Jack Mahlstede Comments on His Two Quarterbacks

I thank Chiefs assistant coach Andy Theisen for breaking the news on Thursday that Santa Fe was planning on using two quarterbacks this season.

Of course, the paper had to get a couple of comments from Chiefs head coach Jack Mahlstede over his decision to go with both quarterbacks, senior Justin Rincon and junior Christian Mahlstede (his grandson).

Santa Fe quarterback Justin Rincon (above) will split time behind center

Santa Fe is finishing up two-a-days and Jack Mahlstede said his team looks real good even though the numbers have now trimmed from the upper 70’s to the high 60’s.

Coach Jack Mahlstede is going with two quarterbacks this season

As for the quarterback situation, Jack Mahlstede has his plans.

“If we run the wildcat (formation), Christian will be the quarterback and Justin will move over to receiver,” Jack Mahlstede said. “For the normal stuff, Justin is the quarterback and Christian the wide receiver.”

Junior Christian Mahlstede will also line up at defensive back.

Jack Mahlstede said he wasn’t sure at which position Christian was best suited.

“Right now, I couldn’t tell you,” Jack Mahlstede said. “He’s doing an adequate job everywhere.”

As a receiver, Rincon’s role is pretty defined.

“He’s more of a blocker than a receiver,” Jack Mahlstede said. “He’s got good hands and he knows all the routes.”

Jack Mahlstede did praise Rincon’s overall growth and development as a quarterback.

“Justin has done an excellent job preparing himself for this season,” Jack Mahlstede said. “He’s a lot more comfortable, stronger, faster and more knowledgeable. He was just thrown into the fray when we lost (starting quarterback) Alex Flores (due to injury). He’s developing good leadership qualities.”

The Chiefs host Paramount on Friday at 3:15 p.m. in a scrimmage before opening the season next week versus Warren. The scrimmage is on campus and not at Pioneer.

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