychology experiment, or a joke,
    or are you actually guilty of calling people out for bad grammar and/or spelling, and then botching a spelling yourself?!

  • loveshsfootball

    to anonymous-you dont know what you are talking about when you say CAL would be 0-2 in league-they would have definetly defeated LS -we are seeing in the last 2 games how a typical LS season goes-they will lose another game -miss the playoffs and still tell everybody how good they are pointing to their winning record-cal would have definetly made the playoffs with or without Grigsby.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Sherri Luckett & Marta Palos:

    Do me a favor and see if you can find out why Cal High has chosen to have all their parents and fans sit on the opposing teams side of the lower lever games there at Cal. Why do that? Last year at the JV game versus SF things got a little out of hand and this year not having learned their lesson things got way out of hand at the freshman game. Then as part of this coaching staff that you are so proud? of Coach Anthony Wilson was over heard yelling at one of the SF coaches after getting beat last year that the game was just a JV game and that they would see them at the varsity game. JUST A JV GAME?, not the kind of thing I would want to over hear my sons coach say. Then I have recently learned this very same coach who was said to have talked trash to some of the SF kids while substitute teaching at Santa Fe the week of their game after the forfeits were announced showed up at a local pub with some of his buddies where SF coaches are known to frequent running his mouth. Ask Mr. Wilson what thats all about.

    Now Im sure that you might think that we all over here at Santa Fe have nothing better to do than sit around and see what kind of things we can make up about Cal but the realitly is when did all this start? It sure wasnt like this when I played or when the kids in the neighbor played but now all of a sudden enter Dusan Ancich and his staff and in two years there are fights and allegations and who knows what else. Can you ignore that fact. Jack Mahlstede and Bob Costa have been with Santa Fe for a lot of years and the only real problems I ever remember were always with St Paul, go figure!

  • bigjer

    By the way santa fe’s area includes a large portion of norwalk. If it was just santa fe springs there would be about half the amount of students at the school.

  • haha get a life

    hahaha noW we all no who Chieftain Alum is umm… could it be the younger Mahlstede????i think so! well there it is what a PICE OF CRAP! GET A LIFE!! the fact is you lost, your a baby!! every real football fan understands how dumb you not only make yourself look. but what a joke you make your school look like. whats done is done why dont we just start talking about football thats what this blog is for

  • Anonymous

    If Cal was found guilty of cheating, they should be banned from this year’s CIF playoffs. Why reward a team for ethical violations? They now have more incentive to ‘prove’ themselves worthy. Take this away and you rightly punish the violators. There’s probably a lot more wrong in that program than just this one ex-Santa Fe player. As an example, the freshman players that fought in the Santa Fe game were supposed to be suspended but were allowed to play in their next game.
    There is a “Win at all Cost” attitude that prevails and it looks like the coaches are in charge of the school. Where are these Administrators and why don’t they impose their own sanctions? Make a statement and take a stand!
    Because right now, in the community, everyone is calling that school “CAL HIGH CHEATERS” and the Principal needs to fix this immediately.

  • Just a mom

    I would like to tell the boys from Cal High that you played with class last night against Whittier. Santa Fe players – you are not responsible for what a few bad apples and you are a great team.
    I feel it is a shame that the Santa Fe coaches were such bad sports as to try to get Cal High to forfeit. They tried many things before they were able to find this problem. I hope that they read the letter from the boys’ parent to maybe see what they have done to a young man. It is not his fault. With 300 players playing for them, problems will happen, and I know the Cal High coaches and I like their class and leadership.
    Just everyone watch out if you should happen to beat Santa Fe, they will try everything to win. Cal High has now shown that they are beatable and it will happen again! Instead of walking away from this game with their heads held high, they have taught their boys there is no pride in playing their best, even if you lose. That game was probably the best high school game I have ever seen. Great job to both teams for what they did on the field.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Calm down Wilson..aaahhh, I mean haha get a life? you really need to get over your Napoleon complex. And just like Cal Highs staff you are way off the mark. Besides this blogs title is Just the Facts? and everything I said is a FACT!!!!! So there is no need to call anyone a PICE? of crap.

    The fact is you cheated, your all finger pointers, its everyone elses fault boo-hoo.blah, blah, blah!!!!!! My response was to a couple of parents who think everything is picture perfect over at Cal. I just wanted them to realize what every one else outside their program knows for a FACT?.

  • La Serna Parent


    Oops, put an e where there should have been an a – sorry.
    No it’s not a joke or challenge or anything hurtful, there’s enough of that going on in this Blog.
    Just letting someone know that it was difficult to comprehend their point of view when it was hard to read due to the spelling etc.
    Thanks for you help!

  • Condor60

    we didn’t cheat. we are not cheaters. we were told he was eligible by the office. so we played him. it was mistake. get over it.

  • SF MOM

    To The Parent,
    I hope your son continues to hold his head up with pride. The school board is to blame. Cal High had to forfeit a sport game last year, so they knew better. Help these kids set priorites so they don’t get lost in this pace and pressure that the school board has created – so they may accomplish what is necessary – EDUCATION IS #1. SF. has this in their roster and I read it before each game. “Please don’t curse the boy playing he is my son. You see he is only just a boy you know, he means the world to me…I did not raise my son dear fan, for you to call him names. They do the best they can..They never try to lose a game. Of you have nothing nice to say, please leave the boys alone. So please don’t curse the boys, each one’s his parent’s son you know, for win or lose you see, to us… THEY’RE #1..

