Thursday Recap: La Habra no match for St. John Bosco, 41-6

La Habra, the top team in the area all season that looked so impressively despite losses to Pac-5 Division stalwarts Servite and Orange Lutheran, laid a big egg Thursday, dropping a 41-6 setback to another Pac-5 team, St. John Bosco,
The visiting Braves had nearly 500 yards total offense, including 228 during the first half as they took advantage of three Highlander turnovers to lead 21-0 at the end of the first quarter and 28-0 by halftime.
Royce Moore had 162 total yards and scored two touchdowns and quarterback Rene Medina threw for 221 and accounted for three scores as St. John Bosco improved to 4-1.
La Habra, getting 102 yards rushing from Nick Serrato, slipped to 2-3.
The Highlanders, who lost to Trinity League members Servite and Orange Lutheran by a combined 14 points the past two weeks, lost their sixth consecutive game to teams from the Pac-5 Division League. They also went 0-3 against those three last season.
The final quarter was played with a running clock.
La Habra coach Frank Mazzotta: “They’re good and we didn’t play well. We didn’t execute, we
didn’t take care of the football. We didn’t do the things our football program normally does. But they had something to do with that. They’re a very good football team. That’s the reality of it. That’s a good group of football players.

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  • Servite

    Bosco by 14

  • Swordsman Fan

    LH will play another “Close” game, and again come up short. They will lose by 10 plus and call that a victory.

    The highlanders are that poster child that get all the complements from mommy and daddy for trying hard, but always coming up short.

    So be happy with your 2-3 record as you get ready for league play. Then go into that pop warner league of yours and run the table, thinking that you have a great team, when in reality you are an average team that loses to real opponents.

  • Jefe

    Oofah, Swordsman.

    That was brutal.

  • Still Laughing

    I hope that freshman score isn’t a sign of things to come…
    Bosco – 63
    Them – 13

  • georgie of LM

    @swordsman fan
    Why do you talk like that? St Paul is a very good team. Cheap talk makes you guys seem petty. Our team lost to both StP and LH. You don’t have a LB like Porter on your team. Yes you have good LB’s, but not porter status. And Bartolone is in a class by himself for Wideout, RB or wherever he lines up. Yes, i saw your rb’s, Db’s, and Qb. They are all good players, but La Habra is bigger and faster. Just our thoughts on it.

  • Swordsman Fan

    To georgie of LM,

    You need to mind your business and worry about your sorry matadores. You would think that after being spanked by us, Amat, and LH, you would keep quiet and try to get to .500.

    That win against La Serna is deceiving with La Serna being a weak team.

  • Only An Observer

    If those updates are correct, it seems La Habra has met their match tonight. (they are down 28-0 at the half). It sounds like their top receiver/ RB might be hurt. Let’s hope he is alright.

    @Swordsman Fan
    I think it is best to be humble when you are successful, people will respect you more. I know there is a lot of St Paul supporters who don’t agree with the way you are going about showing support for St Paul. I personally know numerous St Paul supporters that are working hard to try and change the negativity that other people in the area have towards St Paul. You are not helping their cause by going overboard with the elitist comments. There is no need to come on here and try pushing your weight around telling others not to give their opinion. I agree with Georgie Of LM you don’t need to talk like that. The Swordsmen Football team is doing their talking on the field and don’t need your help.

    Remember respect goes a long way, and the only way you get respect is by giving respect.

    I will leave you all with this great quote I saw on a T-shirt while going for a jog the other day. “HARD WORK CAN BEAT TALENT IF TALENT DOES NOT WORK HARD.”

    May all the area teams have a great FRIDAY NIGHT.

  • Only An Observer

    Again if the updates are correct La Habra is down 41-0 with 5 to go in the 4th quarter with their top offensive player out of the game.

  • Only An Observer

    Again if the update is correct it is now a final. SJB 41- La Habra 6.

  • Only An Observer

    Again if the update is correct it is now a final. SJB 41- La Habra 6.

  • Only An Observer

    Again if the updates are correct La Habra is down 41-0 with 5 to go in the 4th quarter with their top offensive player out of the game.

  • Still Laughing

    Now go win your D6 championship, powerhouse.

  • Sports Fan

    It’s unfortunate that St. Paul gets such a bad rap for their fan base…. but the reality is that it’s warranted especially when you come onto a message board and you get comments from fans like Swordsman Fan.

    I think it’s sad that people forget that these are teenagers that are talked about. Every kid in the area is playing a sport that they love and it’s the same story over and over and over again. That story is the parents of athletes blowing their kid or their kid’s team up and trying to live through their children because of something they lacked in their childhood.

    I give credit to La Habra for stepping up and playing the big guns. They are in a lower division and playing above their level of play in the division. It’s always about getting better which La Habra does.

    It’s funny how Swordsman Fan talks about LH losing to ‘real opponents’ when St. Paul has played Bosco and Servite the past few years and guess what the results were? Servite 33-0 and 41-16 over SP and Bosco with 35-0 and 37-10 wins over SP.

    I know that your preseason schedule is absolutely terrifying with your opponents being a combined 3-16 to this point but try and stay humble. It’s a long season.

    Best of luck to St. Paul and the rest of the area teams the remainder of the season.

  • D-Mo

    This was the first time seeing La Habra this season. Not impressive. They still seem to have a solid team, but seemed very sluggish tonight. Poor tackling. Not what I expected. Bosco was good, but not that good.

  • Evening of Dominance

    Thank you, St John Bosco, for serving a heaping helping of humble pie to the “got rings” crew. I expected a much closer game, but am nonetheless elated that we won’t be hearing all those Highlander jaws flapping to tell us about their “dominance.”

