Angels games free on internet

In an effort to solve what is becoming a giant headache, the Angels have just reached an agreement with Major League Baseball to offer free live radio broadcasts of spring games at their internet site The free offer does not begin until tomorrow (Saturday), though.

The Angels are switching to a new flagship station this season, 830-AM, but have not been able to broadcast either of the first two spring games live because they are not allowed to bump existing shows on their own radio station. The Angels are letting all show contracts expire at the Arte Moreno-owned station and will be able to take better control of programming once that happens.

So while games will air tape-delayed at 830-AM, fans can sign up to receive the free streaming audio on the internet. Normally there is a $15 fee for one year of the MLB radio package. Once the season starts, all games will air live on 830-AM and the MLB radio package will no longer be free. Sorry all you out-of-state fans.

As for those signal-strength problems, especially at night, that will continue to be a work in progress. No updates are available on that front.

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