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Why are you all blaming Santa Fe for your schools mistake? Maybe not you personally but many Cal fans, player and parents have. Had Grigsby stayed at St Paul this player probably would have gone unnoticed. Your coaching staff brought the CIF investigation down upon themselves with Nicks questionable transfer. So has this front office person there at Cal High been reprimanded for their mistake? Has this person personally apologized to the team along with the player and his parents? After all it was that mistake? that cost you the game.

  • Atoyac

    Someone said that Cal played with class against Whittier Friday NIght. Well Grisby was made a captain for the game was extended a hand shake by the Whittier captains and he did not shake hands. No CLASS!! Then in the second quater when Garcia made a by run he was slammed a good five yards out of bounds and flaged for a personal foul!! Great class Cal!!!! And those are the Facts!!!

  • just a mom

    I am the one that said that Cal High played with class. I do not understand this hatred of Grigsby. He is just a kid who is great at football. He doesn’t act like he is a superstar, he just acts like everyone else. I guess this might be good for him because he will be playing on and probably be great at whatever level he plays and will always face jealousy. I think all this bickering, name calling and pure ugliness is enough. We all need to cheer on our teams and encourage all players. Everyone has a gift and Grigsby has a great gift in football. It’ll be interesting when he signs how all of you talking about him will be his best friend. We are proud of you, Grigsby, and we are proud of all the players at Cal High. Keep up the good work!

  • Steve

    The non-Cal people (read Santa Fe) are so quick to call the Cal Hi situation cheating when that is so far from the truth. This situation is nothing like your Varsity Volleyball coach knowingly playing an ineligible player last year. It appears that none of you read the letter from the poor kids parent.Maybe you did but you just can’t believe someone would be so honest. You can’t believe that someone isn’t actually cheating to win a high school ball game. Look what this whole conversation dissolved into. All we have is name calling, accusations of name calling, game tapes. Take a step back and think about the poor kid and his dad for a moment. And assuming you’re all mature enough to do that why don’t you also read some of the things that you and your peers have written and ask yourself if this is something your proud to be.

  • Anonymous 2

    just a mom,

    I have a question, are you Grygsby’s mom?

    And if you are, I have another question:

    How is Grygsby doing in his classes? I hope he doesn’t carry himself in the classroom like he does outside of it, walking around like he owns Whittier.

    I hear his teachers over at Cal Grygsbys are thrilled to have him in class.

  • Black & Gold Parent

    You are so right Steve. Santa Fes varsity volleyball coach knowingly played an ineligible player and guess what?????? Santa Fe dealt with it. This coach no longer coaches at Santa Fe. Nobody whined and cried about who turned them in or how CIF found out unlike your football situation. The majority of the blogs regarding this situation from pro-Cal people seem to make it like its some how our fault that this mistake was found and you had to forfeit those games. Im sure that the coaching staff over there is using this as ammunition to pump up their players as if somehow we wronged them.

    Santa Fe didnt clear him to play so I agree with Chieftain who asked where is this person and has there been an apology issued to the players for his or her mistake? This kids parent has obviously expressed his feelings on this subject but Im sure he thought he was doing everything by the book so the person that mistakenly made them feel secure in his transfer should step up and admit they Fd up! Where are the blogs asking for an apology from this person rather than pointing the finger at SF? That person needs to step and be accountable for this mistake and ask that everyone stop pointing fingers so this can be put to rest.

  • dustn

    just a mom:
    ” I do not understand this hatred of Grigsby. He is just a kid who is great at football. He doesn’t act like he is a superstar, he just acts like everyone else…”
    “It’ll be interesting when he signs how all of you talking about him will be his best friend.”

    Have you ever talked to Nick? He is totally full of himself. While at St Paul Nick would always go out of his way to break St Paul tradition’s (sitting down while on the sideline) he always would do stuff to make himself different from his teammates. How can you say he doesn’t act like a superstar? are you watching the same stuff as me. If he ever does sign (with Arizona which he has verballed to) good luck to him but whats he going to do when he doesn’t play right away in college, is he gonna transfer out(like he did when he was at Dominguez)? I mean It’s the Ncaa there not gonna let stuff get by them like the CIF did.

  • bigjer

    Ask yourself one question should the kid who was found to be illegally playing be allowed to do so without punishment?
    If you think so then how do you stop players from going to whatever school they want. There has to be some type of restrictions.

  • just a mom

    Congratulations Cal High for your #4 ranking in the CIF polls. Looking good. Keep up the hard work.

  • Joey

    You guys talking about playing with class last Friday nite. Then why didn’t Grigsby shake hands after the coin toss. THAT ST.PAUL BULL S**T. Great class CAL.

  • The Parent

    I appreciate all the kind words regarding my son and I. I’ve spoken with the principal at Cal during the whole ordeal and I feel that it was definitley an oversite. I don’t blame anyone. It’s definitely a hard hit though.
    I went to the Whittier game and was recieved very well by some of the parents. My son went on the field and was recieved very well by the team. It didn’t seem that there were any hard feelings toward him. I think we all agree though that we wish the forfeiture would have been against any other team besides Santa Fe. We won the game straight up. If my sons paperwork is approved, which I am keeping in prayer, although we cant reverse the forfeit.. i will consider it a win because he would have been legally able to compete. I was a proud parent that night vs Santa Fe because my son never had that much playing time before and after watching the game tape 7-8 times….I could see that he helped change the momentum of the game.
    When Grigsby would follow him through a hole he would get consistent yardage without having to work as hard. Isn’t that what every parent desires to see? His son/Daughter compete and do well..or awesome? I’ve had very few moments like those with my son. Only when he’s been given the chance has he shined. I don’t know if there’s a curse or just Gods will that has prevented him to shine year in and year out. I only wish he would have carried the ball a few times that night. He would of definitely scored. I’ve seen him at practice running the ball on scout offense and believe me, he would of scored. He’s more power than speed. I’ve enjoyed watching him play every sport that he’s ever played and I pray that things go well with the paperwork so he can enjoy his last year playing a high school sport. He’s been waiting for this chance for a very long time. Please keep him in your prayers and I thank those who have left kind words on this board.

