All-Area selections dates set, … sort of …

The “tentative publication schedule” for the 2007 Daily News spring
sports all-area teams are as follows:

Baseball, Tuesday, June 19
Softball, Wednesday, June 20
Boys track, Thursday, June 21
Girls track, Friday, June 22
Boys swimming, Tuesday, June 26
Girls swimming, Wednesday, June 27
Boys volleyball, Thursday, June 28
Boys tennis, Friday, June 29

I will be taking a company-inspired vacation the next three weeks,
planning to return July 2. The blog will remain open, and I plan to
check in periodically.

As it has been since this blog began, it appears football will remain
the most popular topic.

So be it.

Please remember to keep your postings clean and while spirited, with
as little malice as possible.

See ya later.

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  • basketball fan

    Mr. Murray,

    I just read the article on the All-CIF selctions for baseball, softball, and volleyball. I was wondering why nobody did an article like that for Taylor Siemens, Jaycob Camacho, and Tom Granado. Taylor made 2nd team in Div 1AA, Jaycob made 1st team in Div 3A, amd Tom made 1st team in Div 4A. Why didn’t they get any love?

  • hsbaseballfan

    well roger-big news-as of today LS has fired their baseball coach-it is official-supposedly because of parent and player complaints-let me tell you it is too bad-its a perfect example of the inmates running the asylum-and shame on the LS administration for giving in to parent pressure-Coach Manzo deserved better-any opinions from other bloggers on this?-when will parents learn that this isnt little league-grow up!

  • Anonymous

    to hsbaseballfan, do not say anything when you dont know what your talking about.

    It was not about parent complaints, it was about a meeting that took place with players from the program. There were complaints last year as well but nothing was done.

    This year the complaints got worse and to tell you the truth, there would be no program next because from what i understand JV players were not going to come back and play under Manzo.

    The player complaints went on since the beginning of the season.

    Manzo is not a great communicator with the players and thats why it got so bad. Last years del rio league championship team was not Manzo’s team, that team learned under Coach Morales of St. Paul.

    The parents were mad about the situation but it was left up to the players themselves to decide the future of the program. And the program will be better because of the change.

  • hsbaseballfan

    to anonymous-i do know what im talking about-im very aware of the situation and im sure i have better sources than you do. First of all it was parent complaints and from the senior players. The underclassmen were happy with the coaching staff. This is just another example of parents trying to control the program-this is not little league-the administration was very weak in not supporting the coach. this is not guessing-theses are facts about the program.It is unfortunate that LS doesnt have the guts to stand up to parent criticism-as a local HS principal told me if you let parents control the program you will be making coaching changes every year. By the way Casey Morales never had winning teams at LS-Coach Manzo won the league title and should get credit for it.

  • Anonymous

    sorry, players win and lose games, not coaches.

  • JJimenez

    Mr. Murray compared to Aram and Fred…Your sport blogs SUCK!! Post a new topic already! geez

  • LS Parent

    My Son plays for LS and this past year was difficult, was it Coach, Player or Parents? I feel it was a combination of all three and it showed in the team’s attitude and record.
    Coach is a good man, maybe not the warm and fuzzy type of coach that alot of parents would prefer and he is difficult to play under, however not all coaches will be the way Parents want. Players need to be able to play under different philosophies and personalities with many different coaches. That is how they grow.
    Good Luck to Coach Manzo.

  • Anonymous

    to hsbaseballfan:

    im pretty sure you dont have better sources then me, in fact, i can guarentee i have better insight to all this then you do.

    Yes there were parent complaints, but those were minor compared to player complaints. And it just wasnt the seniors complaining. the underclassmen were not happy with manzo either, i know this because of what they said during the player meetings with the athletic director.

    There were parent complaints because of some events that took place during the year and last year but i will not name those events because its not the right place to expose those things.

    As for last years team being Manzos team and he should get the credit, please if you were to ask any player on last years varsity team, they will ALL say it was Morales coaching that helped them win league.

    if you wanna keep debating this, i have enough information to last the whole summer.

  • Anonymous

    How come no Cal-Hi players made first team all-area? I looked through the stats for Cal-Hi and a player from Cal-Hi named Enrique Murillo batted .484 with 40 hits in 84 at bats. He had 18 RBI’s and had 8 stolen bases. I would think he would be a shoe-in on that first team, but he only made the honorable mention. What happened?

  • Softball Fan

    Whay all the hype on Cantwell they are in a weak division my 11 year can compete with them. I went to the rotary all star classic and Lindsey made the Cantwell hitters look absolutely foolish. Thats pretty weak Murray.

  • hsbaseballfan

    to anonymous-yeah lets keep debating this-you are totoally wrong-coach morales never had a winning tem-this is all about senior players and their parents and as usual parnets thinking this is little league. I know for a fact that the underclassmen were happy with coach manzo and i have personally talked to a number of them its unfortunate that the school administration couldnt or wouldnt back their coaches. trust me if the parents are not happy with the new coach there will be another coaching change soon-well anonymous if you want tp keep debating this im all for it.

  • LS Parent

    Anonymous –
    my son played for both Morales and Manzo, I was at the Parent meetings with Morales at LS. Morales was very full of how great LS is, how happy he was to be coaching there, etc etc etc.
    Then guess what-he quit and left the team, the program and the school. Coach Manzo stepped up and took the team all the way through and he deserves the credit for the 06 Season,
    To say that the team was still Morales’ is wrong. If we evaluate a team on past coaches, then what about all the coaches from Whittier Pony, Murphy Ranch?
    Parents & adminstrations hold the coaches accountable for losing seasons, and they should give the credit for the winning seasons as well.

  • Anonymous

    to hsbaseball fan,

    Let me just say that i am a player at LS, so i know first hand everything that has gone on. Ive talked to the underclassmen who i would talk to on a daily basis and they all told me what they said. The funny thing is that 2 players had nothing bad to say about coach manzo, and they werent underclassmen, they were in fact seniors. You really need to stop placing the blame on the seniors because it was in fact, sophomores, juniors AND seniors on the varsity team. You can also count the JV players as well, because they had a big influence in all this.