Angel Stadium springs a leak

It’s less than two hours before game time and the grounds crew is working on a leaky water pipe near the third-base coaching box. A strip of sod was pulled back and least five grounds crew members have dug a 2-foot by 2-foot hole in the grass. The hole appears to be about 3-feet deep. It’s batting practice now so they are being protected by a temporary net. Buckets of mud and water are being pulled from the hole and somebody looks to have the blueprint of the irrigation design as they frantically try to repair the problem. The clock’s ticking boys. Good luck.

UPDATE: The leak is fixed, the hole is filled and the sod has been replaced. If you weren’t there to see it you would have never known there was a problem. The grounds crew even went as far as to get a broom and brush the grass against the grain so the sod patch matches the striped mowing pattern.

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