    God Bless all of you and you kids as well.

  • Joe-Joe

    Now you talk about class. If your coach doesn’t have class, you know your team doesn’t have class. How does Coach Dusan Ancich sleep at night? After the Whittier game you see Dusan’s Daddy with Grigsby’s family all buddy buddy. Didn’t Daddy Ancich coach Grigsby at St. Paul? Then worked out with Cal this past summer. He found out that he couldn’t go to Cal so he went back to St.Paul and got into a fight with the new coach at St. Paul and went back to Cal.And now he said he’s homeless and lives in motel! And CIF gave him a hardship. Coach you don’t have any class. What happen to the kid who strated this year befor Grigsby, Matt Navarro who gave you his heart and soul, and now he’s on the bench. GREAT CLASS COACH ANCICH. I HOPE YOU SLEEP GOOD TONITE.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    The Parent,

    I applaud you for writing this and my heart goes out to you. I wish your son well in all that he does in life and I believe good things will come to him and your family. I know its harsh for you to read people calling Cal High cheaters and while I cant speak for everyone else mine were directed at Coach Ancich and his staff personally. If you felt they were direct at you and your family please except my personal apology. I believe that you didnt set out to deceive anyone. All parents want the best for their kids and you were told that everything was fine so he played only to have this come up. I beg the person that made this mistake that has caused this family so much distress to read what this parent has written and if you havent already to come forward an apologize to them and the kids in the program.

    I went to the Whittier game and was received very well by SOME? of the parents. This line was the hardest to read. The facts are as this blog is asking for is that its not your fault so anyone one that blames you is dead wrong. I would like to believe that you were well received by all the parents and not just some.

  • Anonymous

    Best running backs in the area:
    1. Esteban Camarillo- Whittier Christian
    Small size; big heart!
    Fast and “Reggie Bush-like” moves. Incredible moves and “cat-like” quickness.
    Ask Whittier High players!
    Totally respectful as a person and competitor.
    2. Jon Potts-La Serna
    Small size; big heart!
    Runs between the tackles like “Len Dale White”. No fear. Totally ‘blue-collar’ yardage.Very respectful as a person and competitor

    I don’t believe these two players would ever jump up and down call their coaches ‘stupid’ in the middle of the game for not running a particular play.

  • todd

    Well it seems that all the people that cant play highschool football anymore just want to be a part of it somehow??? whatever happen to just playin football, people are sooo wrapped up in this drama! they forgot about goin out there and playin hard nose football!, what ever happen to competition? whether its cheating or not the people that are whining about this are the ones that are SCARED, and your not scared of cal hi, your scared of one player, grigsby, so you coaches and players must be very insecure to think that one player can beat your teams, and the funny part is, is that he did, guess it shows how good the del rio league is? DUSHAN ANCICH ISNT BAD HOW DOD U THINK ALL THIS D1 SCHOOLS ARE SOO GOOD? NATURAL TALENT IN THE AREA? YEAH RITE THEY PICK AND PULL FROM ALL OVER, ITS TIME FOR THE DEL RIO LEAGUE TO STEP UP AND SEE IF THEY CAN REALLY PLAY


    For all those that do not know Cal High’s coaching staff and players personallyback off!

    Dusan Ancich is a fantastic coach. He has earned the respect and loyalty of the team and parents alike.

    You do not know him. You do not know Cals coaching staff. You do not know Cals players. You do not know Cals parents. How dare you be so condescending?

    By no means is he, or any of the coaching staff, responsible, for this unfortunate situation. Also, Dusan Ancich hasn’t blamed anyone (including SF) for this. So your little tirades about him are in vain. He is above all this.

    Cal has been winning because theyve worked hard and earned their wins. They are a team, not just one or two players.

    All you narrow minded hypocritical people need to look in the mirror before you write.

    I can say with 100% certainty that Cal did not cheat. Cal did not recruit. Cals coaching staff did everything right. We are not cheaters! Please SF, just because you havent been caught doesnt mean anything. Your opponents have just been good sports and accepted a loss, without looking at all the skeletons in your closet.

    Once again, I wish everyone in the Del Rio League good luck.

  • just a mom

    In answer to your question, Anonymous 2, I am not Grigsby’s mom or any other mom of a varsity player. I have had a lot of children playing a lot of sports and have watched this ugliness, especially by the parents for far too long. I like my team to win as much as anyone else but I think that all of this ugliness is unnecessary. As far as those of you who think that Grigsby doesn’t treat you well, just listen to yourselves. Maybe he is just protecting himself from all of this bad behavior. I have seen it before and will say it again, when he signs to a 4 year college all of these people who have treated him badly will suddenly become his best friend.

  • Rguerra


    I saw that Whittier-Whittier Christian game and I’ll agree with you when you say that Camarillo might be the best in the area. But when it comes to the “Reggie Bush moves”, I think I gotta give it to Isaac Garcia of Whittier. His quickness and ability to make cuts and change directions at full speed is unmatched, and I’ve seen Camarillo, Potts, and Grigsby play.

    So if you wanna put Camarillo at #1, thats fine, but you can’t say it without recognizing what Garcia did to WCHS that same night.

    As for me, I got these RB rankings:

    1. Garcia & Camarillo (Tie).
    Both have Serious Moves and great instincts. Both make plays when it looks like nothing is there. Can lower the shoulder when they need to. Hands down All-Area 1st teamers.

