Just the facts

Just when it seemed the fire storm than had surrounded the California High School football program the past two weeks might be dwindling, the Condors took another hit this week when they learned theyd have to forfeit three victories for using an ineligible player.

There was some confusion as to how many and which games were involved, so this is how it worked out:

1) Instead of a 6-1 record overall and 2-0 in league, California’s records, at least for now, are 2-5 and 1-1.

2) The two wins that stand are against Buena Park (nonleague) and La Serna (league), because it was determined from viewing the game videos the Ineligible player did not participate in those contests.

3) The victories reversed by the forfeits were nonleague games with El Monte and Basset and the league encounter with Santa Fe.

4) The losses on the field that were unaffected by the forfeits were to Rowland and Schurr (nonleague).

While there is talk about a possible appeal, isn’t it time for the rest of those not directly involved to turn their attention to other matters and allow the Condors’ football program to move on?

One thing that must be accepted: the only change the forfeits impact is the numbers in the records.

Whether you like it or not, no matter how the program, from coaches to players, is perceived, the team on the field against Whittier Friday night will be the same one that defeated Santa Fe and La Serna to start Del Rio League play.
And though the Cal players may perform with a bad taste in their mouths, they know they had nothing to do with most of the drama that has surrounded the program, and that as it was before the drama, and will be afterward, they will be judged by how they perform in the arena.

With that in mind, would you want to be the next team to play the Condors?

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