    P.S. Kudos to Steve Ramirez for his peerless prognostication of this outcome!

  • Swordsman Fan

    HMmmn, what happened to the Highlanders being able to hang with the big boys? This just shows that Servite was not focused on LH. The truth is Bosco is probably the 3rd or 4th best team in the Trinity league, just watch when they play Servite and lose.

    LH, now that you showed everyone that you can lose three games, again, to the better teams, go play in your pansie league and get 5 wins in a row. You will probably win every remaining game by three td’s or more.

    St Paul would wipe the floor with you. It’s still about wins and losses.

  • SMH

    Swordsmen Fan: You are an imbecile

    LH would destroy st paul any day of the week. Idiots like you contribute to the hatred towards st paul

  • georgie of LM

    @swordsman fan
    At least your players showed class on the field. As for you………..

  • Highlander Pride

    Fist of all, who says that Swordsman fan is really a Swordsman? Do you believe it just because his name says it? Who’s to say he’s not an angry La Habra faithful trying to draw the ire of the rest of the La Habra faithful and trying to fortify the hatred going towards St. Paul knowing while emotions are high with the loss last night. I’m not a La Habra fan but my name would lead you to think I was. Do you see what I mean? Don’t be so quick to believe everything you see. Don’t be an imbecile.

  • georgie of LM

    @ swordsman fan After reviewing St Paul’s 2008, 2009 and 2010 record on maxpreps, it is apparent that swordsman has to update his memory. 5 blow out losses in 2008, with a record of 4-6. In 2009 6 blow out losses with a close loss to La Mirada(Ouch)and a record 3-7. In 2010, only 2 blow out losses and a loss to Norwalk for a record of 6-4. So why all the hostility to others? The past few years are not exactly impressive your standards. Remember you said it was just wins and losses right?

    @Highlander , it could be someone impersonating a StPaul fan, but i doubt it.

  • Sports Fan

    Well at least Swordsman Fan could be original in his thoughts. He posted two things and its the same exact thing, just in different wording.

    St. John Bosco worked La Habra over. With Bosco having one of their better teams in years, it’s not surprising the result that came about.

    It’s funny how Swordsman Fan says the it shows that Servite was not focused? If you know anything about Servite and football, their program is very disciplined and a lack of focus is not an option.

    Bosco is going to be in the top 3 this season for their league. They have some play makers and their skill position players are all very talented. Don’t forget that Bosco lost by 8 to Servite and O-LU last season and by one against Rancho Santa Margarita.

  • Bosco Brave

    That’s right we own the Whittier area first weak SP now wanna be BIG BOY La Habra. Stay in 8 man football La Habra. Sports Fan, no need to fluff our game we know what we got son…

  • Swordsman Fan

    I don’t need anyone impersonating me pal. I graduated from St. Paul in ’94. Listen Marys, just hit back and stop all the whining. Yes 2008 and 09 were what they were, but we are in 2011. If you can’t take the jabs then get off the blog.

    St. Paul is back to being a strong team, and we play in a tough league. I’m not saying it is Trinity or Serra, but it is probably just behind those two. And when you compare it to the Freeway league I truly feel LH would be in the top three to our league, but who knows where in that top three.

    My feelings are that this year we would beat LH. When I throw these jabs out there, yes they are meant to spark things up a little, but you guys make mountains out of mole hills. We are adults having fun on this blog. Maybe taking shots here and there, in support of our own teams, but we say what we want.

    Only An Observer doesn’t even have the b@#lls to identify his affiliation.

    St. Paul Baby !

  • LH Parent

    To Bosco Brave,

    You were pretty easliy handled by Loyola a week ago. I think you guys definately have some talent, but you always seem to choke in your league. I think you will end up in 4th behind Servite, S Margarita, and O Luth. You guys are the choksters of the Trinity league.

    So toot your horn at the end of the season when you are preparing for playoffs, not now when you guys are the ones looking in.

  • georgie of LM

    Ok, we are adults here. Like i said before, i think St Paul is a good team. But don’t get ahead of yourself. You have a tough league ahead of you, and WE La Mirada has been your highest rated opponent yet. Right now we are rated 180 on maxpreps. Norwalk is rated 529,and Garfield is 246. Your upcoming Ayala rating is 351. Not exactly murderers row. If you beat Chaminade(rated 39) and St Francis(70)and Serra (84) then toot your horn proudly.

  • Swordsman Fan

    O.K. georgie of LM,

    Fair enough. We are looking to prove ourselves against those teams. And I do plan on tooting when we go at least 2-1 against those three opponents and make playoffs..

    Good luck to LM in league georgie boy

  • georgie of LM

    Ok Fair enough. 2-1 would be considered really good with those teams. Good luck in league.

  • Jefe

    LH parent,

    Go cakethrough through your cupcake league.

    Leave the battles of the Trinity League to the big boys.


    You on every blog constantly knocking teams but never backing one single team . Quick to come on here and slam but no guts to make a stand. You are no jefe but you are a jefa – biatch.

  • A shot of perspective

    The main fighting point in all these comments is: who would win a St.Paul-La Habra contest. Nobody can say until or unless the game is played, muchachos. You can’t compare common opponents and make deductions, because there’s a thing called MATCHUPS which throw all your painstaking calculations out the window. Yep, these players are human, and they react differently to players of varying techniques and intensities. Don’t take my word for it; look at the results so far. There have been a lot of inexplicable wins and losses. Games are won or lost on the line, and this is where the unique duels are fought. You would have to actually play the game to discover which school is better. But keep flappin’, I dig it.