    2. Grigsby
    Great speed and Acceleration. Haven’t really seen the moves or vision but with his speed, doesnt really have to. Another 1st teamer

    3. Potts
    Runs hard. Fights for yards. Produces. All you can ask for. Most likely Honorable Mention.

  • edwin8

    todd wrote this …wow…Best running backs in the area:
    1. Esteban Camarillo- Whittier Christian
    Small size; big heart!
    Fast and “Reggie Bush-like” moves. Incredible moves and “cat-like” quickness.
    Ask Whittier High players!
    Totally respectful as a person and competitor.
    2. Jon Potts-La Serna
    Small size; big heart!
    Runs between the tackles like “Len Dale White”. No fear. Totally ‘blue-collar’ yardage.Very respectful as a person and competitor

    I don’t believe these two players would ever jump up and down call their coaches ‘stupid’ in the middle of the game for not running a particular play.

    1. esteban camarillo does not have reggie bush like moves…if camarillo would be playing in a tougher division i dont see him putting up numbers he’s putting up now..thats the truth..
    2. jonn potts like Len Dale White, come on
    3. why not mention isaac garcia or Grigsby in the mix…now if u ask anyone think isaac is a hard nose football player,hes one of the few rb that goes head on with anyone ..with not that good of a line that isaac is running behind hes still putting up numbers.and grigsby well hes a hell of a player .but he’s human people . i seen grigsby go down and out for most of the 3rd and all of fourth quarter when isaac garcia took his legs out and out of the game(people dont talk about that do they)..after that with no grigsby cal didnt do much ,cal is beatable people,and so is santa fe,and la serna..santa fe has penalty problems and arent in sinx..la serna has a problem finishing ..

  • Fan

    Dear Just a Mom,

    Cal doesn’t recruit, well Just a Mom maybe you need to find the facts first be for you say anything. Two summer ago when it was Coach Ancich first year one of his coach from this coaching staff that you call great men try to recruit Pioneer’s WR Kelsey Thompson. Kelsey saved it on his cell phone and played to his Coach Ramon Juarez. The look on Coach Ancich face when Coach Juarez played at the all league meeting. I wish you were there Just a Mom. So just pipe down, and just get the facts.

  • Mario Valdez

    I hope the paperwork for Kaduma Walker’s transfer from El Rancho to Santa Fe is all taken care of. I dont want a situation similar to Cal Hi’s happening at Santa Fe. Ive worked to hard this season for that to happen.

  • just a mom

    Fan, I never even mentioned the word recruiting so I think you need to look at the facts.

  • kevin ruiz

    how come steven cano is not metioned as one of the areas top running backs

  • former condor

    As a former player I am disgusted of my former coach’s actions. when I went to the Santa Fe games and La Serna games it was tough to really get excited about a win because they were using a recruited player. I know it happens all over, but it was never really the way Del Rio ran (except I know, not to cause argument, that Santa Fe did and will conntinue to as will Cal probably). It was fun to compete against people we knew growing up or played against through the years. There was real pride in winning. And I only graduated recently. As soon as Ancich came in that year after Patricio left I knew there was something different about the way they run teams, from recruiting and pulling all these little tricks. The sad part is that the players now for the most part are glad to have grigsby there because they feel like he can take em to the promised land, they are not worried about team unity or the fact that Navarro busted his ass real hard for the team for all these years and then his senior year gets taken away cause Grigsby comes in. I have nothing against Girgsby, it just sucks that all this is happening at my former high school and now I can proudly say I was a Condor because it will be associated with all the cheating and dirty tricks Ancich does. I am sorry for the players that are trying hard to win DRL and all the parents because they should not be associated with cheaters. But now Ancich did this and there is a bad mark left on the program. It’s a shame that Grigsby can walk around like he owns Calhi, I will say this, he will be in for a humbling experience as soon as he steps in to whatever college he chooses to go to. I now attend a school in the Pac Ten (the third best academically behind Stanford and Cal, and no its not SC). I think players should be focusing on more things than cheating going on at their school and having all these distractions. I wish they could all pay attention in school and one day make it to a major university and better their lives. I wish the best to everyone in the situation and hope all this BS is taken away but it looks like it wont for awhile . . .I wish all parents could stop the name calling and such back and forth. There are a couple bad apples over there at Cal and I am ashamed but don’t apply it to the whole program, there are some kids and parents over there that are still trying to do things the right way and it sucks that they have to be thrown in that mess. I wish everyone the best.

    Former Condor

  • former condor

    And please nobody put blame on the kid that was ineligible and therefore Cal had to forfeit. I am sure he is going through a lot already


    Roger Murray-
    Is it possible to modify your blog site to list the ‘Posted By’ and date above the horizontal line that ends each blog. Your bloggers are getting confused as to who the authors are.

  • loveshsfootball

    to former condor-i just read your comment-im glad you are a proud condor alumni who has gone on to a major university-im guessing UCLA-and im sure you will have a great career and great life-just wanted to say i hope you will always be proud to be a calhi graduate and any controversity on this matter will pass-by the way what position did you play at calhi?-GOOD LUCK TO YOU- hope you will always have good memories about your HS career!

  • just a mom

    Former Condor,

    Are you playing football at that level? If you are, stay healthy and play well. I am sorry that you are embarassed to have been associated with Cal High. I have seen a lot of unity on this team and seen a lot of support for each other. I agree with you that everyone should not blame the poor kid that had the wrong papers or his parents. Things happen, mistakes are made by everyone. I wish you the best at your college.

