History is sore subject for Weaver

You have to hand it to Jered Weaver. He pitched one the best outings of his career Saturday against the Dodgers with six hitless innings, but still thought he could have, and should have done better. A Weaver fielding error eventually led to the only Dodgers run of the night as the Angels lost even though they didn’t give up a hit. It was a historic night as the Angels became the fifth team in the modern era to lose a game while not allowing their opponent a hit. It was the sixth time it has ever happened in major-league history.

“Anytime you lose it’s not a good outing for you,” Weaver said. “You’re out there to win ballgames and go as deep as you can. Anytime you lose it’s going to stick with for a little bit. I’m sure (everybody) is going to eat this up a lot longer than I am.”

Weaver owned up to all lof it, even though the Angels offense was nowhere to be seen.

“Any loss is tough, it doesn’t matter what the (pitching) line is,” he said. “You’re trying to go out there and win ballgames and anytime your team doesn’t come out ahead, it’s frustrating. What are you going to do? You have to come back out there and win tomorrow.”

“This stings a little more, but any time you lose it’s going to sting.”

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