Kotchman shrugs at rumors

Trade rumors can be hard on a young player, but Casey Kotchman is doing his best to ignore it. He wants to stay with the Angels, of course, but has no control over what the team decides. Rumors in recent days have Kotchman leaving the Angels for a proven slugger. The following is a conversation with Kotchman on the topic:

Q: Are trade rumors hard to take?
A: I’ve definitely heard it, some talking and have read a little bit. But when you’re at the field you have a job to do as a professional and you don’t want to be thinking or consuming yourself with things that are out of your control because it hinders your concentration levels on what you can control.

Q: Is it hard to not think about?
A: You get to the field and you have your agenda of things you want to work on and things that you want to do and when you get out on the playing field you just play baseball.

Q: Is it flattering to hear a team wants you or disheartening the Angels are willing to move you?
I enjoyed the winning and being in first place and the teammates. I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought other than you’re trying to help this team win and contribute toward a winning team.

Q: Is this the classic moment of things being out of your control?
A: I’m not making the decisions on it. If I was, obviously I’d want to be here and help these guys who have been teammates for the last couple of years.

Q: Would it be hard to leave the Angels?
A: I guess. I haven’t really thought about it Maybe your first inclination is leaving the guys you know and play with. Those aren’t my decisions so I don’t have a choice.

Q: Does it make you realize how much of a business this is?
A: Yeah. It is what it is. You just show up to play where they tell you to play and when they tell you to play.

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