  • condorplayer

    ok this stuff is getting old the point is we got robbed after all of the hard work WE THE CALIFORNIA CONDORS put in its not fair all of the blood,tears,sweat,HOURS of practice its just not fair and we did get robbed because of a SNITCH and its not right saying that you didnt Chieftain Alumnni and you and I know what really happend…All of our players know what happend

  • condor player

    WHAT ABOUT ROMEO??? how did he happen to get to santa fe??

  • Anonymous 2


    Finally, an actual Condor on our side.

    You finally realized that you were “robbed after all of the hard work [YOU] THE CALIFORNIA CONDORS put in its not fair all of the blood,tears,sweat,HOURS of practice its just not fair and [you] did get robbed.” Robbed the day you guys became the California Grygsbys.

    Now, only if Navarro could make a statement.

  • Chieftain Alumni


    Your right this stuff is getting old. The problem is with your front office not with SFHS. Have you forgotten that youre innocent until proven guilty? CIF found CAL HIGH guilty of rule infractions not Santa Fe. You have a problem with SF (ie Romeo) take it to CIF and lets see what happens. The majority of you Cal High bloggers sound just like little kids caught in the act and trying to justifying their actions by telling their parents that everybody else is doing it.

    Funny that you would use all caps on HOURS of your statement. Some people say Grigsby was there all summer only to go back to St Paul and some say he wasnt. So what was it? Did he put in the hours side by side with you beyond the two weeks leading up to the Santa Fe Game? Do you really think that youd be 5-0 in league and beaten Santa Fe with out him? If so why did your coaches push so hard to get him for that first league game. Ill tell you why. Its because they knew it was going to come down to someone beating Santa Fe to be #1 in the Del Rio league and they just didnt feel comfortable with the personnel they had. The what if? Cal hadnt been allowed to use Grigsby will be the question of the year. Cal has an opinion and the rest of the league has theirs. Should you guys go on and win CIF with him there is always going to be that huge question mark hanging over your season. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  • loveshsfootball`

    to chieftainalumni-the only ones acting like little kids are the santa fe people-especially you-now you are taking shots at a former condorplayer who had nothing to do with the problems you mentioned-he was being very sincere-this is why no one in the league respects sant fe and their program-coaches and fans acting very childish-go ahead and take your fake win-go to the playoffs and choke like you always do.

  • just a mom

    It seems so funny to me that everything goes back to Grigsby. He was not the illegal player. No matter what anyone says Santa Fe was beat on the field. Ask the CIF poll on teams. How come Cal High is ranked ahead of Santa Fe? And that includes the forfeits, and they still ranked the Condors ahead of Santa Fe. Boys, you were not robbed you can still make this happen. We are still ranked fourth and Santa Fe is ranked fifth. Interesting.



  • former condor

    Thank you for those of u with the kind words. It is a shame that the current players posting here feel bad because they got snitched on or whatever. Who knows if any of these investigations would have occured if the Girgsby situation wasn’t so shady. I feel bad for the kid that transfered because can’t finish out this season playing the sport and being part of something he was working hard for since the summer or spring. I wish current players could see that this was brought upon by the coaching staff’s actions. It’s a shame that you defend it. I know you guys want a DRL title more than anything but how good does it feel if you know in your heart that it was dishonest. You know all the blood, sweat and tears you mention, well don’t take the tears part too seriously cause that’s about all you are doing. Go prove on the field that you are more than a one player team now. Go show that those wins before Grigsby were legit. Probably most of you don’t know what I’m talking about and maybe never will, you’ve been taking Coach Ancich too seriously now. It’s a shame that Coach Ancich is leaving these kids with such a lesson about life as they are about to step into the real world.

    I don’t want to cause argument or hate, those are just my two cents.

    And yes I’m in Westwood

  • http://proudcondor proudcondor

    I am sorry but I have been reading these blogs and just a mom has to be Nick Grisby’s mother. Every blog comes back to defending Nick Grisby and Coach Ancich. Nick I understand is happy to rule the school at Cal, what about his honor? he left his teammates twice and has left a bad taste and bad reputation at Cal. As far as Coach Ancich, I beleive they were so focused on crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s with an illegal transfer (Nick). They forgot about the poor kid who transferred and now he feels responsible for the forfeits. The fact is quit sticking up for Nick and Coach Ancich they need to be responsible for their actions. I’m sure this will be a life lesson next time they want to cheat. We could go on and win the whole CIF championship but the Condors will still have unanswered questions and doubs from within. Their is no “I” in team. All our kids on that team deserve some respect.

  • just a mom

    Sorry, but once again I am not Grigsby’s mom and I do not have a son playing on the varsity team. I’ve been around a long time and I have seen lots of things having to do with sports, coaches, players and parents. I just call them as I see them.

  • observer1

    this is not fair for people to speak about the condors this way saying there is shame on the program the ancich’s did this they did that nobody knows how that football team feels and to all these people how do u know if grigsby runs the school do u go there? NO he doesnt the players love him the same. they have him as their friend not their higher. the players know he was there everyday in summer working with them sweating with them . and whoz right is it to say that these kids cant express their feelings on here. who is this person bellow me saying”u may never know ” who is that person to put themselves on a pedastool. these CALIFORNIA CONDORS are hingry and angry for revenge and wouldnt want to play them next i think every team in the southeast division better hope they dont draw the CONDORS in the playoffs

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Awe, whats the matter URCHIT, did I strike a nerve with my words????? Was the caps lock stuck on your keyboard or were you actually yelling at me? Just the facts buddyjust the facts!!! So what kind of names will you be calling former condor and proudcondor for voicing their opinions of the California High Grigsbys???

    So whats up with Nick only getting 7 carries in the first half this week? Please tell me Cal was trying to give him some rest and not that you guys were dumb enough to think that you could win without him. I see the reality set in and his carries double in the second half.


    Chieftain Alumni, you’re a jerk!

    Once again, all you negative writers, including proud condor and former condor, need to just let the Current? Cal High football players be. We should all learn from these boys, they are the ones with class and dignity. How proud I am of my son, his teammates and the coaching staff.

    If you all feel so adamant about your opinions, and believe in what you are writing, SIGN YOUR NAME!!!


    If you have issues youd like to bring up to the coaches, be at our booster meeting on Tuesday @ 7pm. If not, you are just cowards that hide behind your writing under your assumed names, where it is safe. Be a coward Chieftain Alumni, or step it up!

    A note to El Ranchos coaching staff and playersthank you for showing just what real sportsmanship is like. You are true sportsmen.

    Marta Palos
    Proud Condor Parent

    P.s. chieftain alumni, how old are you? You seem to be too young to know when youve been defeated.

  • Anonymous 2

    just a mom and any Cal Grigsbys supporters,

    Here’s some insight for you.

    I guess we all saw the REAL Cal Hi in the first half of the El Rancho game, 14-0 without the savior. By the way, nice message Ancich sent to the kids – miss practice and we’ll keep you out of the game…that is until we really, really need you.

    Who runs that program? Oh yeah, Grigsby does. At least Mahlstede had the guts to keep his discipline problems out of the whole game.

    Cal Hi Grigbys – your “team” and program are a joke. Tell you what, you already made the playoffs, keep Grigsby out of the last game to see if the Condors could win a league game.

  • Anonymous

    Observer 1 wrote:
    ….”i think every team in the southeast division better hope they dont draw the CONDORS in the playoffs…”


  • just a mom

    Alright, Marta!

  • just a mom


    We already made the playoffs.

  • Chieftian Alumni (aka The Jerk)

    Damn Marta..got you all riled up didnt I. Just tug on your earlobes and chant Oooosah? over and over. Every thing is going to be okay.

    Id love to go to the meet but you see Ill be at SF watching the first round of the girls volleyball playoff. I know someone called me sexist but I do believe that girls can play sports to and I will go out and show my support for our Lady Chiefs! I know why dont you be the rep for us all? And make your way over to that booster meeting and ask some of the questions posted in these blogs. Did Grigsby miss practice as Anonymous 2 has written? If so, why was he even allowed to dress for the game? Was it just incase you might be getting beat like actually happened? At least the SF players werent even allowed to attend the game. Down 14-0 early it looked like it was going to be a long night but they didnt panic and won the game. I applaud Mr. Mahlstede for sticking to his decision to make a point that NO ONE? is bigger than the team. And please dont forget to ask Coach Ancich about the phone call to Kelsey Thompson of Pioneer as posted. I would love for Kelsey to post that on the net to share with us all!!

    Will you get back to all of us on that??????

    Stay proud Marta Palos!

  • Marta Palos

    Dear Jerk…

    No need to ask any questions, because all us Condor parents know the truth. So, if your narrow-minded self needs answers to anything, ask for yourself.


    Chieftan alumni and anonymous 2 were you seperated at birth or are you the same idiot.Don’t forget drink plenty of liquids.

  • The Fan

    As I read these blogs and watch the local games it seems that there isn’t much of a difference between any of these teams in the DRL. Cal could have easily lost to El Rancho but they decided to give the ball to the only player they have every time in the second half. Sante Fe throws up a hail mary that bounces around the La Serna defenders and there receiver catches it. A poor throw with a positive result. Prior to that, SF picked up a fumble of there own receiver and scored from 50 yards. Spare me how great Molina is, he just has a receiver that can make plays. Last week, La Serna could have easily lost to Pioneer with conservative play calling and mistakes. Any day, any of these teams can win that is why they play them.

  • former condor is a bum

    well i think former condor prob never got on the feild everyone i talked to said they love cal hi and the coachs. your at ucla? well every one knows your not playing football there because there is only 1 guy playing d1 ball from cal and he dose not attend ucla so stop talking about football your a bum.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hey Marta.you asked how old I am but good lord how old are you that you have been REDUCED to name calling??? Not to mention jumping on fellow Condors that dont see things the same as you. Do you people really think that you are the only ones in this entire district that might have an insiders point of view of Cal High? How do you know Im not a SF graduate that works at Cal or even someone who lives near the school on the same street as some of your players and listens to all the kids talking? Or even any other person posting in these blogs that is anti-Cal. Once again I have to askwhen did all this crap start? The answer is always the same, with the arrival of Dusan Ancich!!!! Prove me wrong.


    You keep playing the same old song…I’m done here.

    Like it or not, Cal won on the field, everyone know that.

  • Condorplayer

    i never said anything about grigsby…im glad he is on our team and yes he is a great help and yes we would win without him but its not gonna be as easy but besides the point….we did in fact beat basset no matter what anyone says…we beat el monte…and santa fe we got robbed in that way for playing a player that CIF messed up on…you know he was approved by them untill santa fe whinned about the player right??? he did in fact come from santa fe…maybe they knew about it the whole time just to screw us over if we were to beat them…but besides the point i hope we see them in playoffs

  • Chieftain Alumni

    p.s. Glad I didnt go to the booster meeting because I might have ended up being brain washed like the rest of the Ancich minions. I value my freedom of speech to much no matter how much you Condors try and suppress it.

    Congrats to the Lady Chiefs in their first round win!!!!

  • Condor-O-Line-Dad

    I’ve never commented here before folks, and I won’t be back. But I have read alot and I just can’t believe to what extent some of you will beat that dead horse. Millions of dollars did not exchange hands, nobody was physically hurt. Please, knock the chip of your own shoulders and try to enjoy yourselves. It’s a game, and Thursday evening I will be in the stands cheering for my son and his team, and if we lose I will still enjoy my cup of Starbuck’s in the morning. Good luck to all teams and Play with PASSION CAL!

  • former condor

    hmm i said i didn’t wanna cause argument and i defended parents and condor players and i said i hoped that no one gave them problems or put all the problems on them and the next thing i see is parents and condors attacking me. there is only one player playing div. 1 right now at oregon state and he is an 01 graduate, product of patricio’s team. and yes players from last year and this year’s team love ancich that is true. ancich has many upsides to his coaching technique, unfortunately his desire to be a great like his father has brought him to do things like recruiting because it is harder to build a team in a public school. but none the less he is a good x’s and o’s coach, he runs a good defense in general is a coach that can relate with high school kids. also i must say offensive coordinator visko ancich is a great coach himself, very smart man, doesn’t even have to curse to get his point across. i always try to view things as a glass half full type of person and yes i do recognize all he great things he ancich’s have. last year’s team is as real as it gets with all that natural raw calhi talent on the field going 7-3 in the regular season and socring the only touchdowns that santa fe allowed that season. That was great and the players as much as the coaching had to do with all that. this season’s achievements on the field are harder to be proud of when u know some illegal stuff is going on that is all i was saying nontheless i still wish em the best and i still have friends on the team. i remember how happy they were when they beat santa fe, some with tears streaming. they fought hard for that win and it was for all those teams that did not beat santa fe once during their streak. i was proud and happy to see that regardless of the BS. Don’t say im a bum or anything, i didnt attack anyone but one man one one things and most certainly did not attack condor parents, players or anybody else that has read or responded to this blog. I must disagree with who ever called me a bum. I am trying hard right now to get my education at UCLA so that I will not be a bum. It was just as much a stuggle in the classroom to get there so i am happy to be here regardless. the name calling does not prove any point in relation to what this blog topic is about. And I am not attacking u man, i wish u well with everything in your life i just wanted to clear that up. Well, I wish you all well, from players, parents, and anybody else reading this. Yes it is sad that this stuff is happening but it is what it is now and it wont change for this season so just enjoy what’s left. cheer them on in the playoffs. seniors especially enjoy the last few weeks u got of this sport and make the most of it despite the problems going on outside the field. i still stand by what i said before, but i really hope this clarifies some things so that u don’t think im a hater or a bum or whatever it may be. Thank you for reading

  • just a mom

    former condor, thanks for clarifying your statements. Who is the D1 player at Oregon? There are a few others that are playing or are going to be playing at that level that also came from Patricio. I am proud of you for working hard and getting your education at such a fine university and wish you many continued successes.

  • bigjer

    Jason Vandiver is the player from cal hi who is playing at Oregon st. He played on the 2001 semifinal team that had a very close game with a great los altos team. He then went on to star at Fullerton college and after two years transfered to oregon st. He has been there for a couple of years.


    To Everyone Who Continues to Post: Why can’t everyone stop the BS and let these boys concentrate on the playoffs. They have worked so hard through spring, summer & fall practices. Now is the time to start the real battel. They don’t need to hear all of this. We will soon know who is the better team in the Del Rio League. I was at the Cal/Santa Fe game and was on my feet all the second half. What a game for both teams. So much action and excitedment, as well as the Cal/La Serna game. And what one post said, that Cal acted like they had just won CIF. To them they did, beating Santa Fe and thinking they broke their record. That was what football is about. Bottom line is Cal won no matter what the papers say. They should be the “DEL RIO LEAGUE CHAMPS”…. I’m proud how they have held their heads up high and continue to play with passion and expecially pride……KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CAL AND GOOD LUCK IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!

  • just a mom

    I saw that game and it was the most exciting high school football game. We thought Cal was dead and then had a great second half to almost win. I think the community colleges are a great way to get into the 4 year schools. There are others, too, that are going on to 4 year schools.

  • Anonymous 2

    To Cal Parents,

    As many of you are well aware of, the 1st quarter grading period came to an end for the WUHSD on Thursday, 11/9. So make sure that you get your mail before your sons’ do (they may try to hide the fact that some of them probably did not make grades). And if rumors are true a couple of runningbacks will be rewarded with an extra amount of carries come playoff time.

    Let us see how the Cal Condors do in the first round of the playoffs not as the Grigsbys.

    Last Game Results:
    Cal Grigsbys 21 v. PHS 13
    Cal Condors 6 v. PHS 13

  • murray

    Yo, Anonymous 2:
    About the grades.
    It is my understanding
    that when the grades come
    that the student athlete to which you refer was cleared academically when he transferred. That means even if he was having difficulty now, he would go on probation and still be eligible to play. If he had been on probation when he transferred and was still having difficulty, then he would become ineligible to compete in the playoffs. Based upon that, the information that I have says he’ll be playing.
    And this has nothing to do with me or my opinions. Sorry.

  • Anonymous 2


    Damn you and your facts!!

    Well, my bubble has been burst. Here I was hoping that a “student” athlete, with 3-4 Fs’, would realize that academics is one of the most important aspects of high school. But if your info. is correct, and if the “student” athlete, is placed on probation, and plays, I guess academics are really not that important.

    To you, “student” athlete, you have truly beaten the system. Actually, I take it back…Ancich, it was you who found a way to beat the system.

    To the rest of Del Rio league (La Serna, Pioneer, Whittier, El Rancho), now there are two teams you must try to “learn” from if you wish to compete for years to come.

    Recruiting is the way to go:
    Santa Fe does it quietly, Cal Hi is sloppy about it.

    Whittier: Good luck v. Westminster. It was a great draw from the #1 teams.

    La Serna: Good luck v. Troy. Tough draw, though I still think you’ll give it your all. Who knows, maybe you’ll come away with one of the biggest upsets in the SE division.

    Pioneer: Great young talent, can’t wait for next year. Cal please don’t go recruiting any PHS players, who knows who might be recording you.

    El Rancho: Maybe the sleeping giant will awaken next year. Look at the bright side, it can’t get any worse.

  • http://blogger blogger

    This is amazing to me about the Grisbys. Its funny when I read these blogs but most of all whether Nick Grisby gets on the field or not is not the problem. What will the coaches do next to make him eligible? Maybe once again our wonderful coaches could help and make sure that he is getting to class and doing his homework. Our faithful Condors who have been going to school and getting the job done will take a back seat to Nick Grisby. I wonder what drama will occur this week for the California Condors? Condors do your best in the play-offs. Go Condors.

  • Chieftian Alumni

    So what you are saying is that Cal’s questionable transfer is having academic problems? So I shouldnt really hold my breath on him becoming a Wildcat??? Wow, the local JCs must be licking their chops. Maybe well get to see him at Cerritos, or Mt. SAC, or maybe LB City. Hell, with his history we might just get to see him at all 3!!!!! That just breaks my heartboo hoo.

  • just a mom

    This is truly a dead horse you guys are beating. Come on, let it all go and move on. I just want to say good luck to all teams in CIF playoffs…play well and stay healthy. Let’s just see the Del Rio League go out and play hard.

  • Anonymous 2


    I’m wondering if you can clear this up. CIF states that a player is eligible for post-season contetion if he is passing at least 4 classes. This means that if a student receives 3 As and 3 Fs, his GPA would be 2.0 making him academically eligible for league play, but ineligible for post-season play, even if he was not originally placed on probation.

    If indeed this “student” athlete is failing 3 or 4 classes, there is no way he meets CIF post-season regulations, probation or not. Especially when students are only allowed to be enrolled in 6 classes.

  • Fan

    Dear Mr. Murray,
    If a transfer is having academic problems and is ineligible after grades come out, he or she can’t go on probation until they look at their transcrpits and if they used their probation last semeter then they can’t use it again. Cal hopes he didn’t use his probation up last semeter at St. Paul. Doesn’t he play baseball?

  • Chieftian Alumni needs to get laid

    Chieftian Alumni i just was wondering do you have a life? have you been with a girl ever? get over it! i dont like you guys our cal. but god come on now last i looked your in playoffs!

  • Fan


    He need to pass 4 class so he can go probation. Thats from C.I.F. If doesn’t pass 4 class he can’t play.

  • Fan

    Just a MOM,

    Why don’t you just be a mom. You don’t know sports at all. That Nick kid is a good player, but he’s not going to make grades. Is the Cal coach going to fix that too?

  • http://blogger blogger

    My neighbor attended St. Paul last year and played baseball with Nick Grisby and from what we understand indeed he was having trouble with grades during baseball and even had to miss one of their playoff games. So good luck Cal High Grisbys with clearing this one. I’m sure Coach Ancich didn’t expect to have this much fun when they convinced Nick to transfer.

  • Chieftian Alumni

    just a mom:

    With all that has gone on with Grigsby this is actually something new so I wouldnt refer to it as beating a dead horse. So are you saying that youre okay with your star student athlete failing 3 or 4 classes? What kind of example is he to the rest of your team? You guys all keep defending his character and now this comes out. If you cant get it done in the classroom you have no business being allowed on the football field or where ever your sport may take place. Ive seen parents yank their kids from sports that were CIF academically eligible but not up to the standards his or her parents had set for them. If he is allowed to play with grades like that then it will be a travesty to the rest of the kids that bust their butts with class work, homework and practices.

  • murray

    To Chieftian Alumni:
    Inferring from your response to ‘just a mom’ that you’re speaking of Nicolas Grigsby (“… your star student athlete failing 3 or 4 classes?”), not sure where you’re getting your information, but I’d suggest you not make book on it.

  • murray

    And to Fan:
    Assuming your referring to Grigsby (” … but he’s not going to make grades. Is the Cal coach going to fix that too?”).
    Pretty strong stuff. Good for the blog, I suppose, but not very close to reality.

  • just a mom

    I believe in getting good grades and working hard at school. I’d like to know how you all have obtained all this information. You all seem to know so much and are so sure about the outcome of everything. I do not know what grades Grigsby has, but I do know he can play football. I may not know sports as well as you, fan, but before you make accusations you really need to have the facts. I continue to wish all Del Rio teams good luck this weekend and hope they all say healthy.

  • Just A Dad

    It seems that “Just A Mom” is very defensive and protective about the illegal transfers and grading issues. A little too defensive it seems.
    And why doesn’t Murray do a little investigative reporting on some of these issues instead of continually blindly defending Cal High. For example, did the Cal High coaches try to recruit Pioneer’s wide receiver; or is this just fiction? Did the Cal High coaches take a few St. Paul players when they moved to Tustin? Is there a history of shenanigans? C’mon Roger Murray, we’d like to have it reported and investigated versus all of this blogger innuendos.

  • just a mom

    I do not think I am being defensive I just think that before allegations are made, you need to have some kind of substantial facts. I am always amazed that anyone can say anything, make any accusations without any proof. Lots of you on this blog just say anything you want without any proof. Where do you get your info? That’s all I am saying…back up your accusations with proof.